Galarraga all set for Sunday

Just talked with Armando Galarraga. He still isn’t back to full strength quite yet, having gone a couple days without being able to eat, but he’s healthy and has enough energy to pitch.

“I don’t expect to go out there and throw nine innings,” he said. “But if I can throw six good things, I’ll be OK.”

Galarraga has thrown side sessions the past two days and felt fine. Manager Jim Leyland said they expect him to go, and both Zach Miner and Eddie Bonine said they’ve been told they’re working out of the bullpen.


Well we will need to score more than 2 tonight – we are due a breakout hitting 5 runs the past three games, although we did go 7 games in June scoring 3 runs or less.
Surprised Maggs is now sitting 2 in a row – surely JL didn’t miss his lifetime .333 (1 for 3) against Hockevar.
Sorry for the sarcasm.
Maybe JL and DD keep playing games on this one.

They sure missed payday in the 4th. Hopefully wont bite us.

Pretty good sarcasm, Dave. 🙂
Okay, now three in a row. One thing the club has done very well this year is avoiding long losing streaks. That sterling home record has a lot to do with that, but it’s still been a big positive for us in this race.
I thought Jackson was again missing his slider entirely. I hope that’s something that can be tweaked in side sessions. His strongest suit, however, is his ability to remain fairly effective without his good stuff. He’s done it enough now that I’ve come to expect it.
I can’t say much about Avila getting the extra PT as long as he hits like this. I’m just chronically worried about weakening the defense. That’s just me. I did like seeing the kid homer off the lefty, plus draw a walk. And I guess the pronunciation has been changed to A-VEE-la?
I think it’s time to hand over the shortstop job to Santiago against all RH pitchers. You lose nothing defensively and he certainly brings more to the plate. Plus Razor has a history of playing well down the stretch. He’s had his rest so let’s put aside those worries that he’ll wear down and plug him in there. And that was a terrific relay throw to cut down DeJesus at thirdbase.
Big night for Big Cab. Good to see that, just as we started worrying about him.
I’m coming to the conclusion that Granderson needs to re-invent his batting stance over the winter. He’s got too many holes they can pitch to.

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