Leyland: Glaus isn't on Tigers radar

Jim Leyland dismissed speculation about any
interest in Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus, who is expected to hit
the trade block once he’s ready to return from his Minor League rehab
stint with Matt Holliday.

“With all due respect to Troy Glaus,
his name has never been mentioned here, to my knowledge,” Leyland said
Saturday afternoon. “Hopefully we can nip that right in the bud.”

Tigers are believed to be looking outside the usual outfield/DH types
in their search for their bat, but it would be easier for them to slot
in a corner outfield and allow Carlos Guillen to spend at least some
time at DH, even after his shoulder allows him to play the outfield

Foxsports.com reported late Friday night that at least
four teams, including the Tigers, were expected to have a scout watch
Glaus this weekend during his rehab assignment for Double-A Springfield. Problem is, according to the report, he can’t throw further than 90 feet, which essentially would make him a full-time DH.

not above making a trade, believe me,” Leyland said. “But it’s just
when it’s probably something like that, it’s a little more toward the
ridiculous side than the realistic side.”


Arrggghhh. I sure wish the Tigers could go out and just get a solid, good fielding experienced left-fielder. They keep thinking they can make one and they keep having problems at that position-year after year after yea. Raburn misjudging balls is not uncommon. Today it cost them 2 runs and 2 outs. You can’ make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.
Holliday would have looked excellent out there.
Inge is going to put a drag on the team playing injured. JL will go with him until his leg falls off but IO the Tigers can ill aford another offensive hole in the lineup. Larish is not the answer. He is another sows ear.

Typical Tigers – Jackson can’t count on them at all to get more than a couple of hits and runs. He is probably begging to get traded out of here. GET SOME HITS – GET SOME RUNS

I like Matt Holliday and he would have been a very useful addition to the Tigers’ lineup. However, I believe the A’s may have gotten the better of that trade. The Cardinals gave up some quailty minor leaguers to get him. Of course, maybe the key word is minor leaguers. None of us know how those guys will perform in the majors. We do know how Matt Holliday performs.


Don’t hit anything toward Ramirez with men on.
MCab must have had his pitch but those 1st pitch DPs are a real momentum killer.

I suggest if we are able to get a leadoff guy on that we simply bunt the baseball. Especiall with the weak hiters we have due up this inning.
Raburn’s misjudgement is looking pretty critical right now.

Granderson up here is s major decision time for JL. The chances he can hit Thronton are not good. But how do you take out a guy like Curtis in the late innings?
Would not be surprised to see Ordonez come up here.

He’s still in–he could bunt

Perry looks better this time round.
Well 8th inning and now we see what our core guys are made of. It won’t be easy and JL might have to be creative because it doesn’t feel like we are going to be treated with the long ball today.

I can’t see the game but Dickerson and Price indicated that Raburn played that liner the only way he could. If we’re even talking about the same play. I’m flying totally blind here. At any rate, Raburn is getting too much PT. Just because he had a couple of big days against Floyd TWO years ago doesn’t mean anything in 2009.
Looking at the post-ASG scores, one could make a case that we should have won every single game, all nine of them.

Good to hear that Perry looks better this time around. I am not able to see the game.

MCab walks but Dotel looks pretty tough to me. Not sure why OG is taking him out to pitch to Carlos. But a strorybook clutch HR here would sure look sweet.
Next inning doesn’t look very promising with the bottom of the order coming up and not looking particularly dangerous

Oh well, one has the right to hope and dream.

I didn’t think Laird had a chance of throwing Podsednik out. NICE. Even if Jenks has been horrible lately, well our hitters will make him look like the second coming of Cy Young. Another really strong 6 hit attack by the Tigers. Now please make me look stupid and go ahead and rally.

Wonder if Marcus will be given a chance to do some damage next inning?
Podsednick and Pierzynski real always sem to hurt the Tigers.

Well-there’s the breaks–now take advantage

Surprised they are leaving Ramon in

Crap. That perpetual lousy AB with man on 3rd and less than 2 out. We just can’t get away from that stuff.

Wow, that was unexpected for Curtis to come through with a 0-2 base hit. Ironic that if we had Anderson still he probably would have run for Marcus.
Must say-the team deserves to win this one.
Not a big fan of Rodney coming in here. but not to complain.

Advatage Detroit. 3-4-5 hitters coming up and Ordonez still on the bench.
It would be a pretty impressive win if they can pull it off and a realy nice day for those fans.

Storbook after all.
Thank you Clete Thomas–and we did get some breaks for a change, seeing eye hits really saved the day.

Didn’t think that there was a rats chance in hell they could do it. SOOOOOO glad I am wrong!!! I love me some Carlos.

Wow what a win – this series is becoming the defining moment in our battle for pennant.
I am sure now Miggs just needed his ‘big brother’ Maggs or Carlos on the team and also performing. Easy to forget he is just 26 and still a kid.

Absolutely one of the sweetest wins this year.

I don’t have time to watch all of it, but I’m going to view selected parts of the game here in a minute.
Jenks has blown two saves this week, and believe it or not, that’s the 2nd BS in a row to the Tigers. Remember Granderson’s homer in Chicago?
I’m glad the fans are getting to have some fun now. It’s been hard on a number of people, all these close losses. Four runs is indeed the key to winning with pitching and defense.

SO Far.. I hope this gives Ozzie the runs, or ulcers!…he didn’t seem to be enjoying seeing his guys unable to come thru with go ahead runs… just like we had, hard luck, just before this ChiSox series!

I do feel bad for Edwin.. he pitches so well, you would think him to be a 12 -2 pitcher so far.

Oops!.. forgot to add, One more day, lets go TIGERS!.. Lets cross our fingers for a 4 game sweep.

I hope the ESPN coverage don’t jinx them tomorrow night.. Guillens coming back might have sparked something, and hope it is the cohesivness to bring them together, and get the ball rolling this second half.

For all the talk about what a homefield advantage the Twins have, our Tigers have done even better with a 31-15 mark. Twinkies are only 8 games above .500 at home. Don’t want to be greedy but now that we have 3, let’s get one more. Go Tigers!!!


Just finished looking at some of the game.
On the liner out to Raburn, yes, I think he took a bad route. I’m not sure a good route would have got him there, however, because that ball was really whistled. I think he misread how hard it was hit, but I don’t know that any of our other leftfielders would have had it.
Mark Grace kept referring to Rodney’s changeup as a split-finger. I don’t think it’s a splitter, but it’s not exactly a changeup either. I think the pitch needs it’s own name. My choice is “Fernando’s Hideway.” You have to be up there in years to remember the song of the same name, but FSN could put together a montage of hitters swinging and missing while the song plays in the background. Christy Mathewson had the fadeway, Rodney’s got the hideaway.
Finally, in the 10th, Grace thought it was a bunting situation for Guillen. Normally I would agree. But while Mark thought it was an AL strategy not to bunt, we know of the trouble the Tigers have had with a runner on 3rd with less than two out and, with Raburn and Everett coming up, I’d have had Carlos swing away too. I thought that at the time as I listened to the game.

Actually, the song title is Hernando’s Hideaway, but let’s not let a tiny letter stand in the way of a good schtick.

Haven’t commented for a while. I still believe pitching and defense can win this division. Of course, I guess we can’t overlook the obvious in that you have to score runs too. This past week of games since the AS break has been heartbreaking. Is our hitting really that awful? It has to be better than that.
This team needs to come out of its hitting funk, and may be on the verge. Carlos Guillen may indeed be the complimentary bat needed to infuse some confidence in this struggling offense. Bold move, almost desperate, to rush him back onto this team. Anderson with all his speed was hurting the team, and I don’t mean to be cold about it. He just wasn’t hitting. It was the right move sending him down, and if they lose him, so be it.
We still have 3 very good outfield defenders with speed in Curtis, Clete and Ryan. Plus now we have 3 very good bats in Marcus, Carlos, and Magglio who can DH, pinch hit and play some (serviceable) outfield. Carlos’ presence alone may instill some confidence in Miggs. And I’d bet Placido’s spirits are lifted having Carlos back. I would guess these two guys are fairly close, having played together as Tigers for about as long as anyone.
Carlos is not the pure power hitter some are looking for, but he will drive the ball, and will surprise with power often enough. He, along with Placido, will give you a very good AB, especially in clutch situations. Clete seems to have this same ability. He has been impressive lately, showing plate discipline and a nice swing.
We still have just about the best starting pitching in baseball, an improving BP (and the possible addition of Jeremy), and an excellent defense. I’d be very careful about making any trades at this time. Trade speculation and hope can be intriguing, and are fun to speculate on, but I wonder how many “truly available” players are out there who would be real upgrades to the roster we already have. Wouldn’t want to give up any of the Tigers’ future in the hope that one player will be able to put us over the hump this year.
We are 96 games into the season with 66 games remaining, well over half way, and despite key injuries and adversities, we have a 3 game lead in our division. If we can get to the playoffs with this pitching staff remaining healthy, we have a chance.

Just a few days ago a lot of us (myself included) were moaning about the offense of this team. Funny thing about this game that winning 3 straight against your division rival will renew one’s optimism. Marty, I agree. With Verlander and Jackson pitching like we’ve seen, this team would be very hard to beat in a short playoff series. That is, of course, if we could score some runs off the opponents’ best starter. As Rich has stated, 4 runs for Justin or EJ is pretty much like money in the bank. The question remains whether we will have enough offense to get us there. Maybe Carlos is the answer–I guess time will tell but the lineup sure looks a lot better with his name in it.


Ladies and Gentlemen:
Permission to come back on board. I waved that white flag of surrender, and lo and behold, a team is born. It has a pulse, a heart beat, and some pizzazz that had gone away. I’m just going to sit back and ride this ship to the end. The one thing I’ve always loved about this game of baseball, is that the little boy in grown men never goes away. For those of us never blessed with the exceptional talent to play with the big boys, it’s always a joy to see the excitement of a comeback victory, especially when it’s the Tigers against the Sox. Grinning from ear to ear in Vinton, Va.

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