Robertson, Bonderman could rehab next week

Unless they’re unusually sore in their arms tomorrow, both Nate Robertson and Jeremy Bonderman are on track to begin Minor League rehab assignments next week after they pitched in a simulated game Friday afternoon at Cleveland.

Robertson threw 45 pitches, or the equivalent of about three innings, to a group of Tigers hitters that included Ramon Santiago, Ryan Raburn, Clete Thomas and Dusty Ryan. Once again, he noticed a little more bite in his pitches, the product of an elbow free of the tissue masses that were moved during surgery last month.

“It’s what the hitters see,” Robertson said, “and [Thomas] said he had a tough time picking up the rotation on my slider, which is good. It gives you more deception. The ball was moving pretty good, too, for the most part. I got jumpy on a couple pitches, but when I got the ball out front, it had the movement and the rotation that I want.”

Bonderman threw about 35 pitches over two innings, all out of the stretch in preparation for the relief role he’ll have if he comes back to pitch this season. He said his arm is feeling “a lot better than it did” in his previous rehab work earlier this season, enough that he feels confident he can get back and contribute this year.

“I feel pretty certain that I’ll be all right this time,” he said. “We’ll see.”

When team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski was asked what he expects out of their situations, he was guardedly optimistic.

“Do I expect them [to come back]? I can’t tell you that I expect them,” Dombrowski said. “Am I hopeful? Yes.” 

A couple key points to note are that Robertson would pitch as a starter in rehab, and that it won’t be a quick sasignment. Robertson said the goal is to be ready at the end of August, which would point toward a September call-up when rosters expand.

While Bonderman will pitch in relief, that doesn’t mean anything for his future use beyond this year.

“Next year, we would project him as a starter,” Dombrowski said. “We just think [this works now] strengthwise in his arm as much as the ability to build him up. There’s been an indication, just because of everything he’s been through, after he throws 25-30 pitches, his stuff falls off.” 


This is going to be one of the most emberessing losses of the season. All of those pitchers had very large ERA’s, and this pathetic hitting team looked horrible. Coming into this game you think alright this is a VERY good shot of being a win and they look inept as always. This Cleveland team has nobody on it and they look horrible. Even the #9 hitter coming into this game batter batting below 200 is beating up on them. I’ve got a headache from this crap.

Well a homer by Carlos and we are in extra innings. Our pitching staff is wasted and Porcello is going tomorrow. If they killed Jackson like this today, can you imagine what they are going to to Porcello???? This doesn’t bode well for a 17 game stretch without a day off.???

How many times has that happened. Runner on third with one out and NOTHING. A wasted lead off double by Inge.

Second time tonight that Curtis has struck out for the third out with men in scoring position. He really needs to stop doing that!

Insert Generic negative comment below.

Nice job by Lyon. He is really really been looking good. Like Rod and Mario just said if we could every get any consistent timely hitting boy would this team be good. But as stated earlier, there is no reason that a team with this kind of offensive talent shouldn’t be doing better than this in the batters box. It really is quite dumbfounding to me.

Ohka and his 5.54 era is unhittable. Along with all of their other pitchers with ERA’s upward of 5 and 6??

Watched the Chisox/NY game last night – one of the rare times I go for the Yankees. Got to give it to Ozzie – he stays on top of the situation – the double steal for a run in and a 6-5 game became 10-5 without any great hitting. A manager on top of the situation and willing to roll the dice wins more often than not.
Last nights game does not auger well for August and the next 16 games straight. Interesting Rodney pitched 8&9 before Lyon – has JL changed the closer role? Tonights game is shaping up as a nightmare with Porcello unlikely to go past 5.
When is JL going to do something about Curtis’s abysmal hitting against lefties – .183/.267 for the season and .118/.167 post break. Righties he is .290/.375 and .350/.447 post break.
Maggs is the total opposite – .315/.370 for the season against lefties with .417/.462 post break and .233/.312 against righties with .143/.250 post break.
The everyday top order should be:
Miggs – until he gets his clutch hitting back – then swap with Carlos
Curtis or Maggs.

If last night is any indication of how the Indians are playing for pride this weekend, Porcello will get eaten alive tonight. Unless we can actuall hit some pitcher that isn’t good, then we are sunk. And here is some more optimism for you Cy Pavano is pitching on Sunday and we don’t stand a chance against his 5+ era.

Another game that the pitchers did enough to win and the bats did not come through. Jackson was due to not have a quality start, but did push through four innings and kept it close even with poor command and control.
Lyon is the only reliever that cannot be used Saturday. If the Tigers had scored one more in the ninth, Rodney would have closed the game. JL has brought him in for the ninth all season in tied games. It is one of the few time he brought him into a tight spot to finish the 8th. He got the job done.
Portcello is due for a strong outing. Other than the first inning, he pitched well in his last outing.
I like the Washburn trade and hope they can sign him for few years to a realistic contract. The depth of pitching in the minors is such that it doe not hurt to lose potential for right now as long as you do not give up too much.

Great, great news! But forgive me if I have the sense I get is the opposite of the boy who cried wolf… I’ve heard this kind of guarded optimism about these 2 fellas before so the $$$$’s not in the bank until they are on the line-up card the day AFTER they make their first MLB appearances.

Love to hear about velocity (which was markedly down for both earlier in the year)…

Can either of them hit with men on base?! LOL

Go Tigers!!!!

“Hey, that was a great effort,” manager Jim Leyland said. “They busted their tails, and that’s all you can ask for.”
Uh, not quite. As is all too common, the hitters came out with an excellent approach to Carmona which paid dividends, after which they spiraled down into the same old swing and hope style. There aren’t many teams Carmona could have beaten last night, but we’re defininitely one of them. You’ve got to bust your tail at the plate too. I don’t know if they get bored or what, but they can’t keep their patience for a patient approach. And if you re-read the quote at the top of this post, you’ll find it eerily similar to the same thing a whole string of Lions coaches have said over the years.
I had a big issue mid-game when Leyland lifted Miner after only one inning. A scoreless inning. I mean talking to the TV issue. Zach could have pitched another one or two innings at the least. Instead, JL’s total lack of confidence in him led to using up the entire bullpen in one game, a game that’s the kickoff of a 17-consecutive day stretch.
There’s no way anyone can call this good managing.
So JL’s little quirks and foibles continue to lead us down the path to extinction for the 4th consecutive year. Thanks for wrecking it for us. Again.

Been travelling and just getting back. Missed some games because of logistics and others because I was just plain sick of watching and lost interest. Some comments:
Washburn–OK, but let’s remember what not tod o with aging pitchers when it comes time to sign them.
Wehere’s the LHB?
Why is Raburn, and to a lesser degree-Thames, still on this team?
Great bpint made about my favourite Tiger–Curtis. Why is he continuing to hit and leadoff against lefties? Facts are facts. Part of the problem of course is who do you play in CF–Raburn???? That’s not an alternative.
When is Inge going to be DL’d?
Who replaces him—-Raburn????? That is not an alternative.

Rich is on JL’s case, big time. Why is that? —-It’s because he understands the game and the roster capabilities better than JL has shown this year. JL is a lovable Old Coot-(less lovable as time goes on), but he is running the team like a misguided despot.
They had better hope their is some offensive punch in Toledo they can count on now that they have failed to obtain a skignificant hitter before the trade deadline. Because this cast of characters will not do.
We all like Marcus but we do realize that even if he gets hot and carries the team it will only be for a brief time and he will get stone cold again. You will never get consistency from Marcus. Orodnez might come around a bit and so might Guillen. Raburn is marginal utility ballplayer and the top of the order is still struggling to be a force. Combine that with a severely weak bottom of the order and you have a recipe for a lot of 2-1 and 3-2 games that go the other way.
I’m pretty disappointed they did not go out and shore up their problem area of offense. There were optins out there. Washburn will help but he will get his share of those 3-2 losses too.

Now of course there are things that Leyland does well, there must be. Unfortunately, all we get to see are the game strategies, the lineups, and a postgame snippet. The postgame provides very little to no insights, but the games themselves speak volumes.
But I didn’t come here to talk about that, came here to talk about the draft……no wait, that’s from “Alice’s Restaurant.” Came here to talk about the trade, that’s it.
I’m really glad that Deadline Day is over. The swirling rumors leading up to it are torture for someone who prefers hard facts. Then we have a certain writer from a major Detroit daily who blithely listed as fact names discussed with Toronto when in fact that never happened. And I dutifully reported that here. My apologies. I suppose I should amend the places where I gather news.
Washburn will help. How much remains to be seen. Either he’s really added the pitch that put him over the top or he’s just having one of those career years. I don’t expect him back in 2010. I don’t know much about Robles but I think French has a future. These days clubs like fireballers but there’s always room for a Luke-type pitcher. All in all, that trade will be judged in retrospect, as most are.
Not acquiring a hitter…….here again, I wasn’t thrilled with what was reported as available, and the fact that nobody picked up these guys tells me the asking price was too high for the return. I don’t think Washington is in good management hands anyway. I also have doubts that any one guy can get this offense going. That said, we still need to get someone during the waiver period. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who can save the lineup, but it should be someone who can make the lineup go. A strategic pickup, if you will. Filling a hole, adding a dimension, etc.
Just for fun, I’ll say I would have taken Victor Martinez in a heartbeat, then worried about where to put him later, as Boston did. Of course, Cleveland wouldn’t have traded him to Detroit. I’ve always liked Victor, in fact, he’s one of the very few players from opposing teams that I always refer to by his first name.
Lefty tonight, I’d rather see Thomas in centerfield to start the game.

This trading season was thin for the Tigers after the real hitters were taken early by the Cards and Nats,( Holliday, Derosa & Morgan). The remainder of the crop were DH-types and the Tigs already have an abundance of pine sitters with aching knees, slow feet and declining defensive skills. JL needs to tweak the lineup and move Grandy down to the 3 or 5 hole, bring Ramirez up and bat Clete leadoff at least against lefties. They need production out of the top 5-6 hitters to cover the deficiencies of the bottom of the order that hasn’t produced for the previous 6+ weeks. The DH candidates get the AB’s if they are producing, just like in the business world. If it’s Guillen great, if its Thames, Mags or Rayburn so be it. The new concern is 3B if Inge is on the DL for 15+ days. Rayburn and Larish won’t make the grade at 3B. Tigs need a solid pitching effort out of Rick tonight!
The Tribe will work the count on him until he tires in the 4th or 5th and then back to the (TIRED) BP by committee.


Hey Dombrowski, didn’t Mr. I tell you that success is gauged by results, winning that is! You should have applied some measurable success criteria to JL’s extension you so quickly “negotiated” in mid-season. DD was quick to offer multi-yr, multi $MM$ to Sheff, Mags, Inge, Robertson, Willis & Bondo, all you have to show for it is a hurting Inge and a slumping Mags. Sheesh, maybe it’s spelled Dumb-rowski.

The Miner issue Rich raised is so true. JL’s logic is he will need him for today so pulls him after 1 innings. A good manager keeps his relievers going if they are on song.
JL has never started his closer in the 8th with 3 outs to get, let alone when trailing. However, busting Lyon so he will need a couple of days off also doesn’t make sense. With one pitcher remaining in Fien to pitch who knows how many innings, JL boxed himself into a corner.

Watching Chisox again – well on their way to taking the first three against NY. Hate to say it but they are looking real impressive.
The Tigs will have to be firing on all cylinders here on in – not just one game a week at home that they have been doing the past month or so.

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