Reaction to Porcello suspension

Not a whole lot of reaction to the five-game suspension handed down to Rick Porcello. Jim Leyland didn’t talk about it. Porcello was limited in his comments, for understandable reasons.

“I’ve never really been involved in anything like this,” Porcello said, “so I didn’t really know what to expect. Five games, file an appeal. Right now, there’s not much more to say.”

Asked about whether they can push the suspension back until the Tigers are in a better position to handle it — say, when rosters expand in September, or when Nate Robertson is closer to returning from his rehab stint — Porcello indicated he wasn’t thinking that far ahead.

“I think we’re just going play it day-by-day right now, and see how it goes,” Porcello said.

Kevin Youkilis also was suspended. He initially planned to appeal, but changed his mind after talking with the Red Sox.

“We decided to just take our medicine and move on,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said.

Jackson didn’t have much reaction to his fine, because he didn’t know about it. To be fair, it was a passing mention in the last sentence of the press release MLB sent out about it.

Said Jackson, “I got fined???”

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