Avila here, but not in lineup

There’s a pretty relaxed young catcher and a rather proud papa at the ballpark today, but that doesn’t mean that Alex Avila is making his Major League debut tonight. Gerald Laird is back in the lineup for Edwin Jackson. It would not be a surprise, however, if Avila was behind the plate Thursday for Rick Porcello, whom Avila caught last year at Class A Lakeland.

Also notice Magglio is in the lineup. He’s 4-for-7 lifetime against O’s starter Jeremy Guthrie.


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Clete Thomas, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Carlos Guillen, DH
  6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Edwin Jackson


  1. Brian Roberts, 2B
  2. Nolan Reimold, LF
  3. Adam Jones, CF
  4. Nick Markakis, RF
  5. Aubrey Huff, 1B
  6. Melvin Mora, 3B
  7. Luke Scott, DH
  8. Gregg Zaun, C
  9. Cesar Izturis, SS

P: Jeremy Guthrie


Glad they held Avila back and give some time to at least meet the pitchers and acclimatise.
I went 2 posts without stats – sorry can’t go a 3rd. We know the team is hitting basically .260/.330 with Miggs .33/.40.
Their stats for 2009 RISP however diverge considerably together with their respective career figures. In the playing order I would have are:
1 Vs R Curtis 2009 .20/.34; Career .258/.344
1 Vs L Thames 09 .170/.268; C .242/.318
2 Polly .293/.382; C .308/.358
3 Clete .351/.429; C .293/.438
4 Miggs .289/.367; C .319/.401 Miggs in 2009 is .439/.521 at Home and .179/.246 Away. Go figure.
5 Vs R Carlos .214/.333; C .282/.362
5 Vs L Maggs .304/.341; C .331/.406 Maggs this year is .458/.5 against lefties.
6 Raburn .286/.412; C .291/.377
7 Inge .273/.387; C .246/.325
8 Vs most R Ramon .302/.340; C .247/.320
8 or 9 Laird .20/.329; C .233/.311
9 Vs L & some R Everett .20/.329; C .233/.311

While I don’t agree with starting a guy based on 7 ABs, the alternative is Thames and Raburn so sure, why not?
That’s actually a good idea to have Avila catch Porcello. Maybe he could be his personal catcher for awhile. That would give him his 20% of starts right there.

Thames is a bit of an inigma – we like his power and regular HR’s but in what situation does it come? He seems more patient this year – OBP .330 vs career .306.
He has career stats hitting 1st or 2nd of 31 from 110 for .282/.331.
JL has tries every other possible contender.

I don’t know how Edwin kept his cool in the 1st. Ugly ugly defense and he still somehow kept them scoreless.

Geez these deep line/flyouts are frustrating. So close yet…

Edwin has just been terrific, but I’m starting to get nervous with no runs scored yet. What else is new.

Not wrong about Edwin. I wonder if anyone has ever pitched a game and not needed the outfield for any defense?

Jackson 5 innings of 1-hit ball. Where are the hitters? Just one run by the Orioles will make it feel like game over. Jackson over 80 pitchers so the bullpen will be coming into the game. Yikes!

We were definitely due that HR!!

I posted too soon about the hitters. Maggs homerun. Is one run enough? Don’t answer that……….

Does JL try and squeeze the 7th out of Edwin? Desperate days so probably no choice.

does JL try and squeeze the 7th out of Jackson?
Desperate days so probably no choice.

Magglio hit that one a mile. Good to see!

I thought I hadn’t posted – didn’t realise it had gone back an innings or two in time. Weird – the site is doing this a lot lately.

jackson 4 innings 1-hit ball. Now where are the hitters to support that?

Jackson 4 innings of 1-hit ball but where are the Tiger hitters? Does EVERY pitcher on EVERY team have the Tigers’ number?

Why does it always have to be so close? 1 run lead.

Is it because we have Verlander and Jackson that teams’ opposing pitchers want to show off in front of our CY winner? It seems like every team pitches their best stuff against us.

Sorry about the multiple entries. I was trying to comment and it kept telling me I wasn’t signed in but I was. Then it goes ahead and displays my entries anyway out of order.

It does that to me, too. Have to sign in multiple times and/or the screen just freezes up and I have to start all over. Ridiculous!

I am actually scaring myself here. Ordonez up to bat with 2 runners on. Last time he homers. I said to myself now he’ll hit into a DP just when they could break the game open. Why didn’t I just not think that?

Will JL actually allow EJ to pitch a complete game?

15 pitches for the last 2 IP. Impressive!! Edwin sure is the MAN!!
I would ask him if he wants to go out in the 9th and am sure he will grab the ball.

Bottom 8th……..if they don’t score more here…..heart attack time in the 9th!

Finally, we get some run production. The Tigers look alive tonight.

And a well-deserved win for Edwin.

I could hardly control myself. Thank you thank you thank you Placido Polanco.

Spoke too soon. C’mon Rodney!

The 9th was heart attack time any way. Rodney……….

I can’t take this.

My left eyebrow is twitching.

Pheeewww – again!!! You got to laugh!! How often they trip themselves up and still fall over the line just in front!!

Rodney always keeps me on the edge of my seat, but he gets the job done. His save record speaks for itself, 22/23. Can’t really ask for much more than that.

Okay, as we talked about this afternoon, it’s not how many hits you get but when you get them. Tonight’s hits translate into a big W.
Did anyone notice that Jackson went into the 7th having allowed only that one stupid hit that was misplayed by the infield in the first inning? Wouldn’t you hate to have that be the only hit? We’re talking no-hit stuff here.
Again, I was 50-50 over whether to have Jackson pitch the 9th. Sometimes it’s not so much a no-brainer. I was glad to see JL send him out, but as he himself said afterwards, he’d made a mistake sending him out after E-Jax had to sit through a long bottom of the 8th. Not everyone thing is in black and white, cut and dried.
Interesting postgame comment from Clete. When asked if he liked to see video of the opposing pitcher, he said he liked to see what the guy had but didn’t want to know what he was likely to throw in a certain count. Again, there’s no one answer to this stuff. Of course, Clete seems better than anyone on the team at recognizing pitches quickly so this works for him.
Good heavens, I can hear Hawk putting one on the board YES from all the way in the other room. Let me see what’s happening………….okay, 6-1 Sox. This will be 5 out of 6 from the Yankees and Angels. Impressive.
Chicago is worrisome. If one team gets hot, a division race can end very quickly, and you don’t need to go back into the dusty pages of history to find an example. Only two years ago, we trailed Cleveland by 1.5 games on August 24. Ten days later on September 4, we were 7 games out and the race was pretty much over.
Tomorrow the Orioles will be the ones facing a talented rookie they’ve never seen before.

Good to see Magglio pulling the ball and with power. He did the other night also. He may finally be making an adjustment. Too many times going out to right field and showing little power that way. We sure could use his bat down the stretch. It’d be like getting the hitter we didn’t get in a trade. He and Placido need to step it up now.

Nice to see the timely hits – could have used them earlier in the game, but I won’t be picky. The guys on tv nailed it when they said JL can’t win either way – if he puts in EJ in the 9th and he loses it he is wrong, if he takes him out and Rodney loses it he is wrong – so he does both and is right!

Just noticed Rick Porcello is doing a blog on MLB, but only one entry and that was prior to the break – I miss Grandy’s blog from the last few years.

And it was nice to see Maggs pull one with a ton of power.

The way Jackson pitched the 8th, I would have sent him out for the 9th as well. The Baltimore announcers had that one wrong. I could tell with the way Jackson had his elbow wrapped that he was coming out for the 9th. I do think JL was right in that the length of the 8th affected Jackson, but with the gem he threw you had to send him out there.
It was good to see Cabrera get a clutch hit late in the game. He still has a 3rd basemen mentality at 1st and tries to get a glove on everything. Many times he gets to balls that he should have gone to cover the bag and let the 2nd basemen handle. The ball Jones hit was a clear example of that as Jackson had no thought of going to the cover the bag since that was Polly’s ball. No way is Polly going to charge that ball with Cabrera going for it.
Sometime it does not matter if a hitter knows what is coming if the pitcher is on like Jackson was last night. Guys would know that a fastball was coming and it would just explode on them. I think the most important part of hitting is recognition and even if you know the tendencies with a pitcher, location can be off with pitchers that do not have great command.
Some reporters ask stupid questions. When Clete hit the homer, someone asked Leyland if he was glad he hit the homer instead of the game going into extra inning. I can see why some managers go off on reporters at times.
Chicago has some hot pitchers and if Peevy comes back this year to pitch well, they will be tough. Hopefully, Hawk will be quiet and the Sox will slump. Right now, I like the Tigers pitching better than Chicago’s.

Don’t get me going on the postgame questions, Mark. While I’m confident that Jason and Tom Gage and others ask good questions, the ones we see on the air from the FSN guys are ludicrous. Trevor Thompson and, to a slightly lesser extent Ryan Field, ask the same three questions over and over to every interviewee, the main one being “How did it feel to….” followed closely by “How important was it to……..” The veterans must be used to it by now and just give a stock answer, but the youngsters get that “Huh?” look in their eyes. My favorite was Trevor asking Miggy last year how it felt to hit the walkoff homer and Miggs answers, “Oh when you hit it good, you don’t feel it.” Best answer I’ve heard. Conversely, I caught Tom Gage in a rare TV appearance this week asking one of the pitchers about his slider. We don’t get to see the real stuff.

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