Tigers trade Josh Anderson to Royals

The Tigers have traded outfielder Josh Anderson to the Royals for cash considerations. Anderson’s contract was designated for assignment last week. The Royals and Yankees both had interest, but the Yankees apparently weren’t willing to offer up a prospect in the deal. The Royals also came ahead of New York in the waiver claims process.

Kansas City will be the third team for Anderson this calendar year and the fourth in his career. Detroit acquired him from Atlanta in the final week of Spring Training.

Anderson batted .242 with the Tigers with
four doubles, four triples and 16 RBIs in 74 games, covering 165
at-bats. The 26-year-old stole 13 bases in 15 attempts.


How much cash? Put it towards Dunn, Scott, or Willingham. Or resigning Polanco rather than trying an unproven rookie, or a version of Adam Everett at second base also. Time to step up, DD.

Best of luck to you Josh – what a crazy way to have a job – 3 different teams in less than a year!

Good luck Josh. Work on the fundamentals dude.

Noticed today that Ortiz and Ramirez were on the list of 100 from 2003. I guess these names are just going to be leaked out one by one. Me thinks that there are probably a couple of guys on the current roster who are on that list.

I think at this point maybe I just don’t care anymore.

In case anyone missed it, the Jays offered Halladay and they “only” wanted Porcello, Perry, AND Crosby. This is an example of what clubs are asking for, albeit an over the top example. Acquiring any of Dunn, Scott, or Willingham would cost a relatively similar amount. There are no bargains out there, there isn’t even any fair pricing. A trade may be made before tomorrow, but it will be a small one and few will like it.
The Central Division is very weak. Nobody can win on the road and we’re as likely to win it with our current roster as anyone is.
I foresee Polanco signing another contract with Detroit and it will be an equitable deal for both parties. I doubt Polly wants to leave here.
On the steriod front, here we go again. How many of these “scoops” do we have left, about 90 or so? Just release the d*** list and have done with it. Look, anyone who suddenly put up other worldly numbers in the late 90s to mid 2000s was on PEDs. Simple as that. Let’s move on.

Rich, They also wanted another “top” prospect besides those three. We already know that Porcello and Perry are here for five years. Crosby appears to be the real deal. So that would be 15 years of cost controlled pitching for another five at 20 plus million a year for Holliday. I would of turned the deal down real fast.

Polly does not want to leave, but how much do you spend on him and if he hits worse than the first half does he become a reserve? His 2nd half and his contract demands will decide what happens since Sizemore appears to have the bat, but his defense may be a question mark. I think Everett will be back, since the best shortstop options are at least a year away.


Rich et al:

In case anyone is interested (and I am rapidly losing interest) the UNCONFIRMED list is shown here:


Tigers past and present? Kenny Rogers, Craig Monroe, Dmitri Young, Pudge and Mags.

If I’m a GM I guess I have to insist on a clause that addresses this subject. I think I’m signing a 20/85 .300 type of guy or a 15 win pitcher and instead I get a guy coming off the juice. I need some protection against that. The stakes are just too high.

I am tired of hear about the Steriod Era and the PED talk/accusations. The homerun hitters that are not warning track hitters you can speculate about. PED’s do not help you hit a curveball or turn on a fastball. More pitchers have been busted that hitters. How much of the homer increase was the juice in ball instead of the juice in the hitters after the strike? I do not care who is on the list. The writers should forget about it now and move on. Baseball executives, writers and the union all turned there heads and now just want to punish retired players. Hopefully, the testing now will deter most and suspend the cheaters.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Eric, when talking about signing a player. That’s the big problem, much moreso than records, HOFers, or Yankees and Red Sox fans lobbing hand grenades at each other. Any consumer purchasing a product needs to have confidence that the product is not fake. That’s a big duh. No different when clubs sign players.
I took a cursory look at that list and not surprisingly, everybody on it is someone we’ve heard of. I did note the name Alex Sanchez. Now if memory serves, didn’t he fail a confirmed test? Why isn’t he listed as confirmed? Why only Yankees and Red Sox? You’re right, it’s quick to lose interest.
Mark, those questions re Polly would have to be asked and answered, and goes into my expectation that an equitable contract will be reached. Hey, for all I know, he’ll sign with the Yankees, but I expect him back.

Polly was a reasonable contract from the get go. I see him as being very comfortable in Detroit, and like Rich, I see him back
with a decent contract for both sides. It would be a plus for the Tigers; I still see Polly as a good baseball man after his playing days.


Meant to post this at this blog entry, rather than the blog entry with the headline concerning Josh possibly going to the Yankees.

Best of luck to Josh.

I appreciate his contributions to the Tigers while he was with the team. I think he was 13 of 15 on stolen base attempts. Pretty good.

Proves the old saying – you cannot steal first. If we need speed later, promote Wilkin.

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