Tigers aren't looking at Bradley

The Cubs might like to find a new home for Milton Bradley, but it won’t be Detroit.

rumor of Tigers interest in the gifted but much-maligned outfielder
began with a Twitter from White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone, then
picked up steam quickly with a report from a Chicago web site.

was news to the Tigers. A source with knowledge of the team’s plans
said Bradley’s name hasn’t come up in organizational discussions all
year. For a team that has been searching far and wide for offensive
help, that speaks volumes.

The reasons are numerous. Though
the Tigers lost out on Matt Holliday, there remain several outfield/DH
types on the market with better numbers and contracts than Bradley, who
entered Saturday batting .242 with six home runs and 22 RBIs and is
under contract through 2011 with $21 million over the next two years.
Even with money kicked in, it would still be a big commitment for a
player who would probably be a full-time DH again in the American

While manager Jim Leyland has a reputation for working
well with players who have been labeled as difficult, he does not like
issues that distract from the team. And Bradley, justifiably or not,
would have the potential to be a major distraction.

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