Update on Cabrera, pitching

The official diagosis on Miguel Cabrera is that he’s day-to-day with a bruised left hand after taking that pitch from Tazawa in the opening inning. It could’ve been worse if he had tried to do something once he charged onto the field in the midst of that fracas. Credit one of the Red Sox players for keeping him from getting into the fray after tempers had settled down.

Porcello’s ejection for his ensuing pitch off Kevin Youkilis’ back, meanwhile, puts the Tigers in a tight spot. Beyond having to cover at least seven innings of relief, if not eight, Armando Galarraga’s illness could leave him unable to start Wednesday night.

It would not be a surprise to see the Tigers make a roster move after this game to get a fresh arm. Whether it’s to start for Galarraga or pitch out of the bullpen remains to be seen.



Could Ricky pitch tomorrow night?


Sure he can pitch but it is unlikely. It’s a matter of his arm not the rules.
Unless we find out he has been suspended. This is pretty bad umping and it gets pretty sickening to see the Sos and the Yanks get this elevated treatment from the officials.
I still don’t think Porcello was throwing at him–I think he was establishingownership of the strike zone and the ball got away on him. Youkilis (who I have always both liked and disliked) pulled a pretty *********** stunt in throwing his helmet at Porcello.
If I am wrong and he did throw at youk then it was very likely a directive by JL ( and I would call that *********** too).
I sure thought it was cool though when Youkilis hit the ground first.
If we need to go to Toledo for pitching help we are in dire straits because apparently Lambert is the cream of the crop there. Lugo, Bonine, ?? You gotta be kidding.
No Miner gets the start.

I don’t know if there are any rules, but he only threw 15 pitches including the one that hit Youklis.? Good question I was wondering the same thing.

Well I don’t know what kind of choice they have unless Minor can do it????? There is nobody in the minors. BONINE?? Where is Figaroa??? I found his name in AA but hasn’t pitched there since June and he isn’t in Toledo??

I guess there was no choice but Lambert. It is so obvious from last year that he is not a major league caliber pitcher. He will be the roster change, I’m sure, I guess for Bonine who’s not much better. Two games we might have gotten; it’s not looking good. Pray for the Seattle starter. Good to see Avila get the double. Youkalis is as obnoxious as his name.


While there’s a break in the action…….
Rain is the last thing we needed. I was ready to have Lambert finish up, take the loss, and try to be fresh for games 3 and 4. I have a feeling this four days in Boston will be going down in Tigers lore. Anyway……..
Good job by Chris in an impossible situation. He wasn’t ready when the game resumed and paid for it.
Is it just me, or do the Tigers never swing at curveballs? They’re just looking at them, making these pitchers look better than they are. Meanwhile, if that umpire is calling that pitch off the outside a strike, we have no chance of getting back into this one. Every single one of those are outside.
Finally, my BIG question, since Rod and Mario are of no help here. Was a warning issued tonight and if so, at what point? You have the Cabrera HBP, the Victor stare-down, and the Youkilis WWF lunacy.
I’ll further comment that Youkilis got his head handed to him by the kid, and that throwing his helmet should result in an instant suspension of at least the balance of the series. No appeal, no choosing when to serve it at a convenient time, NOW. He wiped out our entire pitching staff on one stupid rush. Jerk.
My guess is Bonine tomorrow if he’s available, and I don’t know if he is or not.

Let’s try to be optimistic. KC is punching the Twins out and that is in Minnesota. The ChiSox have to face an unknown pitcher in Seattle. With their road troubles that could be good news. Miggy does not have anything broken. Maybe the commisioner’s office will suspend Youkilis and only fine Porcello. Avila has another hit. More good news?

I believe a warning was issued after the fracas.
Every suspension has an appeals process for players. It’s negotiated into the collective bargaining agreement.

Yeah, I knew he’d get to appeal, wrong as it is. If there was no warning in effect, why on earth did Porcello get ejected? I’ll bet the game can’t be played under protest either, since it doesn’t involve a rules interpretation. Man, what a hose job.

Bonine pitched 7 innings on August 9th for Toledo so I would be surprised if it were him replacing Galarraga for the start. Interesting take if you just push back Porcello a day since he only threw so few pitches. I know the Tigers are concerned about innings for him but he’s likely to get a suspension and miss a start anyway, might as well use him while the appeal is pending.

Well, the talk shows (MLB Network & Baseball Tonight) are really dogging KY for attacking a 20 year old. God, I hate Boston. Such pampered puppies. The best thing to come out of this is watching Youk get thrown on the ground with a body slam by the kid. Throwing his helmet. What a jerk. Rick Porcello should NEVER have been tossed. Now our pitching is all screwed up.

Bonine pitched Sunday, hey? Well, he’s out. I’d be flabbergasted if Porcello pitched again tomorrow, although you have to admit that would be cool. 🙂 Now the rain has eliminated Lambert from this one, so somebody needs to throw two innings. Man, this couldn’t have worked out worse if Boston had drawn up the strategy for it. Now it’s down to scrapping to try and get one win in the series.

Ruddy Lugo is supposedly the scheduled starter for Triple-A Toledo Wednesday.

This isn’t looking good for us is it. With Beckett going tomorrow and we don’t have a pitcher yet?? JV is going to have to be great on Thursday, we cannot get swept. Lots of pressure but that is why he is the “HORSE”…

What a great trade off. We lose our starting pitcher and our best hitter, they get an upgrade at 3rd. Stinky socks are pampered puppies aren’t they?
The only satisfaction in this whole mess was watching Rick pull a wrestling move on You kill us, and spin him to his back using his own momentum against him.
We’re not done yet tonight.
Could Rick physically pitch tomorrow? How about Miner?

Figaro was on DL for a long time I don’t know if he’s still inactive.

Jason, not that I want Figaro to pitch, but where is he?? It doesn’t look as though he is pitching anywhere?? Did he get traded or is he hurt??

“I guess there was no choice but Lambert.”
The last I knew he had given up 3 homers – including the one that tied the game 3-3. I suspect he’s already on the bus back to the minors. The Tiges REALLY got scr**ed tonite!

What a mess this game has turned into.

Did Mario really just call Lowell a HERO. This is what I am talking about.

Rod is talking about their bullpen and how good it is. What else can they say? The Tigers look like crud.

This homeplate ump is a joke. We may indeed get swept here. There’s just too much working against us. You get a better deal in Yankee Stadium of all places.
When it’s all said and done tonight, all I want is an explanation of why Porcello was ejected. He backed away, held up his arms, what’s he supposed to do? Sprint into centerfield like that Japanese pitcher in the Rod Allen video? Ejected for not running fast enough? Strange stuff.

JL has now gone two nights without using Lyon or Rodney. Prior to last night, JL had used Miner a total of 4 IP in late innings close game situations all season, all of them I would suggest being in extra innings games where he had no choice.
At easily the most imposing of fields in MLB, JL suddenly decides to use Miner for late innings work at a time when Seay, Lyons and Rodney have never looked better.
I know we got dudded tonight but more importantly we likely suckered ourselves. If Rick was given the green light to hit Youklis, it to me is abundantly clear that JL is not fit to manage this club as he can’t handle the pressure. There was a time and place to do it – when the game is in hand, not early on when you are clearly on top and momentum going your way. Even if he wasn’t ejected, it would be unlikely that Rick would have regained the composure and groove he was clearly showing in the first.
JL’s record with the Tigs is 2 seconds, a 5th and the current first on 53.2% only there by default. In JL’s time, we have always at the very least comfortably had the 2nd highest payroll. We have easily had the highest payroll the past 2 years with a starting payroll of $252.8m compared to Chisox $217.3m; Indians $160.6m; Twins $122.2m and KC $128.8m. Even allowing for some of DD’s contracts, the Tigs should have done better during his tenure.
A 65 yo manager with a 49.5% career success rate who prior to the Tigs only managed in the National League just isn’t cutting it when the pressure is on.

Take that, Papelpuke.

The umpires should be suspended.

Leyland is a crack up you can tell in this post game interview that he is really really pissed.

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