Guillen at DH, Thames in LF

It’s sounding less likely now that Carlos Guillen will be playing LF in any of these four games at Fenway Park. There is good news on Guillen, who said today he’s hitting off a tee right-handed and feeling a lot better doing it. As we’ve seen, that can change from one day to the next, but the fact that Guillen is at least allowing himself to feel upbeat about it is somewhat good news.

With Guillen out of the field, Marcus Thames in starting in left, giving him some chances to try to clear the Green Monster. He’s 1-for-1 for his career off Red Sox starter Brady Penny with a two-run homer. That came at Comerica Park last June, when Penny was still with the Dodgers.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, LF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Ordonez, RF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Edwin Jackson


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. Victor Martinez, C
  4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  5. David Ortiz, DH
  6. J.D. Drew, RF
  7. Jason Bay, LF
  8. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  9. Nick Green, SS

SP: Brad Penny


Sure nervous about tonight:
– Bosox in a hitting slump and at home;
– Penny has been awful recently going 1-3 with a 7.25 ERA post break;
– Worse of all a dreaded ESPN game.
The Tigs were never competitive in the June home series.
With the ‘old guard’ getting back into some hitting form and only having Bahston away, we will never have a better opportunity to take an away series from a top east team.

No coincidence that the club is picking up with Polanco starting to hit again. Granderson somewhat too. It makes a big difference.
Thames sure pops up to the catcher a lot!

Raburn or Clete would not have had to slide for that missed catch. Not the start you wanted.

Bosox are starting to tee up on EJ and we haven’t even got 4 outs yet.

I wonder if EJ is healthy – he just doesn’t look his normal self – definitely looks like he wants to be anywhere other than on the Fenway mound.

Raburn would have taken the wrong route! Clete woulda got it though..
Problem though is Jackson, he is due for a rough outing and I think Fenway is gonna be that rough outing. Unless we can come back and test the Monster we aren’t gonna be in this one.

Yeah – forgot the route – Raburn would have still been diving and had an airswing!!
EJ has needed luck to make it through 2 – have the feeling he will be need a lot more to even go 4 tonight.

Inge needs to get this run home—he’s having an off night it seems.

Answers to the Aflack question:

Fidrych and Verlander

That sloppy play by Drew has given us a chance – who would figure Maggs could triple at Fenway and Miggs score from 1st!! Could be the turning point.

How the hell does my entry get coded 8.46 when it is right now 8.37??

We’re pretty lucky to still be in this one. Will this game be a 4 hour one?

This game so far is just what I have feared coming into the game. They were in a slump and ticked off and we were gong to pay.

youkilis is a bitch what your guys get plunked and he didn’t expect to get plunked

Hey a sack fly run!!
Good to see JL gave EJ the go ahead for it – stand up and look them in the eye!!

This guys strike zone is one of the worst I have seen in a good long while. It is horrible.

Why is Mario excited about Guillen getting robbed of a base hit. Why is he excited???

Mario lives right here in Michigan. He’s a Tiger fan. Maybe his remarks come off as sounding excited but he’s probably feeling anxiety that Carlos got robbed. He has to try and sound impartial, but like I said he’s a Tiger fan. Wow! What a game. I still like our chances, though.

I agree with skylant that the strike zone has been deplorable.

Geez-I just can’t wrap my mind around the team’s inability to get those runs in from 3rd with less than 2 out. It is almost uncanny

Thank goodness for Polanco lately. Pretty to watch.

Make him pay Carlos—make him pay!

I can’t believe that ball of Thames didn’t get out of there. Oh well at least they tied it up. THATS GREAT. But I still can’t believe that didn’t get out of here. Especially that piece of crap homer that Bay hit. Amazing.

Bay’s popfly goes out and Thames’ doesn’t. The difference in this 5-5 game. Advantage Fenway.

Back to not scoring those runners from 3rd. Maybe dave can get us the stats on that but it seems to me that we are worse than our opponents in that regard. I think Curtis is on of the least dependable in that situation, Inge has had trouble too.
I am silently still hoping for a waiver trade to bring a little more pop into our lineup.

Oh no–not Miner not here, not now.

Miner should of been able to play that. Here we go.

Oh, please, Miner. Please be good tonight. Well, Boston goes ahead.

I’m tellin’ you, Miner just does not have it. They were absolutely stupid to pitch him here. When he is able to get the ball over the plate he just gets hit hard.. I don’t know what JL was thinking. They get back in the game and then they give their most undependable reliever a shot at it in the late innings.

Don’t nobody be singling out Miner for doing what all of our other pitchers have done tonight. That should have been Seay’s inning anyway, and it’s another bonehead move by Leyland. Let’s hope it doesn’t cost us the ballgame.

Just makes me mad when I see the obvious ignored. Miner is a starter at best and a sacrificial lamb as a reliever. The only time to use him is if you need innings eaten and you are behind by 6 runs. We were lucky he only gave up 1 run–problem is that’s all it takes sometimes.

The Tigers can still win this game. But if Leyland sends Miner out there, we probably don’t have much of a chance. Guess I don’t have too much confidence in him. The Tigers look confident. I think they have the better team.

I know Everett is up next but 1st and 2nd and nobody out—you gotta bunt with Laird.

Oh Everett you swung at three pitches out of the strike zone. He was money in that situation in the beginning of the year.

And you’ve got to PH Santiago for Everett. All that’s needed is a groundball or a flyball and Everett always swings at the slider outside and in the dirt. Come on, Leyland! Use your brain!

This one’s going on Leyland. Quite possibly the worst strategic manager in the game.

And Curits on que pops out to the catcher. And I am sorry Mario couldn’t have sounded more excited. I know he is but he has to change his tone because I have noticed it for years, he sounds excited, he in absolutely annoying to listen to.

And Curits on que pops out to the catcher. And I am sorry Mario couldn’t have sounded more excited. I know he isn’t but he has to change his tone because I have noticed it for years, he sounds excited, he in absolutely annoying to listen to.

Terrible at bat by Everett. I left a comment earlier and it just disappeared into the night. OMG, he’s got Miner out there again? Unbelievable!!!! What is wrong with Leland.,

Well, the game is on ESPN. You could listen to them.

Oh, me of little faith. Miner makes it through the inning.

My comment that was also not posted had to do with why not PH Santiago for Everett–he is a better offensive threat. But the stupid thing was pinch running Thomas for Ordonez–he could PR santiago knowing Everett is coming up and saved Clets’ore potent LHB.
JL absolutely blew this game with his decsion on Miner and how he handled the 8th. For a baseball strategist he looked pretty idiotic.
That was probably the worst AB I have seen this year.

And as I said earlier–UNCANNY

My point about Miners is that he should only be used as a spot starter or a sacrificial lamb innings eater as a reliever when they are down by 6 in the 2nd or 3rd inning. If he does throw strikes ( sometimes he can’t) they usuallly hit him hard. He was hit hard toninght and we were lucky he gave up only one.
He is not an late inning reliever. Leyland looks likes a fool tonight.
A combination of unclutch hitting, poor relieveing and bad manageing are not exactly a recipe for a division title.

There were certain parts of the game I missed so don’t feel like I can analyze it. But, I do think we had the upper hand and let this one get away from us. Maggs was on fire tonight.

Well while I agree with some of what you said. In my opinion Santiago has been very poor at the plate lately himself. Not as bad as Everett, but almost. I actually would of pinch hit Raburn or even Avila, then put in Ramon as a defensive replacement.
The fact of the matter is Jackson was not good, and Boston was playing angry and got tack on runs, and while we tried to fight back it just wasn’t enough. Goo
Good things though Magglio is hitting a lot better as well as Polanco and even Laird has shown a spark. The rest may be doing him some good or he is getting nervous about his starting postition and concentrating more at the plate.
Now hopefully Seattle can do something with CWS tonight.

This is a loss that you can directly hang on JL. There was no way that Everett should have hit in that situation. I just finished watching the game and it was a miserable at bat by him. Runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out, one run game and he swung at bad pitches. JL sometimes seems out of touch with what is happening on the field. And then to top things off Granderson pops out to the catcher. Kudos to the team for fighting back but this is one we could have won.

The trade for Washburn might help us out yet. Luke French is going against Chisox tonite.

The game turned on two high flies, one over the wall, one off the top. In another park, Bay’s is a flyout, Thames’ is possibly gone. Then you factor in Leyland’s stupid moves. The dude was managing for the rest of the series instead of going after a win that was right in front of him. He probably had Everett hit because he had a couple of singles off that pitcher three years ago or something. You either send up Santiago, who has more offensive weapons, or do it like Dan said, which is even better. I think he got caught with his pants down there. In case Leyland hasn’t been paying attention, Everett has been doing this a LOT lately.
Then there’s Miner. You see how crisply he pitched his SECOND inning? Holy……something. Either put him in the rotation or trade him. I’d put him in for Galarraga right now myself. At any rate, the 7th inning should have been Bobby Seay. Leyland is saving these guys for later in the series. There may not be a game later in the series that’s there to win. Tonight’s was.
These guys play hard, never give up, and they deserve better in-game managing.
GK, why all the complaints about Mario all of a sudden? The announcer should relay the big plays with some emotion no matter which side makes them. I don’t want some sullen Hawk Harrelson type, sulking when “his Sox” get robbed. Maybe Mario understands that in this day and age, there are fans of other teams watching our telecasts.
I probably got more tomorrow. The Boston games are too long. Good night.

This team was 2-12 with RISP and stranded 8.

Rich said it best: “there may not be a game later in the series that’s there to win. Tonight’s was.” That says it all. Perfect!

One other thing though….at least we didn’t look foolish on national TV for a change.

I don’t mind singling Miner out. Or Leyland. Miner got hammered in his first inning. Everyone that hit the ball hit hard and he was lucky to get out giving up only 1 run.
I hope the boys can recover enough to take 2 from Boston, who really aren’t playing that well at this time.
I bet I can read Ramon Satntiago’s mind after this game.
The thing I like about Ramon is he has more pop in his bat, and he adds another dimension to the offense, especially as a LHB. He is an excellent shortstop who just does not get enough playing time. In the constant search for a leadoff guy that would enable Granderson to be dropped down to the middle of the lineup–he could occasionally lead off. They need to get Granderson more involved as a middle of the lineup hitter. I do think he puts too much pressure on himself in the leadoff spot–this year anyway.
EJ was due for a clunker and let’s hope he has got this one out of his system. I missed the Washburn game but did watch the condensed version on MLBTV. Mind you I only saw the last pitch to each batter but I thought he looked OK.

Well I really don’t agree with much tonight, except that he should of pinch hit someone for Everett, but not Santiago, he has been almost as bad at Everett. But also lets give Jackson some fault for this too, they were teeing off on him and he didn’t make the adjustment until it was way too late. I do agree with Miner being in the rotation. But I think the only mistake Leyland made tonight was not pinch hitting for Everett. But Miner should of fielded that ball that allowed Drew to get from 1st to 3rd. I guess that we will just have to agree to disagree.
And as far as Mario, I have thought this for years. But there is a way to give an inflection (and without swearing like I do) to show that something happened, but without sounding excited about. He sounds happy to me. That is just the way I hear it. And most people I know feel the same way.

A trend that I don’t like lately is that our pitching has not been stellar like it was. Our hitting is getting a bit better, but the pitching well worse. We are now down to like 4 best in the AL whereas we were in second a little over a week ago. With two bad outings from JV, EJ, Galarraga and now Washburn, that ERA is really rising.

Rich must get a chubby every time he sees Zach Miner.

Well, let’s all hope Mario doesn’t get too excited tomorrow. I’m serious. I’m taking you at your word skylant.

I’m sorry to respectfully disagree with many here. My big fault with Leyland tonight is keeping Thames in the three slot. Granted, the power potential is there, but three should be for the best hitter. Cabrera needs to be at three for the rest of the year. At this stage, you could have Thames, Maggs, even Guillen at cleanup, or drop Grandy down. No I’m not going to lay this one on Leyland; I’ll go out on a limb and just say that Grandy’s last 2 ab’s were horrible. Look at the stats. His strikeouts are up this year, but he has also had a big jump in fly ball outs over last year. He has to come through with risp’s
with two outs every once in a while. I want get into the Miner mess, but I will tell you that “Mondo is not the answer we need for Wednesday night at Fenway. I even read somewhere that Lambert might be an alternative to Gallaraga. If that’s the case I’ll kill Leyland myself.

Dan, very good observation/strategy. JL should have pinch run Santiago for Magglio in the 8th. Then pinch hit Clete or even Avila for Everett. If that’s the best Adam can do against the right hander he should never be allowed to hit in a situation like that. And that’s acknowledging an excellent defensive game for Adam tonight. Great, but don’t let him hit in that situation. At any rate either Clete or Alex might have at least hit something to the right side. Rich, you’re right JL was out managed tonight. Francona really didn’t have to manage.
Rich, I agree, JL should put Miner in the rotation. If Galarraga messes up his next start I’d replace him with Miner. The fact is tonight Ni and Miner gave up 2 runs in 4 innings, Edwin gave up 4 runs in 4 innings. Miner takes the loss.
Hindsight is 20/20 but I was hoping Laird would at least take a strike with the count 2-0 in the 8th. Why sacrifice bunt if the pitcher can’t throw a strike? Laird is a skilled bunter. Why not make the pitcher throw at least 1, maybe 2 strikes?

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