Play ball

Game is set to resume around 10:50pm. Tigers will have to go back into their bullpen for the seventh.


This umpiring crew was atrocious. Poor Razor up there in the 9th gets punched out on a chest-high fastball, and Rod Allen says it’s because the game had gone 4.5 hours and it’s a strike at this point. Gimme a break. Imagine a hitter in Fenway Park trying to work a walk (sarcasm). Then the situation was punctuated by Granderson’s homer. Yeah, that’s why Santiago was trying to get on base. Sorry if the umpire was tired. That was an unacceptable job performance tonight.

Guess I’m not done yet.
Anybody see Leyland’s postgame “comments”? He sits there and eats, gives terse 2-word answers and when asked about the 2nd inning, snaps “next question.” Now, I understand if he’s irritated and doesn’t want to talk. If that’s the case, tell the media there will be no questions taken and leave it at that. What he did do was plain rude. Some of us wait up late to see what he has to say, but we’re treated to the sight of him eating, while the media guys stand around uncomfortably shuffling their feet. I waited to see that? Pretty disappointing display on a pretty disappointing night. Thanks Jim. Sometime I’ll have you over to dinner and won’t talk to you the entire evening. See how you enjoy that.
Now I’m done.

And to top if all of Aardsma blew the save and the stinking white soxs also won. The baseball gods are working agaisnt us as well as an incompetent umping crew. CRAP. At least I thought in all of this mess we weren’t going to lose any ground as it looked like the Twins and then Chicago were both going to lose. WHAT IS GOING ON.

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