Galarraga still slated for start, but not certain

Just got back from the Tigers clubhouse, which is quite a bit later than Armando Galarraga left. He’s been dealing with some sort of flu bug or sinus infection for at least the last couple days, and he didn’t look good Tuesday at all. He’s slated to start for the Tigers Wednesday, but that is no longer a certainty, and maybe not a probability.

All that is certain is that, as manager Jim Leyland pointed out several times Wednesday, “We will have a pitcher on the mound tomorrow night against Josh Beckett.”

This is the same place where Zach Miner once had to step off the plane and make a stop start a couple years ago when Mike Maroth came down with food poisoning. Miner was being called up as a reliever anyway for a day-night doubleheader, but he walked into the clubhouse that morning and was told they needed him to start.

Could Miner start again? (pure speculation alert) Doubtful, since he pitched two innings Monday night. Chris Lambert, on the other hand, hasn’t pitched since last Saturday, and he has started more recently. Plus, he’s staying away from the team at his home here in Boston, a 20-minute walk from the park, so you figure he can at least sleep well.


If Lambert starts, my assassination team is on the way to Fenway. Lineup tonight is left/right all the way through.
Hope the sinker has some mighty sink!


Aha! THAT’S why they shouldn’t have used Miner last night! Just kidding. That would definitely fall into that 20-20 hindsight thing.
Well, Lambert doesn’t instill much confidence, but you never know in this crazy game. Maybe he can pull one out of his bottle of lightning.

I am with you Rich I have always like Miner starting a lot more. But yes although I don’t agree with him pitching last night hindsight is 20/20. Would of been nice to have him available on Wednesday though.
Hope Galarraga feels better soon.

Ask a dumb question but why did JL get Miner warming up initially to replace EJ and then use Ni? Why then use Miner two innings later when he has rarely used him in late innings of close games?
For LICG’s, JL used Miner a total of 6 IP – 1.1 IP in May, 1.2 IP in June and now 3IP in August. I would suggest the previous instances were when he had no choice in extra innings games. Why JL why??
The horrible fact is all of the bottom half have been clutch slumping post break with RISP stats of Raburn .250/.294; Thomas .133/.316 (least he gets walks); Everett .167/.214; Inge .083/.258 (.045 before his RISP hit last night); and Ramon .167/.214.
Everett has been bad all year with season figures of .23/.274.
Curtis has been consistent all year – terrible with .216/.349 and post break .20/.333. As with all his stats – he has been a disaster against lefties with .074/.161 and respectable and disciplined against righties with .279/.423.
Thames surprisingly has the team’s worst clutch stats with .167/.25 and is 0 for 18 post break for RISP.

Sorry – Everett’s stats are .176/.158 post break – yes he has a lower OBP!!! – hardly a sign of a hitter in control!!

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