Inge sits, looks to make changes

After much debating, Jim Leyland decided to give Brandon Inge the night off and pair it with Thursday’s scheduled off-day to give him two days of rest ahead of Friday’s series opener at Cleveland. He’s hoping it can make a difference in the pain that’s hounding Inge in the patella tendon around Inge’s left knee, though Inge isn’t so optimistic.

Inge talked Wednesday about using the night off to get away from the mental grind, then working a little with his swing to try to find a way to cut down on his pain without falling so much into bad habits. It might involve taking a two-strike approach throughout an at-bat and cutting down on the power, or keeping weight off of his front side in his stance.

“Mentally, I need to figure out how to go about this,” Inge said. “Everything’s kind of off right now because of the knee, so I’m going to have to make an adjustment.”

Ramon Santiago isn’t starting after taking that fol tip off his right shin, but he’s available if need be. Leyland might’ve started Santiago at second base and rested Placido Polanco otherwise, but he’ll instead look to rest Polanco at some point this weekend.


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Carlos Guillen, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  6. Marcus Thames, LF
  7. Ryan Raburn, 3B
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Omar Vizquel, 2B
  2. Michael Young, 3B
  3. David Murphy, LF
  4. Marlon Byrd, CF
  5. Hank Blalock, 1B
  6. Andruw Jones, DH
  7. Josh Hamilton, RF
  8. Taylor Teagarden, C
  9. Elvis Andrus, SS

P: Scott Feldman


Doesn’t really matter none of them can hit when hit counts. And didn’t all notice the difference in last nights game?? Almost everything the Rangers hit was for extra bases – while we had a bunch of singles (besides the double that Ramon hit). So it doesn’t really matter who plays. It will be another day of ineptness at the plate.

On what basis does JL now justify giving Maggs regular time against righties? Hitting .185/.290 in July? His recent improvement to .188/.290 post break with a .2 overall for RISP?
JL seems hellbent on making an issue of Magg’s 2010 contract. I doubt DD is happy with the change in playing time. Maggs would need a super human change in fortunes for management to even want, let alone bound to taking up his 2010 option.

I got a good laugh reading that. Gosh, what a pessimist. Maybe you’ll reverse the jinx.

This far into the season we are what we are. Unless something happens we will continue to struggle from the plate. All year long we’ve been waiting for one thing or another. Mags will pop out of it, Curtis will get hot, Polly will do something, Carlos will be back, the weather will get warmer, we’ll be at home more, etc.

But, as we’ve seen, nothing has really worked and we remain as inconsistent this year as we were last year. Not sure you can point a finger at any one player. But I do think that Rich is right about one thing … given that we are what we are, why not learn to exploit that and use it to our advantage. And, it appears that Mr. Leyland has failed to grasp that simple concept. If there are guys at the bottom of the lineup who are all field and no hit then you have to have a strategy that addresses that. If you don’t have the thumpers then you need to be able to scratch out runs. But continuing to think that we are something different than what we are is just nuts. Granted I don’t get to see every game, but I do see these guys enough to know that. I’m just not sure if JL sees it. Hard to believe that he is viewing this team though different colored glasses.

Lets hope it is a reverse jinx. But here you go for some more pessimism – I say that to myself nearly every game. When we get the first hit I say “at least we won’t be no hit tonight” then if we get a run I say “well at least they won’t be shutout tonight” Boy if we get 2 or 3 runs in a game that is a freaking windfall.

I hope jinx is the right word. I got a feeling though it is post break blues.
I would like to know how many of us didn’t have a gut feel last night that the Ramon and Ryan lead 3 run 2nd would be the end of the runs.
They often start OK and then go cold for the rest of the night, apart from Miggs getting his 1-2 hits when it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think that way at all, unless it’s the 7th or 8th inning. As for Maggs, you know they are not going to let his contract vest for next year. Not the way he’s hitting. They have their reasons for keeping him in there, however, at least for a while longer. To hear announcers calling him “the falling star” is painful to hear and not a way I want to remember Magglio. Let’s see what happens tonight. If they lose, I think we’re done and it will be all downhill.

Good start!

Bases loaded, 2 outs. Can someone drive in a run?

There is a difference between hope and gut feel which is based on past experience.
I was definitely hoping and even had a gut feel as Raburn and Thomas are probably our best clutch hitters at the moment.
Feldman was plain awful in the 1st and lucky to throw a strike. I can’t remember the last time we knocked a pitcher out of a game – are we just too nice a team and don’t have the killer instinct?

Guess not.

It looks like JV wants to have some fun the way he mixed up his pitches in the 1st. Incredible to have 161 SO’s before August.

Granderson is back

Curtis has been good all year – as long as it is a righty. He has hit them .367/.457 post break but lefties still only .125/.176.
I would just about have anyone else lead off.

Right handers bat more against Feldman than lefties. Tomas is batting 183. So there is no option but have Magglio there

I had a feeling Raburn would not waste the second chance. He is .278/.409 for RISP, and good against any pitcher.

Someone was complaining about the music played after a Texas HR. I just noticed it was the theme played in the movie “The Natural” when the great Roy Hobbs would crush a game winning HR. I love it. Only problem is they wouldn’t play it when Grandy hit his 2.

Time to even things out with Moscoso. Don’t wait to get behind, jump on his first strike.

I’m beginning to wonder if Leland has the killer instinct.

Anybody but Carlos at the plate and we would have stranded another 3 on base. Let’s see if Miggy can finally hit in the clutch.

If Miggs is ever going to get out of his clutch slump, today is the day.


Well, at least it would have got a run in if it wasn’t the 3rd out.

Way to go Marcus! He was due. Yeah, yeah, it was a solo shot with a 5 run lead. So what……

Credit Justin for remaining sharp and focused with the big lead and the long offensive innings.

A 2 year old who can say “Hit the ball Saltalamachia”, a young fan making a great leaping one hand grab, Ken Burns in the stands, and a 7 run Tiger lead….Good night for baseball.

Verlander is hyper.

Can’t get too comfortable, folks.

Terrific baseball that inning. Loved how Leland was yelling at Everett.

Get out of here Gerald! That is a huge manufactured run.

Tigers with 12 runs. Can you believe it?

Jones, a Boras´ client was last year Ordoñez. Dodgers are paying him to do what you see today for the Rangers.
The same Rangers that paid ARod ( Boras oc)for batting big for the Yankees , until he walked out of the contract

Thank God, the bats woke up. Now let’s see if it continues in Cleveland. Maggs must go. He was the only player without a hit tonight except for Inge who batted once and struck out. I don’t understand JL playing Inge I thought he was to rest.

Glad my reverse psychology rant before the game worked. Justin was on and the Rangers were swinging at everything. Good night -.

Nice offense last night guys – that is the kind of hitting that will win a lot of games – a great mix of home runs, singles, doubles, moving guys around the basepaths. Nice to see Miguel have a great night, which likely could have had a few more hits on it had they been just a touch further from the fielder. Justin looked terrific, albeit frazzled in that one inning when he just kept throwing heat – nice to see him settle down the next inning and getting back to pitching.

I hate to see a day off after a great offensive night, but know they need the rest after traveling back from Texas in the early am.

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