Sunday: Tigers vs. White Sox

Lineups are out early for this ESPN affair. So are the game notes. What about starting the game now and showing it on tape delay? Just kidding.


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Marcus Thames, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Scott Podsednik, CF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Jermaine Dye, RF
  4. Jim Thome, DH
  5. Paul Konerko, 1B
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Carlos Quentin, LF
  8. Chris Getz, 2B
  9. Gordon Beckham, 3B

P: Clayton Richard (Just for conversation, how would he have done in Rich Rodriguez’s spread offense?)


I knew that name sounded familiar. He’d have probably done better than either of the two QBs who did end up running that offense.
Wolverine starts for White Sox. Reminds me that I was in attendance in 1963 when Dave DeBusschere of U of D and Pistons (and Knicks) basketball fame started a game for the Sox at Tiger Stadium. He didn’t last long, in both that game and in the big leagues.

Actually, two Wolverines starting for White Sox tonight. Chris Getz went there, too.

Opinion: Raburn has been given the opprotunity of a lifetime in that Ordonez, Thames Guillen are all pretty much DH material. With Anderson gone he has a chance to prove his worth. Make the best of it Ryan, cut your swing down , make contact and corntribute.
Let’s go Tigers, let’ broom the Sox today.

Porcello is spent..

Yikes, this is embarrassing! Hope we can get something going.

I guess Chicago was not planning on conceding the sweep. It’ll take a rare slugfest to win this game now.

Sox’s momentum carried into the 2nd, finally halted in the 3rd. Time to get some runs back.

I’m reduced to watching Game Day. How close was Marcus to getting a hit? It’s imperative to stop them in the 5th to have a chance

In my blog last night, that part about us having an excellent defense……I was just kidding. Bottom 6, now would be a good time………..

Well it WOULD have been a good time. Nothing to see here folks……..move it along.

A sac bunt called with a 4 run lead. I’m impressed. JL take note.

According to the Game Day strike zone, Casey was getting no help from the HP umpire. Lot of pressure for the kid and he comes through. Good job there Casey.

Again the offense has let us down. A 7 pitch inning for the Chicago starter in the 8th. Raburn is not an outfielder 3 bad plays in the last 2 days not to mention his hitting. We need a left fielder who can do both. Let’s hope we do well on the road trip as this game is a goner.

Well…………………that game(?) was over in a hurry! You’d think that after that great comeback on Sat. that they would have showed a LITTLE life. JEEZ Just don’t know which team is going to show up.

The time has come to deal Zach. He is not serving any purpose in our bullpen now. Maybe somebody else needs a 5th starter and we can pick up something (how about a left fielder) ?


If you asked me the other day if I would take 3 out of 4 this weekend I would of said hell ya. (and I still do). And it is not that they lost it is that they cannot hit at all. I think today they had 5 hits?? This Richard is not that good, and we are supposedly supposed to hit lefties well???? This isn’t even a good lefty yet. This team just cannot hit. And I wonder if Porcello’s shine is off so to speak??? The book is out on him and teams are really hitting him around quite a bit?? Might need to consider sending him down, he has done some great work, but not in quite a while.

It would have been an incredible achievement to sweep the Sox in four, so the outcome tonight isn’t surprising. Further, of the two teams, I think Chicago had the biggest advantage in the game being shifted to ESPN Sunday Night. If we could have caught them this afternoon, who knows? As it was, our kid Porcello had to go first and he obviously succumbed to the pressure. He had no legs and then failed to cover first on a DP that would have changed the complexion of the game. By the time their kid Richard took the mound, he had a fat 4-run lead to work with.
Our best chance tonight would have been to get the lefty out of the game so we could utilize Guillen and Thomas, as the Sox only have one lefty in their pen. Our hitters are far too impatient and this is a chronic problem. Richard threw 16 of 30 first pitch strikes, but this includes pitches that are swung at and missed or fouled off. Our guys sometimes work themselves into hitter’s counts but then start hacking away. A good team will just take the walks.
Individually, Raburn is getting far too much playing time, as I said yesterday. I understand that we’re stuck with him when lefties start, but he also played yesterday for no good reason. I’m not getting down on him, I’m just saying that JL is using him beyond his capabilities. I think I’d really rather see Thomas against the LHers. At least he knows how to take a walk. After all the talk of needing a LH bat, it’s actually a RH bat that we need.
The long awaited appearance of Casey Fien was a success. After he got settled in against Konerko, he was the strike throwing machine we expected.
The Texas series looms as a danger zone. We’ve beat the crap out of them so far but now they’ve got some better pitchers. Let’s hope we don’t blow all we’ve gained down in Arlington. Chicago has to go into Minnesota so there may still be ground to gain if we can get everybody to concentrate on their ABs and not throw them away.

GK, Porcello’s gonna be OK. He just fell behind too much today. Had they turned two on Thome’s ground ball in the first, that inning might have played out differently. Who do you suggest we start in Rick’s spot if he were sent down. Please don’t say Miner. I think you got to give the kid a few more starts before we think about a change.


Jim Leyland will never put Miner in the rotation so don’t even go there. I like Zach, but as long as JL is here, he’s excess baggage. Perhaps they can package him with somebody (Raburn?) and get someone, but I think these other clubs are wanting our young talent, what of it we have. I would bet money that DD made a fair try at Holliday but either the asking price was too high, they couldn’t get a reasonable assurance that Holliday wouldn’t walk at the end of the season, or both.

That game was jeopardized the moment Pods chopped his infield hit. Porcello was up high in the strike zone and even after his shaky start he wasn’t keeping the ball down.
GK is right about the offense. We may not be the Hitless Wonders” exactly but the bottom of our lineup is about as weak as any in baseball right now. I have stated the Inge is a drag on the team and then you have Laird and Everett.
I do believe Inge is very close to getting DL’d. When that happens I hope JL is not so dense as to think Raburn will fill in there for him. Raburn has serious defensive shortcomings that are not going away, no matter where you hide him on the field.
The Tigers have benefitted from good starting pitching. They can’t be obtuse enough to believe it will continue to be as good as it has been. What happens when Verlander and Jackson have their inevitable bad games? The offense can’t win when these guys keep the opposition down to 2 or 3 runs, they won’t be able to cope with having to get 5 or 6.
Guillen is here. One could say “great” or one could say “big deal”, but it is abundantly clear that he cannot provide enough stimulus to the lineup such as it is. They need a productive everyday outfielder. Even if management went out and got Doc the rotation would not be able to compensate for the poor offense.
I do think they need production from the 3rd base position too. Sad to say but Inge is struggling mightily and is becoming a relatively easy out again. Maybe this is a result of his knee(s) and maybe not, but the fact is they have enough ofensive holes (flaws) they are covering with Laird and Everett. They can’t afford another “hole” in the lineup.
I love Laird back there but it sure would be nice to see him start hiting a little better. Everett will finish the year under .230 so we need his “D” better to be abslutely superior here on out.
Fien looked good and in my mind really had a chance to make the bullpen out of spring training. I like him far better than Dolsi.
Porcello is gonna be a good pitcher for us real soon. Perhaps even this year. He is just too composed and too smart not to. Growing pains right now I guess.
I mentioned this is a career opportunity for Raburn—I think he is a likely candidate to be sent down and for management to look for a miracle bat to be called up, maybe Clevlen, who has realy been banging the ball around recently in Toledo.

Well I will go there thank you very much?? I would put Miner in the starting rotation, he is much better there than in the pen. All with the exception of the start here with Chicago in the beginning of the year when it ws 30 degrees out (I know I was there).
Don’t get me wrong I like Porcello, but I think that he has some things to work on and lets face it he hasn’t had good game in over a month. He is letting in nearly as many runs per game as Willis was. I am just saying that it may not be the best place for him to learn right now. And can we afford for him to not do well and “learn on the job”????
But yes even with Porcello’s poor start there is no reason in the world that they couldnt have mustered a more than 5 hits and 1 run. Again a lefty with an ERA coming into the day more than 5.00???? Tell me that they shouldnt have bee able to do something more than that.
I am also concerend about INGE. I think that his knees are really bothering his swing. You always here Rod talking about the swing and it comes from the foundation.??? But again who else is there?? Hessman is in Toledo, be he is hitting below 200 last time I checked??

I was on vacation in Grand Haven this weekend, so only got to see bits and pieces of the series, except for Sunday night, which I got to see in full, and of course it was a loss. I missed that initial play where Porcello doesn’t get to first in time. Am thinking that play is huge, considering after the first he settled down and the bullpen handled the rest. Marcus got robbed with that great catch in center – too bad, that too could have been a game changer.

But – after being tied for first on Thursday, doesn’t it feel good to be up 2 again? Great job winning the series. And I couldn’t be more pleased with Carlos producing – had me smiling big time and cheering at the bar where I caught the end of the game on Saturday. producing or not – you are my Tiger and as bummed as I am that I missed you in Toledo, I hope you can keep producing some clutch hits.

Thanks for clearing that up on Marcus’ line drive Tiger Girl. I had asked for an explanation on the blog last night but got no answer. Game Day said “lined out sharply to CF” and we had 2 on….game of inches. Maybe it’s because I especially root for Marcus, but it sure seems like he gets robbed more than his share of the time.
Trying to make game comments on the blog while “watching” Game Day is an exercise in futility (or stupidity). Kind of like writing a book report in high school without reading the book. But I’m sure no one here has ever stooped to that level of behavior:-)

I disagree I don’t think that Marcus was necessarily robbed. It was hit well, but it wasn’t as though the guy did back flips to get to it. I believe that most centerfielders get to that ball??

Good series taking 3 out of 4 against the much hated Sox, especially after the horrendous start to the 2nd half! This right handed lineup is anemic and there are way too many holes as mentioned in previous posts. As I see it, the needs are a SW/RHB LF with preferably leadoff capabilities and speed to move Grandy down in the lineup. Rayburn, Thames or Maggs are expendable. We need a 3B or utility infielder with a strong 3B on his resume, Inge has been hurting way too long (knees & bat). 4th or 5th Starter depending on GMan’s next outing, it’s time to send RP down to Toledo to work on some things and make him a Sept call up, he’s not fooling anyone the last 5-6 starts.

Fien is ready to stay up here in the bigs, Seay, Lyon and Rodney are the late relievers for now. Rangers are going to be tough at home and have revenge on their minds!!


GK, you know I’ve wanted Miner in the rotation for three years now and it’s to the point of being a sore spot with me. My post was an irritable response to the fact that Leyland will never do it, no matter how much we want it.
Marty, I’d assume that since the game wasn’t on MLB.TV, folks weren’t writing in-game comments. I watch most of them on TV myself. Thames smoked that one pretty good and the centerfielder got an excellent jump which allowed him to haul it in fairly easily, but still over his shoulder with his right hand (lefty). It was out near the track. It wasn’t our night.
Huskie, that’s quite the shopping list for a trade deadline. 🙂 Sounds like you’d want, say, Juan Pierre for the outfield. At 3B, I’d consider Jamey Carroll over in Cleveland if that became necessary. I don’t think we need either a starter or reliever. The pitchers we have are as good or better than anyone out there.

For the Love of the Game was on last night on AMC while the game was on – was flipping back and forth. I bet even you tough guys get teary watching that flick, love seeing the Tiger team portrayed in that movie. I have seen it a million times I think. At golf tonight I’ll probably say the line “clear the mechanism” a few times!

I still want a new manager. I am tired of watching the guy we have now. Hey, I was in Grand Haven on Sunday for a car show! Marcus hit it good, just not good enough. Posednik hadd it all the way. I have not read any comments on the ball hit to Miggs in the first inning. I think he should have thrown home. Anyway, we are in first place so let’s stay positive!
Go Tigers! –Dave

Rich, with 4 days to go that is wishful thinking. The urgent need is a RH bat that can play preferably LF and put the ball in play. If we can find a guy with speed who can lead off, that allows Grandy to bat 3rd or 5th where he belongs. If he can lead off and stretch a single into an extra base or swipe a few bases this season that’s even better.
The 3rd base need is only if Inge is on the DL for an extended period of time, because Santiago is not durable enough and Rayburn may be spent (sent via trade or down
to Toledo) and Guillen cannot throw. I’m with you on the Miner situation, give him an opportunity to start 4-5 games in a row. I’d send RP down to Toledo to prep for a Sept call up and rotate as needed French or Bonine, whoever proves he can hold down the fort for 6+innings. The right handed lineup is pathetic without .030 points more from Grandy, Polly and Mags which puts pressure on the bottom of the order.


I’ve wanted to move Granderson down in the order for months now, but a true leadoff hitter is needed. At this point, I’d even accept Thomas.
I think they should just trade Miner for his own good. Most managers play favorites and Leyland is no exception, i.e. Miner bad, Raburn good. I’ll just bet that Zach would go into the rotation of nearly any club he was traded to.
A trade will be made this week. I’m just worried that most of the hitters seem to be in the NL and I’m not sure they can hit over here in this league. Cody Ross, for example, does not excite me.

I thought it was plain stupid of JL putting Rick up for another ESPN game – the Wednesday game against NY ranked similar to last night. It came right when his confidence is down, unlike his pitching.
Porcello is now up to 97IP – no way he stays in the rotation to the end.
I have caught Dan’s ‘stupid’ disease but it would be if we go for more pitching help – we can’t afford the guys anyway that would be needed to protect 6-7 hit; 1-3 run games.
The offense is limp – with clutch hitting plain ugly. Thames probably should be in at 2 or 7 – he simply can’t hit runners in – RISP of .205 for 2009 following his .208 for 2008.
Inge’s at bats last night were embarrassing and summed up the lack of plate discipline amongst the hitters.
I would play Carlos everyday – his at bats against lefties would be a darn side better than Curtis who is missing .188 against lefties.
Raburn’s recent slump has lost all confidence in the field – he would have topped it off if the drop kick made the crowd last night.
Regardless of form, Maggs will get limited playing time to save $30m.
We desperately need an outfielder, preferably right hand at bat and another in field bat to cover Inge, Everett and Laird becoming sub 250 hitters.

What worries me is tonights game. For starters it is a pitcher that we have never seen. Secondly he in his last three starts which spans 17.1 innings against Boston, Tampa and Seattle he has allowed only 11 hits and 2 earned runs. Two of those teams are pretty good hitting teams who put the beat down on a lot of pitchers. Tigers are a light hitting team who get very few hits. Doesn’t seem to bode well for the evening. So again the only chance we have is if Galarraga can pitch hit two hit shut out through 7 innings. (Oh wait he did that last week and the Tigers still lost. BECAUSE THEY CANNOT HIT!!!!

That IS funny GK. Well maybe we can “hope and dream” in getting lucky and bringing this young Texas pitcher back down to earth…….Maybe.

Carlos has to play everyday batting behind Miggs. Hopefully that will help Miggs who is getting on base whenever it doesn’t count.
Thames can pinch hit or and get some playing time with Raburn in LF. These two are definitely on borrowed time.

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