Reminder: Get to park early if you can

You haven’t seen many Lions and Tigers home games on the same day the last few years, but Saturday is one of them. This time, they’re just a few hours apart, with the Lions hosting the Falcons in their preseason opener at 4pm.

With that in mind, fans coming to the Tigers-Royals game at 7:05pm are being advised to get to their parking spot early if they can. The gates at Comerica Park open at 5:30, by which point the Lions game should be somewhere around halftime. I have no idea how quickly fans leave a preseason football game.

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Avila catching tonight, so JL has already gone away from his original plan for him. I’m not so sure about this. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the kid’s failure to protect his pitcher on Tuesday, and Laird having to come from the bench to get Porcello out of the melee. It was just a big example of his inexperience. I know we’ve got to have bats, yada yada yada, but I’m not convinced this is the way to go.
I’m glad Santiago is starting. He’s not tearing it up by any means, but Everett is becoming an automatic out.

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