Leyland critiques approach

Manager Jim Leyland gave credit to Josh Beckett for his 14th win of the year Wednesday, but he also took exception with some of the patience displayed by his club. He suggested they took too many first pitches from Beckett, who threw first-pitch strikes to 19 of the 24 batters he faced.

“That just makes it easy for him,” Leyland said. “I know how good he is. I know it’s not that easy. But for you to get a guy like him, he basically is going to come right at you. He has very good stuff, and then, he’s a very intelligent pitcher. He’s going to come at you, and if he can get you to stand there and take a strike-one fastball, that’s really playing into his hand.”

He pointed to Carlos Guillen hitting a first-pitch fastball in the fifth for his home run.


Is there any reason why the Tigers have not picked up Smotlz for the bull pen??? We need help in that area, why not go and get an established furture Hall of Famer!??!?!?! For less than $5 million, we have wasted more money on players that are not even playing!!!!

That would be a nostalgia pick only. Smoltz is done. There’s really nothing left on his pitches. It’d be like bringing back Kenny Rogers.

One other comment: Uh Jim. Were you talking to your batters in the dugout and advising them to swing at first pitch strikes? Or was this something you just thought about after the game. I don’t know about you but I think if I told my players to really focus on the first pitch strikes and I saw that they weren’t doing it, I’d EMPHASIZE the point as the game went on. Swing at first pitch strikes guys … otherwise you are doomed.

After those comments from JL, they’re more likely to come out today and swing at first pitch garbage. Most of them don’t have good approaches if they have one at all. That’s true of the vast majority of ML hitters.
I hope to see Verlander’s big curve in the first inning today.

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