Inge rests, Magglio hits Sunday

The Tigers loaded up with right-handed hitters against Royals starter Kyle Davies, who’s allowing a .296 average from the right side compared with a .259 average from left-handed hitters. Gerald Laird (5-for-12 off Davies) and Magglio Ordonez (7-for-19) both get to start, as does Ryan Raburn, who gives Brandon Inge a day off at third compounded with Monday’s off-day.

Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera gets a day at DH, while Carlos Guillen plays at first base for the second time in four days. Guillen is 4-for-10 career off Davies.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, LF
  4. Cabrera, DH
  5. Guillen, 1B
  6. Ordonez, RF
  7. Raburn, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Armando Galarraga


  1. David DeJesus, LF
  2. Willie Bloomquist, SS
  3. Billy Butler, 1B
  4. Mike Jacobs, DH
  5. Alberto Callaspo, 2B
  6. Alex Gordon, 3B
  7. John Buck, C
  8. Mitch Maier, CF
  9. Josh Anderson, RF

P: Kyle Davies


I do think it is a good idea to get Maggs in there. Laird too. I am surprised that they didn’t load up Marcus Thames as well. Marcus can play 1st base and arguably as good as Guillen. I would suspect they are batting Guillen LH this game again so they could have had a completely RHB lineup. We have really not being doing that well agains LH Starters lately–hope we can bust out a bit today.
This is only an observation about the RHB starting lineup. Marcus does not seem like he is going to do anything spectacular right now no matter who is pitching. The thing with him though, is he can break out anytime and is one of the few players on the team that can actually carry it for awhile.
Everett must be attracting JL’s attention by now. He will be under .230 if he goes 0 for 5 today. I think Santiago will be getting more playing time for awhile.

Robertson and Bonderman threw for Toledo yesterday and had much better outings. Bonderman pitched 1 inning and gave up a solo HR and Robertson threw 3 giving up3 hits and 3 Ks.
Dlugach is hitting .291 The rap on him has been hitting and it has been felt he has a major league glove. He has made a lot of errors this year though.

Wow, put Cabrera at DH and replace him with possibly the worst firstbaseman I’ve ever seen? And a day off tomorrow? And no Santiago. Okay well, let’s go get ’em anyway.

Oh–I see Thames is in the lineup in LF duh!

Country Joe got that wrong – Laird was safe, not by much, but he was safe.

I guess we’re even now. I thought Laird was safe at 1st and it appears Anderson may have been safe at 2nd.
Great to see Armando pitching so well. Now, if only we can get some run support.

Well, that’s how a walk will kill ‘ya.

2 on, 1 out. Now, they better score a run here.

Country Strong is about due.

Pretty pathetic approach at the plate by most of our hitters. Again letting a pretty weak pitcher in and out of situations. Country Strong, is country pathetic there.

Curtis has been off. They are really playing like a team that hasn’t had a day off for 17 days. How lethargic

Magglio got the shaft there, – no doubt.

Well as bad as Thomas has ben I would have hit hit for Thames.
Ordonez has to get the run in there. You can’t stand there with the bat on your shoulder with 2 strikes and that guy on 3rd. I don’t car how close the pitches were.
Our guys have had a ton of breaks today but can’t get the clutch hit again. This is a huge problem and one that is deeply concerning. They seem to tighten up at those times instead of clutching up. With low run games the norm they better start cashing in on those opportunitites.

Well I will predict that neither Laird nor Everett will hit a walk-off HR.
I do think Laird will try though and be swingign from the heels. If he does hit it well he usually hits to dead center.
We need a better AB from Granderson this time but what a catch!
Soria is in and he will really difficult–I would expect we will see Santiago PH for Everett

They gonna bring in Seay to pitch to the LHB?
I still am pretty choked about Ordonez not swinging.

guess they got exactly what they wanted – an extra inning game. Nice catch Curtis, but very poor at bats the last few days.

Looks like Inge is the backup catcher now.

Terrific day for Raburn. We are going to lose this game when they don’t even hit one hit out of the infield. After we had opportunity after opportunity. Well guys guess what you get to go home – and I hope you feel foolish, because you sure looked it.

Bad break—that’s about as had as Anderson can hit it.

Well–Raburn is not a 3Baseman and it could be argued that Inge should have been there for defensive purposes.
But the blame goes to the hitters again for not being able to come through. They had scads of opportunities and unable to do squat. Where is Jack anyway?

Another quality at bat by Marcus Thames – he has been aweful.

Too many wasted opportunities with RISP again today. This is an ugly offensive team with way too many automatic outs. It’s like they were content with taking 2 out of 3 from the lowly Royals whose 5 hits and Raburn’s errors score 3 runs. I think Inge should have been in there for the 9th for his defensive. Feel bad for GMan’s decent outing along with Ni and Perry.


How many opportunities did they miss. I guess we have to hope that Oakland can do something. Because this was simply pathetic. Hope their happy with their performance, because it was absolutely painful to watch how poorly they hit. Other than Soria, there is no reason that they shouldn’t of been able to beat this team and this pitcher. Hope they enjoy their day off because they will have to come out with a little more energy because Hernandez won’t be a treat on Tuesday and they could lose another game. Chicago plays Monday so if they win the Tigers will lose another 1/2 game.

Glad Leyland was okay with the effort, because I wasn’t. It looked like they wanted to be at home from the 1st pitch they saw.

Leyland with his mouth full talking about how glad he was for the team to have a day off. I know we are in first place, but I swear, I’ve never seen a team have so much trouble with RISP. I’m too lazy to look, but I wonder how many we have stranded this season. It’s got to be a MLB record.

I wish we could say this game loss was all Raburn’s fault but look at that 0 for 16 with RISP. Terrible. Just terrible.

I’m not blaming it on Raburn. A partial list of blame includes:
Leyland. Didn’t I just say yesterday I worried about weakening the defense? You put an outfielder at thirdbase and you can bet the opposition will find that weak spot. Sure, I’m fine with giving Inge some time off, but in the 10th, you need to strengthen the D. Or was he the backup catcher since JL did what he said he wouldn’t and PH Avila? I swear, Jim Leyland costs us more games than I can even remember.
“Country” Joe West, firstbase umpire. Laird was safe and it cost us the run that crossed the plate as West blew the call. The makeup call on Anderson’s steal attempt in the following inning doesn’t make up for taking a run off the board for us. Come on Joe, this is a pennant race, get your act together.
Ordonez, who looked at two pitches after a 3-1 count with the game on the line. What the heck was that?
The entire club for going what, 0-16 with RISP? Is that even possible? Obviously, and sadly, it is. You notice that we got the flyball with a man on third AFTER there was two out, and a single by Raburn AFTER Guillen was caught stealing third. And he WAS out on that one.
We’ll need much better clutch hitting and much better managing, because it’s only going to get tougher as we go.
No way we should have lost that game today. No way.

By Rich – “Ordonez, who looked at two pitches after a 3-1 count with the game on the line. What the heck was that?”
In Mags defense those were two of the worst ball/strikes I’ve seen in a long time!!! Neither one was even close to being strikes! The 2nd strike was bad enough – but the 3rd called strike was HORRIBLE!!! AND, I think that happened because Mags complained about the previous pitch. There is NO room for calls like that in baseball. The ump should be suspended, or whatever……. Maybe it’s time for machines to call balls/strikes!!! AND JL – WHY, WHY, WHY isn’t Inge brought in for defense for the 8th, 9th, 10th??? It looked like JL didn’t even care if they won the game, or not!!! AND – 16 RISP – UNBELIEVEABLE!!! That’s all one can say!!! Maybe it’s time to fine for non-performance!!!
– Lee

Please. That guy called three pitches in the 5th inning alone that were worse than the ones during Maggs’ AB. In case you missed it, the 5th is when the homeplate ump decided that letter high pitches were strikes, before returning to his previously low strike zone.
At any rate, ever heard the term “too close to take”? A hitter needs to get a bat out and spoil those close ones in that situation. Expecting an umpire to make a correct call on close pitches is foolhardy. And besides, why is Ordonez looking for a walk there anyway? He’s supposed to be the guy to drive in the runs, not Raburn. It’s no wonder Guillen took off for third after the Ordonez AB.

OK – I’ll keep my opinions to myself in the future!
– Lee

Rayburn won the first game of the series with hitting and made a good defensive play. He was a second basemen during most of his minor league time. If not for Carlos being thrown out on the steal, Rayburn would of had an RBI. The errors would of been an after thought with 2 of 3 hits with RISP. I hate to waste another good pitching effort.


Well, I have to agree with Lee on using machines to call balls and strikes. Technology is part of every pro sport now and while some people don’t like the idea, it would level the playing field and maike it fair……as far as balls and strikes. Not sure how the pitchers feel about that, but it’s certainly something that is being discussed on lots of blogs and probably is only a matter of time. The umpires have too muich control over the outcome of a game and the quality of our umpires seems to be diminishing.

It is really hard to maintain perspective over this season. Incredible that no team in the central seems to want this years pennant. I seriously doubt any team deserves it.
If it wasn’t for six pitchers – JV, Edwin, Rick, Lyon, Seay and Rodney, todays game would have only been important as to determining who comes last.
We have now made 26 errors the past 28 games for .976 FPCT and last in defense. Combined with .256 hitting for 12th, the starting pitching is showing signs of wear and tear with 4.38 for 6th probably its worst all year. The bullpen surprisingly has probably never looked better and has been solid all year provided JL keeps to the script.
I suppose the positives of 0 for 16 RISP is we had plenty of chances with 10 hits against a >5 ERA pitcher a rarity this season.
Further to the Maggs strike call situation today, I find it crazy that baseball is so heavily influenced by umpire calls.
I am a bit of a sports nut and have found a sport will slowly but surely lose credibility if technology made available to the fans is not made used in some form during the game – either in real time or by a decision appeals mechanism.
If they could introduce a strike call system to the umpire without any delays, great. If not, I would like a three decision appeals made available per team for any decision made by an umpire. This would not delay the game any further as any manager coming onto the field to argue a call would immediately constitute an appeal. It would also remove the umpire talkfests that ironically seem to occur more regularly now they have access to reviewing home run calls.

Well, I might as well throw in my two cents worth also. I’m sorry; this is not a game to lay on Jim Leyland. He’s a big guy. He can take the criticism, but 0-16 with RISP’s I don’t think you can lay at the manager’s feet. He might make the wrong personnel move, but for goodness sake, someone in tha 0-16 barrage needs to come through. I’m laying my guilt trip on two performers tonight, Granderson and Thames. I love Curtis, bu right now as a lead off batter, he is worth diddly squatt. His AB’s have been torturous to watch. Thank heaven, he is a quality defensive player. As for Thames, love the guy too. But all of you Marcus “barkers” from years past have seen why he is not an everyday player. He’s due for a HR either Tuesday or Wednesday. Other than that, his AB’s are worse than Grandy’s. Dan whines against Everett; he played a quality game tonight. If Inge plays, Leyland is an idiot; if Inge sits, Leyland is an idiot. I guess a lot of our Bloggers think Leyland is an idiot. In conclusion, I am not going to lay every loss on our idiot manager. Over the course of a season, a good manager will get 5-7 wins due to good strategy, and five to seven losses as an idiot. The rest of the games fall directly on the overpaid players. That’s my 2 cents worth.


Lee…….you quoted me so I answered your post. I didn’t intend to imply that you should keep your opinions to yourself. In fact, I was agreeing with you about the umpire by pointing out his performance during other parts of the game. I did think Maggs should have been less passive in that AB, and don’t think he did a very good job there. He did have a long homerun, accounting for half of our runs.
Again, the damaging umpiring today came from Joe West at firstbase on Laird. He took a run away from us with that call and KC wasn’t going to score again. We’d have won it, 3-2. That blown call was an authentic game changer. Many times a tie at the bag can be called either way, but in this case Gerald had beaten the throw.
Mark, you’re correct that Raburn played a lot of second in the minors. I’ve heard him say that he’s most comfortable in the outfield. He’s not a real good thirdbaseman, but we’ve been spoiled by Inge. Santiago can also play the position but it’s not his strongest suit either. Polanco played it years ago as a utility man, and is no longer much of a possibility there either. It comes as no surprise then, that Brandon has been playing through the pain. Today, I was fine with him not starting but when we got late in the game, especially in extra innings, I expected JL to put him in there as he has done on Inge’s other days off. And sure enough, it bit us.
Pup, your last sentence said it all, the diminishing quality of umpiring. If baseball fans are actually discussing the use of an electronic system, then I’d say MLB needs to address this and pronto. I want live umpires, but they have to perform to high standards, especially since all the games are on TV now. Years ago, radio wouldn’t have reflected the quality of umpiring accept on rare occasions.
And Dave, this season is really taking a strange turn. When we lost today, I felt I could almost count on Chicago losing also. When the Cardinals won the division in 2006 with 83 wins, that must have been some season for NL Central fans. Even in the famous “nobody wants to win this thing” 1967 season, Boston had 92 wins and Detroit and Minnesota finished with 91. It’s hard to know how to react from one day to the next. What was that Johnny Carson used to say? “Wild whacky stuff.”

Hey there, Greg, your post slipped in while I was writing mine, so I may as well answer you too, long as I’m being blabby. 🙂
Yes, the players have to perform, but this team is prone to having trouble scoring runs. That makes the managerial decisions all the more critical. The manager should be judged under less than ideal circumstances, otherwise how can you tell a good one from a mediocre one? It’s irritating to me when I see something and comment on it but JL does the opposite and it backfires. He’s getting paid $4 million bucks a year. I pay to watch the games. By the way, the only one to usually hear my in-game comments is my wife, who’s probably learning more baseball than she cares to know. 🙂 She’s a good fan, though. But back to my original point. Today I said he needed to have his strongest defense on the field in extra innings and that meant Inge, so when the game was lost on two errors by the thirdbaseman, that drove me nuts. And I don’t have far to go in that regard.
Any manager knows that criticism is part of the job, but the internet has made it a widespread activity. Something they didn’t teach back in that old school.

Greg. Well amidst all my “whining” about Everett I did say the blame on this game is the poor clutch hitting of the whole team. I certainly have been sinlglong out Thames and Granderson as well
So while I whiine away about Everett I will let you whine about overpaid players! Deal?
IMO Evertett is an extremely good shortstop. I don’t think he will be balanced enough to put us on top. If he had a quality game tonight, then I can expect the next 9 or 10 may be somewhat less than quality. Do I think Santiago is the answer/ No, but I do think he is a bettter all around alternative.
This was a tough loss because they should have won it. They didn’t deserve to win it, but it was still a tough loss.
And Inge should have been in there in the 9th and 10th. That only makes sense. Especially with the day off tomorrow.

I don’t know about the players but the fans on this Blog sure need the day off.
The Tigs ability to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory is really grating the nerves.

Well, the fact is, we won the series and that is what is needed to get us through. And a little help from the White Sox in losing yesterday means we lose no ground – and the Indians helped us out beating the Twins in Twinkieland.

I didn’t see the game, but G-Man must have pitched great, especially given his weakened condition.

I gotta say, my Guillen has been terrific at the plate since coming back – not so great at first, but let’s face it, it didn’t work last year, not sure why they are forcing the issue there this year all of a sudden. So for those that said we were silly to pin our “hope and dreams” on Carlos, I for one am thrilled he has been one of our bigger RBI producers since returning from the DL. And Miggy is coming on strong again, nice RBI’s lately!

The boys need this day off, nice to see it comes when they are at home – no traveling to rest, just a day off to rest and get away from work for a day.

Just a couple of things that I wanted to say about yesterdays game. The umping all the way around was bad, but the game changing umpire screwup was at 1st base. Country Joe got that wrong. Didn’t think Anderson being called out was right and the home plate umpire was consistent.
That being said the guys had poor at bats and they doomed themselves. Although I was shocked he didn’t bring in Inge in the later innings – maybe his knees were really bad yesterday, and that we will probably never know.
Someone said yesterday that they would like to know how we rate among teams with runners in scoring position. Well I am also to lazy to go through the whole thing. But I did do four teams since the Allstar break. The Angels who’s team has the best team batting average in baseball, the Colorado Rockies who have the 15 best team batting average, (when I did it they had the 15th now I see that they have the 18th) the Tigers who have 21st best (or worst) team batting average and finally the Reds who have the worst team batting average. Well here is how we stack up.
Angels – 98 for 280 for 35%..
Rockies – 57 for 208 for 27.40%..
Tigers – 52- 260 for 20%
Reds – 48 for 201 for 23.88%
So as you can see we are worse that the worst hitting team in baseball. It is a wonder how we win any games at all.
One other thing the problem with Carlos at first is that it isn’t a real good spot for him – unfortunately there isn’t another choice right now. That is probably a September call up that we will see. Kelly or Larish again since they are an option for both 1st and 3rd. And by the way I don’t remember if I posted this before but did anyone see that Hessman pitched a clean relief effort in Toledo?? Hilarious.

Down on the farm: The Hens have a guy named Nathan Bump who is 6-1 with and ERA under 3 in 8 starts. The very interesting thing about him is that he has only walked 8 batters in 54 innings.
Not sure where he was before Toledo as he had no other record this year. Last year at Erie he pitched well but was not nearly as impressive with his bases on balls.

By the way I meant to say that the homeplate umpire was inconsistent. ???

GK – maybe they’ll bring Hessman up for our bullpen? wow – they must have been all out of options!

Rich – no offense taken – like everyone else I was PO’d about the outcome of the game. We need our statitician to figure out how many games were lost that SHOULD HAVE BEEN WON!!! For example, they should have won 2 out of 3 in the last series with the Yankees! About the strike zone, I didn’t notice the calls I believe you mentioned in the 5th inning. We’ve (I’ve) just got so used to ROTTEN calls that unfortunately it doesn’t faze us so much anymore. However, when it greatly affects a game (in Maggs case), it really stands out! In watching that AB on my HD 52″ screen those last 2 pitches, looked to me to be at least 10-12″ outside. Another thing that comes into play is that the umpires “strike zone” is so inconsistant it leaves the hitters at a BIG disavantage!!!
Thus, again, I feel that it’s time for technology to call the balls/strikes. If they have the equipment to immediately indicate the pitch speed – then surely the tech. for calling balls/strikes, must be available. Maybe a signal could be sent to a “gadget” held by the umpire indicating if the pitch was a ball, or strike. If the umps don’t like it – TOUGH!!! They brought it on themselves.

I’m going to be indicating my age by remembering when the strike zone was from the armpits to the knees, AND, the pitching mound was approx 2-3′ high. The hitters have a BIG advantage over what they used to have.

One last (for now) JL complaint is WHY didn’t he have Grandy sacrificing the runner from 1st to 2nd in that 8th inning??? That could have made a huge difference! Instead, as usual, Grandy strikes out. And, AGAIN, Inge should have been in the game the last couple of innings for DEFENSE!!!
– Lee

Re balls and strikes, I look for two things. Consistency is one. An umpire can create any strike zone he darn well pleases as long as he sticks with it throughout the game. Most everybody would agree with that. The other thing I look for is reactions from certain selected hitters. Granderson and Polanco are two that rarely question the zone. When I see Polly snap his head around and look back, I know there’s a real problem. Grandy is tougher to catch at it, probably because it’s so rare. Sure, there are guys who whine over everything that doesn’t go their way but I pay no attention to them.
I’ll have to say again, though, that by the time Ordonez came up with Guillen on second and none out, he has to know that nearly anything is liable to be called a strike and adjust accordingly. He could have swung at either of those last two pitches, as his job was to hit something to the right side, base hit, groundball, either gets the job done.
I’ll give Leyland props for having us second in sacrifices, so we are bunting and bunting a lot. I’m a big proponent of bunting runners up, but even I am beginning to wonder what’s the use? Nobody can get the guy home anyway.
Despite being frustrated over a missed opportunity yesterday, I still think we’re going to win this thing.

Rich says, “I still think we’re going to win this thing.” I sure hope you are right about that, but their play may cause a few heart failures along the way. Yesterday I thought Everett was the most scrappy I’ve ever seen him play. JL just seems so inconsistent in his managing. With two outs he has Laird bunting? Gerald is a good bunter but I doubt he could ever beat it out. He was safe but it would have helped if their 3rd baseman would have had to take one more step to get to the ball. Then JL does not have Granderson bunt when with a good bunt he might have beaten it out. Did JL give the green light for Guillen to steal 3rd base? That’s a harder base to steal as it is and Guillen supposedly has bad knees which caused him to move from shortstop in the first place. Then JL said he wouldn’t use Avila as a pinch hitter because…..oh, what’s the use.

One other comment…..they have become so predictable that even I can see it coming. Magglio hits a homerun with nobody on base. When he comes to bat later in the game with a runner on first, what did I tell my son? Right. He will hit into a double play…..and he did.

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