Reliever swap

By now, you probably know that Freddy Dolsi was optioned to Toledo between games to make room for Eddie Bonine, who was called up to start the nightcap of the doubleheader. Bonine was optioned back to Toledo after the game as planned. Casey Fien, who was closing in Toledo, is coming back up.

Fien got off to a rough start with the Mud Hens this season, but did a very good job of learning on the job and not only throwing strikes, but locating them. He’s 2-1 with a 3.61 ERA and 51 strikeouts over 47 innings for the year. In his last 10 games, however, he allowed just two earned runs on seven hits over 15 1/3 innings, walking three and fanning 19.

By rule, Dolsi has to stay down for 10 days before he can be recalled, unless he’s replacing an injured player. In this case, though, I’m not sure it’s going to matter. If Fien pitches to his capabilities, he could be a useful extra reliever in Detroit.


I am really glad for Eddie that he had a good day – shame the Dye at bat cost him a win. Thanks Jason for your earlier article on Eddie, made the day with the two wins all the more special.
Pleased Fien is being given a shot. Dolsi is unlucky to go down, but nice to know he is available. When Rodney is on like today, our bullpen really looks solid and dependable. Seay seems to be going through one of his rare off patches and JL has the luxury of dropping him back to early relief like he did today. The 2HR’s the past week were his first for the season with his other 7 ER’s for the season all given up in May.
JL is back to managing positively so far this series – he seems to go through these short proactive bursts forcing field plays.
Sure nice to have Carlos back, even if he is the banged up old model with only one good shoulder. I had hoped the problem with Migg’s inability to clutch hit since May (now 4 for 38 or .105) was him trying too hard in leading the offense with Maggs and Carlos not contributing.

I like this move bringing up Guillen (sooner than later) and Fien for at least the last 7days prior to the trade deadline. It appears that DD is looking hard at what he really has from an existing LHB and short reliever on the payroll. Something is in the works on the tradefront, but we aren’t showcasing the guys that seem to be out of favor with JL or have lessened their productivity (Miner & Maggs). Our usual NL trade partners (Rockies, Astros, Marlins, Brewers and Cubs) are now in the thick of their own respective division races and looking to shore up their rosters. That leaves the Pads, Pirates, Nats and Bravos from the NL and the A’s and O’s from the AL to try to trade some horses. The cupboard is not bare, but of the Tigs send away too many prospects for a short-term fix, then the pipeline dries up considerably. I’m hoping the Venezuala trio gets cranking over the next 5-6 days and DD has some good decisions to make. Any thoughts?


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