Guillen doesn't limit Tigers trade options

Posted this on the trade blog. Probably should’ve put it up here at the same time. Oh well. …

While Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski continues in
earnest his search for a hitter on the trade market, newly-returned
Carlos Guillen’s limitations aren’t expected to limit the Tigers’ trade
options, just as his return hasn’t stopped the Tigers from shopping

The normally switch-hitting Guillen, activated from the
15-day disabled list Friday after missing 2 1/2 months with an injured
right shoulder, is currently limited to batting left-handed and playing
at designated hitter until his shoulder is stronger. However, as
Dombrowski and Guillen indicated over the weekend, they don’t expect
that to last for long.

“We’re looking for a bat,” Dombrowski
said when the Tigers activated Guillen Friday. “As you start talking
with clubs in the trade [market], which we’ve been doing a lot of, a
lot of the players that are available are DHs. In our mindset, we think
we might have as good of one as anybody, not that he’s going to be
limited to DH in the long run.

“I do not know when he’s going to be ready to play [the field]. It could be a couple days. It could be longer.”

said Saturday he thinks he’ll be able to bat right-handed before he can
play the field, but he believes he’ll be able to do both.

being careful with the shoulder [batting] from the right-hand side,”
Dombrowski said, “but he is feeling better and better all the time on

A corner outfielder, such as Washington’s Josh
Willingham, Baltimore’s Luke Scott or Florida’s Cody Ross, would still
be an easier fit for the Tigers, who platooned Marcus Thames and Ryan
Raburn over the weekend. Even if/when Guillen can play the outfield
again, they still could benefit from using him at DH once in a while,
which was their plan when the season started. But with DH types such
Washington’s Adam Dunn and Baltimore’s Aubrey Huff still mentioned, not
to mention the potential (albeit unlikely) to grab an infielder such as
Pittsburgh’s Freddy Sanchez, the Tigers aren’t necessarily hamstrung.

a bat has been the primary target for the Tigers, they’ve continued to
look around on the starting pitching market beyond Roy Halladay, who
appears out of reach. At this point, they’re more likely to get someone
to slot in behind top arms Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson than a
front-line starter. With Rick Porcello struggling to get out of the
sixth inning in his last six starts, and fellow rookie Luke French
having lasted six innings only one in his four starts, the Tigers could
justifiably worry about the impact on their bullpen down the stretch.
While they can watch pitch counts with one starter through the
rotation, doing so with two is far more difficult.

The Tigers
are believed to prefer a left-hander to balance out a rotation that has
French as the lone lefty. They’ve scouted Pittsburgh, which has
left-hander Zach Duke potentially available, and they’ve been linked in
reports with fellow Pirates southpaw Tom Gorzelanny, who has been
impressive at Triple-A Indianapolis this year. The Pirates, meanwhile,
had a scout at the entire Tigers homestand last week.


No Washburn?

No Scutaro?

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