Bonine called up, Dolsi sent back

Eddie Bonine is headed back to join the Tigers again, having been recalled from Triple-A Toledo. He’ll be there Friday for the start of the homestand. Freddy Dolsi was optioned back to the Mud Hens.

As long as Armando Galarraga is fine, Bonine will pitch out of the bullpen, as he did as the start of the season. That isn’t certain yet, and if Galarraga is still iffy for Sunday, it could get tricky for the Tigers. If they have to use Bonine on Friday, though, they could still go to Miner on Sunday if need be.


If he’s better by Sunday? Geez what sort of death spore does Armando have?

If he’s a bulldog he guts this thing out and moves on. But, if he’s like JL keeps insisting and is not a warrior he may not be ready. I have never heard him interviewed or anything so I don’t know what kind of guy he is. A bull dog Hershieser type? Or, a finicky pitcher type that the catchers all make fun of?

He should be better by then. What concerns the Tigers is that he hasn’t been able to swallow solid food for a few days, so he has lost some weight. He looked better today, according to those who saw him, but they’re not making his start official just yet.

As it turned out, JV was able to carry the team – a fantastic effort. If today’s effort doesn’t lift this team when it was down and beginning to look outclassed, nothing ever will. I can’t think of another starter I would rather have right now – just keeps dealing and coming up aces when the chips are down.
I hoped we would win 2 at Bosox but thought 1 would be the end result. Frustrating to think we should have had 2 and likely 3 if we were able to play our cards right.
Who would have thought you could have a 4 game set at Fenway and use your three best (by a country mile) relievers a total of only 2 IP. JL just keeps everyone guessing on what he will do next, except of course when the game is there to be won when he invariably does nothing.
Well we have gone 7-6 for August and are treading water along with the rest of Central. Winning the pennant on default is looking a real possibility.
Apart from some inspirational starts, our baseball the past month has been ordinary to say the least. We are hitting .258 AVG for 11th, pitching 4.77 ERA for 10th and fielding .973 for dead last.
Thankfully our chasers also can’t get their acts together with Chisox .253 for 13th; 3.98 for 5th and fielding .977 for 13th. The Twins are .274 for 5th; 5.47 ERA for 13th and fielding .983 for 2nd.
Hopefully Jared has no more butterflies and he allows us to be competitive against Greinke. We should aim for a min 4 of the next 6 against KC and Seattle before the last west coast trip to the A’s and Angels where will likely get only 2 or 3 of the 6.
I wont forget JV’s outing for some time – he is sure turning into the clutch team star.

You’re right, Dave. We see so much unrealized potential in sports and it’s fun to watch Justin reach out and grab his. I’d love to get him into the postseason.
The White Sox have been shut out 10 times this season. If they don’t hit homers, they don’t score. The week after next, they begin a horrendously difficult part of their schedule. For our part, we’re where we are thanks to two separate 7-game win streaks. Minus those, we’ve played 46-54 baseball all season, so if it seems we’re mediocre, most of the time we have been. But it’s total wins that counts, no matter when and how.
Just saw a thing on Verlander on MLB Network. It’s incredible that he finished a 120 some pitch outing throwing 99-100 mph fastballs. Even if the radar gun isn’t quite accurate, that’s still bringing some serious heat that late in a game.
The Red Sox are heading down to “Arlangton” (George Kell) with a one half game Wild Card lead on the Rangers. Wouldn’t you love to see Texas sneak into the postseason ahead of Boston?

Yes, Rich, I’d love it!

Wow Armando must really be sick if this is in their thought process?? Poor guy hope he feels better real soon.
A couple of things that I would like to say. I really was disappointed that they decided to drop the appeal for Porcello. And here is why for one short but sweet I thought it was CRAP. Secondly I was reading an article on ESPN. COM but Buster Onley (I think) And he was talking about how Porcello’s suspension goes against all precedence when he has imposed suspensions this year. It talks about how Garza admitted that he hit Texiera on purpose no suspension. Bobby Jenks admitted that he threw at Kinsler no suspension. It talks about how he has not imposed suspension as long as it was done the right way (IE in retaliation and not throwing at someones head.) He talks about basically Porcello got hosed. So even more so it makes me really mad about this weeks happenings.
I was impressed with JV yesterday.
And lastly some of you may have noticed this but I was looking at the stats for Toledo and I noticed that Mike Hessman pitched a clean inning of relief down there.
Tonight is going to be tough with Grienke and all. Hopefully the Washburn that we had to face finally shows up.

Armando must have come down with strep throat or a really bad sinus infection, both of which can knock you out for a week easily.

And I can only agree with skylant’s remarks regarding the appeal that didn’t happen. Infuriates me. But that’s over now.

Hope Washburn has his issues behind him and we come out with a win tonight.

Greinke is 25 and looks younger than Porcello. Doesn’t look the least bit intimidating, but his pitches sure are.

Just watched Curtis in his 1st AB and it was a manifesto on what not tod as a hitter. He really has to pick up his game.

Wow. I hope we don’t have to deal with this all night. Sometimes our hitters just look like they feel they are not likely going to get a hit so swing the bat and maybe we’ll get lucky. Instead they should be thinking about how htey are going to manae to get their bat on the ball and how they are going to reach base.
They have to realize that the pitcher is just that–a pitcher who throws the ball and try to figure out what it is gonna take to hit it. We do not have the luxury of playing “Oh Well” kind of baseball

Washburn looks better today. It’s not like Greinke isn’t hittable.

There goes our Grandy!

It is starting to get very painful watching Inge ath the plate. He definitely posseses the wors check-swing I have ever seen. At least in terms of frequency.
I just am very sruprsie that they have not realize it would be best to put him on the DL. They think they can’t afford to paly without him and the fact is they need him healthy as he has to be in optimum condition in order to be a producer. His playing now is counterproductive in my view.

In a game like thi after a 2 out walk to Grandy—you should try and stal a base becasues if inybody can ding this guy for hit it its Polanco

2-2 JL outta just send him.

I just don’t agree with JL’s misuse of granderson.
Clete really needs to buck up here and put a couple of good swings on as he has been looking miserable lately.

They always throw him (Inge) a first pitch strike right down the heart of the plate and he takes every time. Then he swings at a pitch at least a foot from the plate. I’m used to him, but it sure would have been nice to get a run in there.

Well, there you go. 2 more guys left on base.

JL is a manager who just does not know ho to maximize the potential and characteristics of his players. Right now ahe desperately needs one of his stars to elevat their game to inspirational levels. Granderson is one of those guys.
JL could motiveate this team by letting and making Granderson become a premier base-stealer. This game is a prime example. Granderson can pick this team up and himself if he is pushed into the position of doing so,.
How important is it that he gets to 2nd when Polanco is up/ I say really important becasue Placido is the one guy on this team that can hit anybody.
In this game you have a guy twirling a gem and you need to steal him a run because nobody is gonna do a lot of damage against Greinke.

Here we go again. 2 men on, 2 outs.

6 guys left on base so far.

Walkink Betancout to get to DeJesus is a mistake IMO

Walking Betancout to get to deJesus is like I say—-brilliant.


Great pitching by Washburn and Lyon. What a clutch hit by Inge. It is evident that the team is not going to hit as a whole. Only three hitters are above their lifetime averages, Cabrera, Thames and Inge. Guillen is a minus.053, Polanco .031, Laird .023 the rest from .011-.017. If our pitching falters we are in trouble. In any case it was a great win today. Let’s hope for tomorrow.

Nice win by the Tigs. I guess Inge showed why he’s still in there. Can’t really fault a guy who shows up ready to play everyday. Sometimes his at bats aren’t very pretty but they could do a lot worse with whomever they played there if Inge went on the DL. Brandon isn’t hurting them defensively and he still gets the occasional big hit. I’m a little disturbed with Cabrera’s last at bat, however. That hand still bothering him? He really just gave that plate appearance away. Didn’t look like he really wanted any part of Colon when one swing of his bat could have made the difference in that game.


Yes, Dan, we need to get Inge on the DL. He never comes through for us, does he? He’s hurt for sure, but we don’t have a lot of clutch hitting right now. So I’ll take what Inge can grind out.


Lyon sure has turned things around. He’s been terrific for us after a really rough start.

Well got back from the game – that was a classic pitchers duel. Brandon got lucky on that pitch and was able to get it out, that pitch he usually whiffs on and strikes out. In fact at the park I wasn’t real sure if it was going out based on the loft and the way DeJesus was reacting. I thought it might of been one of those right at the wall.
It looks like Minnesota is going to win – so no ground there and the Soxs scored 6 in the first two. Glad to see Washburn do so well, just sorry he couldn’t get the win. He deserved it.

That was a fantastic ending and the job Washburn did was phenomenal. Inge saved the day to be sure and if he can come through like that ever 2 weeks then I guess you don’t put him on th DL.
But he is hurtin’ and playing him can hurt him more.
I’ love it but what on earth was Colon doing throwing him a high fastball ! Everyone knows the breaking ball has been eating him up.
Great victory and I am just enjoying a little crow here for dessert.

Put a little salt on that crow, Dan, perks it right up. 🙂
No, I totally agreed with you about Granderson stealing there in the 5th. Two out and if he gets gunned down, Polanco leads off the 6th which is okay. Either one of two things is happening here. Either JL is giving Grandy the green light and Curtis doesn’t feel he’s getting a jump, or JL is not calling for the steal. In any case, you have to try to steal that bag there. Very obvious. Either we’ve got a manager playing it too close to the vest or a baserunner with no confidence.
As I understand the Inge situation, resting him won’t help it, and playing won’t cause further damage. I’m a little dubious about that last, but I think the time for the DL has come and gone anyway. At any rate, he’s the hero tonight.
Washburn came up aces. Not a great hitting team, sure, but that’s what you do with those teams, shut ’em down. I’ve gotten the impression that the fanbase was very patient with Washburn in his first two starts, so it’s a good time for him to throw a gem.
GK, you definitely enjoyed a classic pitching duel. Well played and brisk. I really enjoyed every minute of that one.
Lyon is dealing since adding that cutter. Best we got, that’s for sure.
The White Sox have blown that 6-0 lead. You know, I think we really do have the best team in the Central.

Forgot to say, if these weak ABs by Cabrera are being caused by that wrist injury, he needs to sit a spell. I’d rather have Raburn over what Miggy’s been doing. Seriously. He looks like he has no interest in being up there.

Was gone this week so I am just getting caught up. That was two nice gems there by JV & Wash when the boys really needed them! Clete has looked bad at the plate again. It may be time for a visit to Toledo and a swap for Kelly again. Also, Miggy does indeed look uninterested lately, rest him for 2-3 days. I wish Leyland would quit futzing with Miner and stick him in the rotation at the 5 slot and give him 3-4 starts to see what his role is down the stretch or as trade material or for 2010. Let’s hope we see the EJax from April thru June today. Go TIGS!


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