Happy Fiesta Tigres

The Tigers have their annual celebration tonight. We have a package of stories on the site that we’ve been running this week about how some of the prominent Latin American Tigers got into baseball and got to the big leagues, and the challenges they faced along the way, so feel free to peruse on tigers.com.

Magglio is back in the lineup again, batting sixth against the Tigers’ new longtime nemesis (at least he sure seems like it) Carl Pavano. If you notice the numbers, the Tigers actually have gotten their fair share of hits against Pavano this year, but haven’t been able to turn them into runs. Cabrera is 1-for-9 off Pavano for his career, and Guillen is 0-for-6, but Inge is 3-for-8 against him this year, Thomas is 3-for-7, Granderson is 4-for-11 and Everett is 5-for-18.


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Clete Thomas, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Carlos Guillen, DH
  6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Jason Kubel, DH
  6. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  7. Delmon Young, LF
  8. Nick Punto, 3B
  9. Alexi Casilla, 2B

P: Carl Pavano


Leaving the bases loaded is almost always the kiss of death.

Top of the 5th and Verlander does a walk and a balk. Twins look tough tonite. Of course, leaving the bases loaded is almost always the kiss of death with our team and that happened early. I have had a horrible time trying to post on this blog as it has taken me several times to log in and then it just disappears, taking me to another site to confirm my user name. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Very sloppy, uninspired play for the Tigers tonight. Twins are killing us. Hearing lots of boos.

We are sick and tired of Mario Impembe sounding excited about the opposing teams’ plays. He constantly praises the other side when they make a good play and sometimes not even a very good one! He sounds so excited when they are about to win the game. He uses the wrong inflection as if he is working for the other team. And HE never says “We,” “Us,” or “Our.” It is time he is designated for assignment.

What a horrible, disgusting and most of all embarrassing display by a professional team. The pitching was bad and the hitting was worse. Span gets 5 hits for Minn. and we get a total of 6. The game was over after the 2nd inning when we had the bases loaded with 1 out and could not score. This has been the theme for the team during the whole year. JV was down on himself after the 1st because he probably knew the game was lost at that point. Lambert should have never been called up as you can see that he was out of his element. Let’s see what happens tomorrow I hope they wake up.

Not even sure you can call that a baseball game. Not sure what this magical power that pavano has over them but it is pathetic. And wouldn’t ya know the Red Soxs haven’t scored a run in 24 innings. I am sure that bats will be juiced and ready to go by the time we get there. Pathetic.

Who told these guys not to show up tonight and compete? What a pathetic, lackluster offensive showing against a division rival and a nemesis pitcher in Pavano. What happened to the unwritten rule of not trading within your division, Indians? Getting shutout is unacceptable for a team of guys making $500K to $15MM annually. This is professional baseball you are employed to show up for each and every day!


I won’t waste my comments on the lack of hitting tonight and the “reincarnation” of Cy Young himself, AKA Carl Pavano. The Twins management made a clever move here. The team is totally psyched when facing P-Man. Now to my comment: Lambert was a joke when he came up last year; he’s a bigger joke this year; the guy slings the ball toward the plate. Great batting practice for the Twins. 19 Runs in two games. Oh well, one step forward and two backward. I dread Fenway like the Plague! Let’s hope the “Washer” can wring out the Twins tomorrow. And please! No more SPAN!


See? Nary a complaint. 🙂
Nah, this game can just be wrapped up in plastic and tossed in the trash for the garbage truck to haul off. Verlander didn’t have real good stuff. I didn’t think his curveball was there and that’s his key pitch IMO. All the breaks we got last night went the Twins’ way tonight. We get the win tomorrow and everything is still good. Doesn’t look like our club will win ten in a row at any point so don’t expect it.
Our hitters came out aggressive which was common knowledge going in. Unless Pavano spent the week in a cave, he knew that too and used it against us. We made an adjustment before the game, he made adjustments within the game. I assume we’ll face him two more times so it’s up to the guys to avoid embarrassment. Leyland’s comment in his postgame had me wondering. He said maybe they need to look at tape of Pavano against other teams to see what those teams were doing right. Maybe he was just talking. At least I hope so.
Unless Santiago is hurting, I’d like to see him more. Everett doesn’t have any weapons in those runner on third situations because it’s too easy to make him chase sliders away. Granderson could have cleaned that up but a checked swing on the first pitch is a pretty poor AB. Polanco hit the ball hard in the 5th with the sacks full, but Punto made a good play, in fact, it was a well turned DP all around. What are ya gonna do?
There was again some poor defense tonight and that I find worrisome.
I felt bad for the folks who went to the trouble and expense of attending the game. We’ve all been to these clunkers at some point, I guess, and it’s not much fun.
First test as stopper for Mr. Washburn tomorrow so let’s see how he does.

The defense has been terrible since the A/S break, the pitching hot and cold and the offense just enough to play .540 ball.
That’s what it will look like until the boys get their game faces on and get serious about making a run for not only the division but the American League as well. If someone would have told me the Tigers would be in 1st place 109 games into the season with all the pitching injuries, Guillen being out for 3 months and a revolving door of kids showing up at JL’s command, I’d say what are you smokin? Add in the dismal batting averages for everyone but Cabrera and I’d have to say can you give me some too, please.

Good news is we’ve found that Porcello, Perry, Thomas and hopefully Avila look like they are for real. Bad news is we still need a 4/5 starter unless of course Washburn proves he still has the ability to win & wants to remain a Tiger and we can get Bondo, Nate or another backend starter to step up. Add in an off-season reliever/closer if Lyon proves or disproves he cannot hold down the role. The Tigs need to find/develop a leadoff hitter with speed and gap ability to get things rolling in the first inning, sign Polly and find **** who may be the leadoff batter. That’s a start, I guess.


the filter doesn’t like (s-h-o-r-t-s-t-o-p) spelled as an abbreviation or the letters “ss”, wow.

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