Yankees among clubs eyeing Josh Anderson

The Yankees have shown interest in former Tigers outfielder Josh
Anderson, following a report earlier Wednesday from cbssports.com’s
Danny Knobler. A second team, not yet identified, is also said to be

The Tigers designated Anderson’s
contract for assignment last week to make room for Carlos Guillen to
return from the disabled list, so Detroit isn’t in a position to ask
for much in a trade. Still, the speedy Anderson could be a fit for the
Yankees to fill in for Brett Gardner, who’s out until mid-August with a
fractured left thumb.

The Tigers will have to either swing a
deal with another club or let Anderson go if they can’t get him through
waivers. If he does sneak through waivers, the Tigers can outright him
to Triple-A Toledo.

Anderson batted .242 with the Tigers with
four doubles, four triples and 16 RBIs in 74 games, covering 165
at-bats. The 26-year-old stole 13 bases in 15 attempts.


The Yankees must be having a brain freeze.
Like I said yesterday—Young kills us the corollary was then we kill ourselves—let’s make sure that doesn’t happen (wich means JV has to take care of buisness himself

Finally a laugher. Even though we only got the one run in the first, I felt good about the ABs we were getting. Feldman couldn’t control his secondary pitches and everyone laid off them. The result was the 2nd inning when he came with all fastballs and got hit hard. That’s good work by the hitters. Good job early tonight.
Even before the carnage began, I had a good feeling about Guillen in the 3-hole. The man just gets good ABs, and everyone should learn from him.
Strangely enough, there was a point in tonight’s game when I was afraid JL WOULD bunt. He didn’t, though, saving me from having to question that. 🙂
Man, Verlander in the 5th just pumped up the volume, didn’t he? I don’t advocate that as a way to pitch out of a jam but he has that ability to throw harder when necessary. Then in the 6th he goes right back to using all his pitches. Entertaining, at the very least.
Hopefully this will relax some of these guys. There was a lot of talk about hitters pressing tonight and they said that JL had talked to Cabrera about trying to carry the team. I think that’s exactly what has been happening.
You want some good entertainment, tune into the Sox vs the Twins anytime. Since you hate both teams, you can’t lose. Tonight Nathan is trying to save a 3-2 game with men on 2nd and 3rd with two out, doing a real rollercoaster. Kotsay drills a line drive, hits it right on the screws………right at Cuddyer in rightfield. And there’s Hawk, “Man oh man……….this ballpark………….I just wish I could cuss.” More of that good entertainment.
However, if we’d won just two of these one-run games since the break, we’d have a 4-game cushion in the division. A lost opportunity. But it’s in the past now.

Miggs is hopefully back for good – inches last night from going 6 for 6 with 6 or 7 RBI’s. Given the right environment, he is the most talented hitter in the AL and doesn’t need any outside help.
We should never assume anything about JL’s management style of players. We have been saying something has been wrong with Miggs for at least a month. Following his breakout last night, JL tells the media he had a talk with him to stop him trying to carry the team??? JL, this talk should have quietly happened long ago and never made the press.
They obviously need someone on the roster who has a reasonable level of human empathy and ability to read between the lines on what is going on in each players head.
I know males have nothing on females (you should hear my wife Julie) in this regard but JL has to be real thick in reading his players in terms of what is making them tick. It seems JL’s management of JV via the media last year is par for the course.
The players seem to respect JL – the granpop some never had??

Forgot to mention but I am with TKorea – what was with taking Maggs out for Inge leading 13-4 with 9 outs remaining?
So much for Binges banged up knees needing a rest.

Well nice to see the bats come alive even if it is for just last night (gosh lets hope not). Everyone except Inge (and why did he bring him in??) I can understand it if it is a tight game, but it wasn’t and Raburn, even with his error was going to be good enough. Someone in the last thread was complaining about Magglio at the plate, well he didn’t have a hit no, but he did walk and he lined into that double play – but he hit that ball hard and Vizquel made a nice play, but he hit it hard, just right at him. So I disagree he was horrible.
I just wish this team could just do some of that most games. You are not going to get 19 hits every night, but something in between would be nice. I was talking to my spouse about it, if Curtis, Polanco, and Magglio could each get three or four more hits per week, and raise their averages 20 points that would be huge. You can live with Laird and Everetts mediocre batting averages if these other guys could just pick it up a bit. A little more consistency, that is all I am asking for.

I thought Inge should of stayed on the bench tonight. I have always heard even when he is hurt he wears JL out about getting into the game. Thomas did make a catch that would have been a hit if he was not in right. I feel Thomas should be the everyday rightfielder. He is the best defensive rightfielder we have. He also holds his own against lefthanders, even if he has some bad swings at times. Unless we get another LH bat, I would platoon Thames and Maggs in left and have one of them DH when a lefthander pitches.

Our minor league teams have a void of available lefthanded hitting outfielders. I do not understand why Larish plays firstbase a majority of time at Toledo. Why is he not in the outfield or at 3rd base? If Inge does have to go on the disabled list, Larish is the best option we have in the system. I generally like the way DD has built the farm system, but we do lack a true 3rd baseman that could help the big club in an emergency. Looks like a lot of 1st baseman are starting to play third. Giving Hessman a majority of the time at 3rd for Toledo when he is hitting .200 or lower at 30+ does not make sense to me.

It was fun to see the bats unload and JV uncork. He had given up some cheap hits earlier on offspeed pitches and I guess him and Laird thought that was the way to go. I did not see JV shake Laird off during the fastball barrage. When he has the offspeed stuff working well he can make guys shake. I loved it when Young started walking to the bench before the umpire make the call in his first at bat.

Going to Cleveland for the weekend series and hoping for a sweep like the last time I was there.


It has been so long since Marcus has had much of a chance in left field, so remind me – is he that bad of a fielder that he can’t be a fielder and a hitter and only the dh? If Carlos can keep producing these timely basehits we gotta keep him in the lineup, he is a smart player and can get the job done I believe, but don’t want to sacrifice Marcus’ bat. I mean really, is Raburn any better in the field than Thames? Refresh my memory, so I don’t sound like I don’t know what I am talking about.

IMO, Thames is plenty good enough in leftfield to play there, and better than Raburn. While Marcus isn’t as fast as Raburn, he takes better routes. He has worked very very hard to improve his outfield play over the years. Just ask Andy Van Slyke.
I like the idea of moving Ordonez to left. He played there in the WBC (instead of Guillen) and it didn’t seem to be a problem. I think this is an example of Leyland’s thinking in a rut all the time. He must address greeting cards to Maggs addressed to “Ordonez RF.” Habits.

I was pretty ticked off to see Inge get into the game last night as he was quoted that he needed to get his head together, etc., etc., etc. I don’t understand why Jim put him in there. Brandon is a great 3rd baseman, but he’s always been a thorn in my side. He just bugs the H*** out of me with his comments.

Since Inge has been working on a new batting stance to take some stress off his knees, could it be possible he wanted to try it out while the team had a large lead? Giving JL the benefit of the doubt here…

Best of luck to Josh.

I appreciate his contributions to the Tigers while he was with the team. I think he was 13 of 15 on stolen base attempts. Pretty good.

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