Cabrera also out, Guillen at first

With everything else, I almost forgot to mention Miguel Cabrera’s status. His left hand is still sore, he said, and it’s in a soft brace. He indicated he’s still day-to-day. Carlos Guillen is making his first start at first base since April 23, 2008, before he and Cabrera switched places.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thomas, LF
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Guillen, 1B
  6. Ordonez, RF
  7. Avila, C
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Everett, SS

P: Zach Miner, and likely others


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. Jason Bay, LF
  4. David Ortiz, DH
  5. Mike Lowell, 3B
  6. J.D. Drew, RF
  7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  8. Jason Varitek, C
  9. Nick Green, SS

P: Josh Beckett


Is JL trying to show Thames a vote of confidence having him at 4 with Maggs 6?
Thames is .149/.246 RISP for 2009 and 0 for 18 post break. Maggs is .291/.326 RISP for 2009 but surprisingly only .200/.200 post break when hitting .319/.356 overall.
Last night can be a great galvanising force for the team if used wisely by good management. I hope JL’s actions at the post game interviews weren’t the same with the team.

This is not in our favor by any stretch of the imagination. Not real happy he dropped the appeal of the suspension.

sure wish Jack Squat was in the lineup.

12 pitches and 2 SO’s. looking for some positives – least they swung at them.

I don’t know why he dropped it either. The Red Sox play dirty. Leland has no backbone, imo, so why should we expect our team to have any.

The Tigers can’t lose 4 straight. And they sure can’t use the excuse that the Boston team brought them down. The Tigers are just as good a team if not better than Boston. Leland is really irritating me. As you probably can tell.

I thought Rod and Mario defended Porcello pretty good. They both give props to opposing teams’ good players, but I tend to think Rod does that alot more than Mario. There, Rod just talked about Mike Lowell and what a true professional he is. Doggone it, Alex almost hit one out.

Not sure how much longer I can listen to Rod and Mario gush over the Red Soxs.

Lowell had hit 12 HR’s from 320 AB’s before the series – now 3 HR’s from 4 AB’s. Miner made that one gift wrapped.

Been hearing quite a lot about Mario & Rod lately but unfortunately I have been exposed to the Bosox perspective. They do love their BoSox!

I feel sorry for you having to listen to them, the Red Soxs feed that it.

Man, Avila looks totally comfortable up at the plate. He is not in any way awed by his situation. Cool as a cucumber.
Inge batting 8th now—sounds about right.

if it is that easy to hit homers out of there why haven’t we had 1. God they make it look easy.

My comment just disappeared. Rod was just talking about how professional Mike Lowell is. Mario doesn’t bother me, but Rod can get on my nerves talking about the players on the opposing team.

Yeah – unlucky with that 11 pitch AB. Hope Bosox also feel 1 run will be enough.

Well 3 runs is with Beckett pitching and a toothless lineup in.
We are really seeing the effects of what 2 HR hitters on your team can do. In our case it is almost like we don’t really have even 1 as they are so inconsistent and we rarely put up tandem power stats, like a Morneau Mauer and Bay Lowell etc.
This one is almost (if not already) over.

We haven’t had a hit yet, have we? At this point I am now disgusted listening to both Rod and Mario gushing over the Red Sox. Please, Clete, give us a hit.

A big part of the problem with our offenses is that none of our hitters is ‘drought resistant”. They all go into poer or average slumps and often long ones and often a few of them at the same time. Maybe that’s ‘chemistry”.

Having such a bad away record part of the chemistry. The Phils are from memory +13 away from home.
This team desperately needs a sports psychologist – call it Player Development as management made up of ex-players of varying past skills and relying on personal experiences rarely works.

Meant ‘power’ slumps.
There are times that our HR hitters like Inge, Grandy or Cab or Thames (Ordonez doesn’t qualify anymore) go into proplonged periods since they have hit one out. You really need that 3 run bomb to survive in this league and we just don’t get it that often.

I can’t for the life of me understand why we are not making Lowell field his position. The guy has bad legs, we need to drop some bunts his way. The way Beckett is pitching it might be the only way we can get a hit. The kid Avila took Beckett to 11 pitches befor making an out and then Inge swings at the first pitch making an out. Not smart baseball.

What kind of site is this? I just tried to post again and I get the comment too may comments in a short period of time. I’m watching the game dodo. Beckett can’t get his curve in for a strike. Is the coaching staff blind?

If I can see that Beckett can’t get his curve in for a strike is JL blind? The hitters should be sitting on the fastball. Come on you so-called coaches wake up.

I think you have to give Miner credit for going in and throwing today but I don’t care if he relieves or starts, he is never going to be more than a very ordinary arm.
Sorry Zach.
I know I have been harping on this too much lately, but it is a time like this that really emphasizes how negligent management was in not getting additional hitting support. We need a good long ball hitter on this club, and we need one really bad. Someone who can strengthen the lineup just with his presence and make the rest of the lineup stronger.

No hitter averted. Now Dolsi is warming up.

Dolsi ???? Obviously they sent Lambert down I guess. And the Red Soxs lovefest continues………….. We have St. Pedroia, Everyone loves Lowell, Becketts the best and I could go on and on and on. I have a headache.

This is really really ugly. A weird single by Lowell, two bullcrap walks (to Varitek and Drew) a wild pitch and an error and bam 5 runs. WOW could this week get any worse>>>

If he can’t get the out here, it’s over. We still have a chance down 3 runs but any more than that. There it is. A basehit.

I can’t watch it. Leyland lost the 1st game and we probably had a good chance of winning last night with Porcello. Verlander would have his A game under those conditions, and we could have come out with some wins. Now, I’m not so sure. Terrible, terrible managing. And I thought I’d never say that.

Bases loaded walk. Just kill me now. It’s too pathetic.

Miner wasn’t terrible, didn’t deserve the last 2 runs. Glad to see him throw some strikes. Thats usually what i can’t stand about zach, but he only made a couple of mistakes tonight. dolsi just started the snowball effect.

What a horrible display of professional baseball. I can’t watch anymore. Miner was OK but this team let him down. It is time we face facts. This team is nothing more than an average team at best. Being a loyal tiger fan for over 65 years it pains me to say we don’t deserve to be in 1st place and at the rate we are going we won’t be there very much longer. I know the hitters are not performing but I feel the bulk of the blame rests on JL’s shoulders. So often he has made the wrong decision at critical times. The job of a manager is of course to manage and motivate. He has done neither.

In some defense of Dolsi, Gameday showed 3 pitches in the strike zone against Varitek but the umpire called all three balls. What does that say about this umpiring crew?

No Miner wasn’t terrible. He was probably pitching as well as he possibly can–I think that’s the problem with Zach.
Unless JL is totally stunned, I don’t suspect we will see Guillen back at 1st anytime soon. He is actually responsible for that awful inning (granted Dolsi was pitiful), as he could have ended a goo play by Polanco to get us out of that inning and still down 3-1. He didn’t come up with the pick we needed and looked even worse later on in the inning.
JL can have a press conference and summarily dismiss the reporters’ questions again but he would be far better off realizing that his team is on the bring of being thorooughly demoralized.
As to today’s game all Beckett has to do now is throw 1st pitch strikes and he can have this game over in 15 minutes. The Tigers have been humiliated and just want to go back to the hotel tonight.
What a year. No clutch hitting, no shut down relief pitching, no G-Man and the disappearance of the “Who? Brothers” (Nate, Dontrelle, Jeremy and Joel), what could you expect?

Hey is that Abbott and Costello lauging it up in the dugout? Oh no, it is Gene and Jim. Glad to see they are finally relaxed and hamming it up.

I cannot believe that Mike Lowell is only 35 years old he looks like he is about 50

One more comment before I get out of here. We have all commented in the past about our hitting but if you look at their lifetime averages they are all about on them right now except for Ordonez and Polanco but he is starting to pick it up lately. The bottom line is the hits are not coming at the right time. Ordonez has been a diaster this year, he must be leading the league in hitting into Double plays per AB. Inge is one or two strikeouts per game and their is no plate discipline by many others. I am glad to see that the coaches are happy about what is happening on the field.

Lets see where the count is Tigers batters hit 4 — Red Soxs 2. Tigers players hurt 1 — Red Soxs 0, This has been a crap week and this is why the MLB leadership stinks. Porcello gets the same suspension?? Crap. Most classless organizations in baseball Red Soxs and White Soxs. Must have something to do with the Soxs.

The team has reached a new offensive low – even with the 2 HR’s. 3 hits, 10 SO’s, 1 BB and not one RISP. With only 3 making it to 1st base, we still managed a GIDP and a forced out.
It is going to take a superhuman effort by JV to carry this team tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness they then come back home to lick their wounds.

The last 16 innings of baseball has been about as boring as any I can remember. One thing to lose, quite another to be boring.
It sometimes seems that Leyland is trying to lose games. Here we are three games into the series and Lyon hasn’t been used at all. This is nothing new. Since July 8, he’s had stretches of 5, 7, and 11 days with no action. This for a guy who says he needs work to stay sharp. Tonight we got Dolsi in a game where the plan was to have been to use the bullpen. That doesn’t make sense to me. Had he thrown in the towel on this one already? The best chance to win a game was Monday night, and that opportunity was thrown away, I assume to save the bullpen for later games which, sure enough, became semi-blowouts.
It’s also hard to fathom how we can get beat an entire series by one or two hitters. Bay and Lowell. Luke Scott, etc. It’s rare that one of our hitters carries the team throughout a series like that. Maybe more than rare.
The best part of the entire evening for me was Mario telling the story about Ni. The guys got him to go up to Jeff Jones and say “You want a knuckle sandwich?” I’m glad Ni is pitching well, we need something of interest. To hold our interest on some nights.

I would think Granderson, Laird and Guillen are hitting significantly below their average. Add them to Polanco and Ordonez and you have 5 key people that are not producing as well as they should be. That makes a pretty weak lineup.
I’m pretty worried seeing how (other than Porcello) subservient and amateur we appear. Even Knapp comes out to the mound and puts his arm around the pitcher and catcher and I’m thinkin’ ” These guys are way out of their league (literally) in with a real pro team like Boston”. He should be going out there and telling them to get their sh!t together and get an out. We don’t need to baby these guys we need to make them perform.
Sure hope JV can bring us a little respect tomorrow. We are not even being taken seriously in this series and the danger is that we start to identify ourselves with this kind of performance.
Keep Guillen away from 1st base, and left field for that matter. I don’t know what or how this team can be rejuvenated but it is has been heading generally in this direction pretty much all year. No sustained winning streaks, no momentum, no confidence building and no help from management.
Ive said this before: The Detroit Fans deserve better than they are getting.

Wow! Why doesn’t everybody tell us how you really feel. I am the world’s worst for piling on, but I think we need to take a step back from this mess of three games. Nothing has gone right, but for goodness sakes, why blast Zumaya while he’s getting ready for surgery. Doesn’t accomplish one thing.
I think Rich has it basically spot on. We are in the worst division in baseball, and by George, 82 or 83 wins might get you to October. No one seems to want it; I think we’ll be in the hunt till the last day. Tonight, let’s take a deep breath, and spend 5 minutes with our wife. Did I really say that?

Hey Greg, if I go wake my wife to spend five minutes with her, she’ll kill me!

Blast Zumaya? I’m saying that we have had 4 prominent pitchers who have contributed zilch for the last 2 years (or more). Yes they have had injuries but the facts are that they have been unable to contribute to the team. I’m not saying they are bad people or anything just that they are not part of the team except for the paycheck part.
Zumaya ( I guess I am blasting him now) has been reckless with his profession of throwing baseballs and has been a major part of his own problem. They would actually be wise to trade him if they can get somebody good. He still has some commodity value left, but that will diminish fast next year if he continues to struggle physically.
Thames falailing away at the last strike tonight was some how a visually approriate ending to this game.
I am pretty harsh on the team and management but it is difficult to be quiet when you see obvious problems and solutions that seem to “puzzle” our manager.
Inge isn’t hitting. He is hurting himself and his team. Should he be playing or getting back into playing condition?
Everett is not on a team that is not hitting .280 and can’t afford to carry his bat which will be Oylerish before too long.
Granderson shouldn’t be hitting leadoff if he is struggling in the role. Perhaps a change in role for him would be good for him and the team.
They need a left-fielder and his name isn’t Raburn, Thames, or Guillen.
They need help in the bullpen and not the same litany of names that have been “hoped and dreamed” into service like the past 3 years. They need some real bullpen experts.
As disappointed as I was with Lyon early this year (I was still very unhappy about not getting a real closer) I must admit that he is the most effective looking pitcher that we have out there. I am sure that Rodney will not be able to amintain the kind of save ratio he has manufactured so far, and when that is evident I do hope Lyon gets the opportunity and can continue to pitch as he has been.
With even some of these problems addressed I think that our present starting 5 can just maybe get us through a very tough year.

The blast Zumaya comment was for GK on the newer post. The rest was for you. And you do have the right to make them. That’s what I love about this site.


I don’t have a wife (or a husband) but I do have a dog and cat whom I spent alot of time with last night. I was so angry, I had to turn the game off and think about something else. I think we have a good (maybe not great) team that is poorly managed. That’s all I’ve got to say. I’ll be shocked if we win today.

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