Tigers get Aubrey Huff from O's

Just when you think Jacob Turner, Andrew Oliver and Daniel Fields are the big names for the Tigers today, up comes Aubrey Huff. The Tigers acquired the veteran hitter from the Orioles for Minor League pitcher Brett Jacobson. Will hear more details from the club in a conference call soon.

You might remember Jacobson as part of last year’s draft class of talented relief arms. The big right-hander was 1-3 with a 3.74 ERA and six saves for Class A Lakeland this year.


I’m sure people will still have a problem with this, but this EXACTLY the move the Tigers needed to make – they weren’t going to give up the kind of talent they gave for Miggy to get Luke Scott or Adam Dunn (or even Huff). Dealing from a strength, they fill a couple of HUGE needs:
-Huff hits LH
-Huff can drive in runs and, if he needs to, hit cleanup as productively as Thames, Thomas or Guillen
-Huff plays a decent LF and 1B, where he can back up Miggy
-Perhaps most importantly if they use him this way, Huff can handle himself at 3B (he started 31 games at 3B last year), giving Jimmy a better option to rest Inge than Raburn
-Is another guy to push Magglio for playing time, giving even more of an excuse for him to miss that vesting option
-They won’t be stuck with him next year unless they really like him and offer him arbitration, where he either stays or they get 2 1st rounders for him (I would assume they wouldn’t like him enough to offer arbitration unless he’s hot enough the rest of the way to move up to Type A status).

Whatever, it fills the need of a hitter, corner OF, LH bat and somebody who can spell Inge, all relatively cheaply. I love it. Washburn and Huff were great pieces of the puzzle for us.

Likely candidate to go out is Raburn, since Huff essentially covers the same utility positions Ryno did – but he’ll most certainly be back in 2 weeks when rosters expand.

All right, armchair managers. Where does Huff fit into the line-up and on the field? I’m going to have to think about this one awhile. Who will be removed from the roster to make room? Any guesses before they make the announcement?

Does this mean Zumaya goes on the 60-day DL to make room or does somebody get DFA’d or outrighted? Does Raburn have options left?

Talking about the 40, not the 25…

Aubrey Huff: Bats left, age 32, plays corner IF and OF positions, none extremely well, IMO.

Very streaky hitter, hitting .253 with 13 HR, 72 RBI and no SB this season.

Hit .291 in June, .189 in July, .256 in August.- Streaky.

He figured to be traded before the deadline, but he’s expensive and he was horrible in July before the deadline. He cleared waivers, so I’d be very surprised if Baltimore wasn’t picking up a big chunk of his contract.

He has an OPS over 1.000 this season against both the Black Sox and Twinkies, but struggled against the Yankers, T Rays, and Boston.

His OPS is better vs RHP’s, but still only .767 on the season, and 745 in Comerica.

Huff is owed about 2.13 million for the remainder of the year, $ 8 mil/ year prorated, but again, expect the O’s to pick up most of that. Presently a Type A free agent but dropping. I doubt that the Tigers offer Arbitration unless he really rakes it for them. He’s not worth his contract, IMO.

I’m guessing he’ll see time at third base and play vs RHP’s. Also pull some DH duty.

Both Huff and Melvin Mora have been available from the O’s, but the Tigers picked the lefty Huff. Mora is owed $ 9 mil for the full seasson this year, with a club option for 2010.

Next question, who goes to make room? Raburn?

Yup – Zumaya was moved to the 60-day DL, which doesn’t count against the 40, to make room. No word yet on who goes out to make room on the 25 – probably won’t hear until he joins the team for tomorrow night’s game. Inge to the DL is an interesting idea, since he’d be back after Sept. 1 and we wouldn’t have to move anybody out then. Don’t think he’d be happy about that, though…

Huff immediately becomes our RBI leader, with 72 over Miggy’s 70. That’s kind of sad, but makes him a much needed pickup.

With Raburn’s recent struggles at 3rd, I expect we’ll see Huff there to give Inge more rest for his knees. He’ll probably also get some play at 1B (with Cabrera at DH) or possibly as a DH against righties.
As far as the roster move is concerned, I’d guess Raburn if there are no surprises (Inge to the DL? Another trade?)

Nobody is picking Mora, at least for offense.

‘”According to DD, Inge is NOT going on the DL, Magglio is NOT getting released and they want to have Guillen and Huff both in the lineup vs. righties.

Also, Detroit is taking on ALL of his salary”

Where did you hear that?

According to DD, Inge is NOT going on the DL, Magglio is NOT getting released and they want to have Guillen and Huff both in the lineup vs. righties.

Also, Detroit is taking on ALL of his salary

Shock of shockers. He can play OF, 1st and 3rd. 72 ribs.

Nice to see such an active blog. When there is news out here about Oakland or San Francisco, I look for the fan comments on the bloga but there aren’t many, if there are any at all.

They are commenting on XM that this is a smart move for Detroit so we’ll see.


It’s the kind of move you make at this point in a pennant race. Adds some flexibility in a number of areas. You can always hope he catches fire after finding himself thrust into a hot race.
I will say with certainty that you all may as well like him. JL’s history in this situation is that he’ll play him. Play him a lot.

I want to see Huff play plenty of third base. Whether Inge is able to play or not, he’s killing the team. He’s been the 2008 version of Inge lately, hitting under .200 for the month, and not much better since the All Star break. Huff is no gold glover, but he is adequate. The Tiger coaches in the minor leagues figured out years ago what Leyland didn’t figure out until yesterday, Raburn isn’t an infielder.

Where did you guys hear that Inge will not go on the DL?
Or that the Tigers are paying Huff’s full salary?
Or that Magglio won’t be released (just hours after Boras doesn’t sign their top two draft picks)?

‘”According to DD, Inge is NOT going on the DL, Magglio is NOT getting released and they want to have Guillen and Huff both in the lineup vs. righties.

Also, Detroit is taking on ALL of his salary”

Where did you hear that?

and here:

First, good luck to Brett. I am probably the only Vanderbilt Commodores baseball fan/Detroit Tigers baseball fan that post here. I saw Brett pitch many games on tv. I am definitely a fan of his and wanted to see him make the major leagues. However, he certainly had his struggles while at Vanderbilt.

Apparently, the Tigers’ farm system have made some improvements in his mechanics and made him a better pticher. DD said he could be a big league pitcher.

Overall, I suppose it is worth the risk to trade him. I guess I come back to a statement I remember Jim Campbell making. For every twenty can’t miss pitching prospects in a team’s organization, about two of them will actually make it. That assessment is right on target and whenever you trade good, young pitchers in your system for veteran players you are rolling the dice. However, there is certainly a difference between trading a Porcello or Perry and a Jacobson. There actually are a few guys that are can’t miss prospects and I believe Porcello quailifies for that and probably Perry as well.

The Tigers needed another bat and I hope this roll of the dice works out well. If you put a gun to my head, I would probably say this was a good trade.

This has turned into a very interesting off day. I’m watching MLB Network right now and they showed a very brief clip of Jacob Turner. Only showed him throw two pitches, but I like his compact windup. That was the first thing I noticed with Porcello. Not saying he’s another Porcello. I just mean that the first time I saw Andrew Miller, I couldn’t see any way he could be effective with that delivery.
The Huff trade looks good. It certainly can’t hurt. I hope he enjoys his chance to be in a race for once. The rosters expand two weeks from tomorrow so whoever goes down will probably be right back.
Verlander has 194 strikeouts. That is a boatload of Ks for mid-August in this day and age.
Now the Twins have traveled to Texas, so it doesn’t get any easier for them, does it? We dropped two of three in Arlington but in retrospect, it doesn’t look all that bad. The Rangers are rolling.

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