Bonderman headed for bullpen

The Tigers are looking at a late-season piece to bolster their bullpen. Turns out it’s Jeremy Bonderman.

It wasn’t long ago that Bonderman’s shoulder problems created serious doubts whether he could pitch again this season in the Tigers rotation. But the last few weeks, his progress has come quickly. He threw another mound session Thursday, his third, and he has another one scheduled for Saturday. No word yet on what the next step would be, but a rehab stint certainly doesn’t seem far off.

“There’s a possibility,” president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said. “And I think the possibility is more out of the bullpen than starting.”

It isn’t a permanent move, but it would be for the rest of the season. The idea, Bonderman said, would be to limit him to around 35 pitches. When Bonderman was out on his rehab assignment in May, it was when he began extending his pitch limits during his starts that his shoulder started feeling sore again.

Bonderman’s fine with that. He said he’s willing to do whatever to help the team. It’s also clear that he badly wants to pitch again as soon as possible.

The Tigers are also sounding an upbeat tone on Joel Zumaya, who is seeing how his arm responds after cortisone shots Monday in his ailing shoulder.

“If you asked today, they think he’ll be able to pitch relatively soon,” Dombrowski said.

Add those two situations together, and it looks like the Tigers will have bullpen help without turning to the trade market. Dombrowski didn’t erase the possibility of adding a reliever, but he also didn’t make it sound like a pressing need.


I don’t have real hopes for Zumaya, but Bonderman yes.
Anyway, we’re due to win some now after having our weeklong funk. Maybe we can catch the Sox with no-hitter hangover.

hopefully it is a weekend hangover. Oh my god was that a sac fly that I just saw?? And now an error to let AJ on

And that is what this team is really good at GROUNDING INTO DOUBLE PLAYS. As soon as he hit Inge I said here we go, now ground into that double play

Raburn steals? JL is pulling out the stops here.

GIDP. I would have believed that JL had turned the page if he had Laird bunting. I realize that AE was coming up but staying out of the DP was the important thing.

I hope he’s smart and throws verlander in the 9th, get him the complete game and save rodney for tonight if needed!

uh oh.. you can take him out now. I think it was right move though to leave him in for first 2 batters.

Thats a gem
Take that non believers

Crap two singles for Justin – why can’t this ever be easy???

There is no way you let him go out for the ninth.

whew.. that was a huge win..
What an outing by verlander.. it didn’t look like he’d make it through 7 after the first few innings and he ends up pitching complete game with 0 ER. Made it interesting in the 9th though.
Finally got some hitting with men on base and in scoring position. Hope there is some carry over to tonight.. Not expecting much though with Bonine on mound.

Maybe the tigers should try alternating sending down Clete and Don Kelly.. they both seem to hit like crazy for a week and then go in the crapper. Maybe they can ride the initial hot streak week after week and keep sending one down and bringing up the other lol.
one good thing, dotel will not be able to go tonight after throwing 30+ pitches.
you absolutely put JV out there for 9th every time with a 4 run lead when he’s allowed 3 hits through 8. Maybe you don’t leave him in after the first 2 guys reach but it worked out today.

I think what almost screwed up JV was the fact that he had to sit so long in the 8th. I am glad that the offense did something in the 8th that is not what I mean, I just mean that it may have been a little easier in the 9th for him hadn’t he sat so long in the eigth. Way to go Justin, you are the man.

Mr. Verlander, not only did you make Tiger Fans proud, but you surely made all of us Virginians proud of you today. Absolutely great sign of maturing not only as a pitcher, but as an overall person too. Speak a few words of wisdom to Bonine , and hopefully it leads to a sweep of those dreaded Sox.


I know the players and coaching staff wouldn’t agree with me, but that was our first must-win of the season. You can’t let them beat Verlander then put all the pressure on the kid in game two. We got some luck for a change, fought around a very strange strike zone and, praise be, played the kind of baseball we should always play. JL, where has that stuff been? Tip of the cap to you, sir, finally.
I remember early this season when there was a discussion over whether Verlander was an ace. That question has been answered several times. BTW, I send him out for the 9th too. GK, you’re right on about the long bottom of the 8th. I think JL got caught a little short, though, by not having someone ready. I don’t think he really wanted Verlander to have to get out of his own jam. Well, doubleplays can also be your friend.
Here’s just a little funny story for you all. I usually watch on the Extra Innings package, but today only the Chicago feed was in high def. I’m totally spoiled, so I wanted that HD but didn’t want to sit through an afternoon with Hawk. I fired up the laptop, brought up the Detroit feed on MLB.TV, then hooked up the stereo for the sound. I had to mess around with the pause button a little to get it in sync, but then settled in with Chicago’s HD picture along with Rod and Mario on the sound. Now if there was only some way to pick up tomorrow’s hijacked and blacked out Fox broadcast…………….

great win for the tigers today this is the type of ball they need to play good hardnose bb

What is the reason for sending him back out there?

Small ball did the trick along with a superb effort by Verlander.

I missed te game but was very happy to se Verlander prevailed against a very difficult group of hitters..
Meat & Potatoes are more suited to Detroiters and leave the Hope & Dream for New York and Hollywood.
How did Carlos do? My opinion on this is please don’t try to buffalo the Tiger fan base. Carlos has always hit well but I hope they don’t try to pawn him off as the much needed power LHB. Carlos is older, more inury challenged and to be honest, vever hit with much power. I hope (I said it) he does well but he will not provide the impact bat that will be needed to make this an intimidating lineup.
This may be heresy in Detroit but when you talk about trade value I think the time might be opportune for a guy like Inge. He is slipping, prone to hollow periods of production laced with strikeouts and, egads, is getting older. His numbers this year and his all star selection will make him as valuable as he will ever be. I like Inge, I like him a lot, but these are the times of vision and proactivity that I have talked about before. Wait too long and the bell curve descends into diminished value territory and a potential albatross. I don’t want to see him go, especially right now, but if someone offers a deal you can’t refuse—-don’t refuse it. Actually, I see Brandon going on the disabled list soon.
Be nice to see Bonine do the job tonight. Somehow I think that is pretty optimistic thinking and wonder how he keeps getting the call up from Toledo based on how hard he has been hammered here in the bigs.
I really liked Curtis’ first pitch fastball hitting yesterday. I think he needs to do that more often. And bunt too!

The reason for sending him back out there? Well, he was cruising along without difficulty, his pitch count was in order, you need to save the bullpen for the 2nd game with the kid starting, and he’s arguably the best pitcher on the team. Plus you never know what you’ll get when you bring in a new pitcher, sort of like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. Seems to me the question would be why you would not send him back out there?

*The Tigers are also sounding an upbeat tone on Joel Zumaya, who is seeing how his arm responds after cortisone shots Monday in his ailing shoulder.
“If you asked today, they think he’ll be able to pitch relatively soon,” Dombrowski said.*

You have got to be kidding DD!!! He hasn’t pitched in what, 2 or 3 YEARS!!! What have you (DD) been smoking?

Didn’t watch the 1st. game – maybe if they win 10-12 straight.

Call up Pineapple, at least he can call a game and catch the ball

The trouble with Sardinha is that he does not help to solve the offensive problem but fits right in with the current weakness. Ryan can hit and will hit you a long bomb every now and then. I believe Sardinha is overrated defensively.
Bonine’s WHIP is just too dangerous to get by on. They should be extremely satisfied with getting 6 out of him.
Wow–Carlos hits a HR. Maybe the H&D philosophy will work

The Cards stole Holliday from the A’s. .
That will be a pretty potent 1-2 punch there in St. Louis now. That will really help to solidfy their lineup.

Uh-Oh. Seay is looking vincible (sic)

Uh-Huh. Seay is looking invincible.

Interesting–what will Carlos do?

Didn’t like the Raburn move and figured Laird shoudl have hit for Thomas—what do I know.
Who’s’ coming in? The Good Rodney or the Bad Rodney.

the other reason for sending him back out there is that Rodney was the only pitcher warmed up because it was going to be a save situation but when we scored it wasn’t. I would have personally sent him back out even with just the 3 run lead but they probably would have let rodney go in for his save.. so if they had brought rodney in and he threw 30 pitches he wouldn’t be available tonight. and what do you know we need him for a 1 run save tonight..


Just got back from the game tonight! Wow didn’t think that they were going to pull it out. Boy they were hitting Bonine hard, but he got himself in and out of a lot of trouble. And by the way no one in the park thought that he didn’t strike out Jermaine Dye and seeing the replay and looking at the gameday, well he struck him out. Thought Seay was going to have a hard time, but he did it and Lyon and Rodney were great. Nice to see Guillen back, and Magglio had that big double. And what can you say about CLETE. Great day. Hopefully they can support Jacksons effort (which will be great) on Saturday. GO TIGERS.

Not too many better days than that here in Tigerland. It’s a streaky team, has been all year. Down periods have been followed by up periods. At this point, our main competition are 3 over .500 and at .500. One thing today accomplished was that the race will grind on with us in it.
Lots of heroes today. Polanco had a big day. We played solid defense. The bullpen tonight threw three scoreless innings after Seay threw a scare into me, coming on the heels of two less than stellar outings. Lyon right now is the best reliever out there, so I like him in the 8th, right where he is. Is it possible that Rodney’s changeup is getting even better?
Bonine can’t get enough credit for his start. Good job, Eddie, you did it buddy.
Having Guillen back gives the lineup a totally different feel. I didn’t like that Raburn had to PH for him in the 8th, but I saw that coming when JL started Thames in left. I was shocked that Maggs hit 3rd tonight, but he did get a gi-mongus double in the 8th. I also noted at the time that Thomas replacing Thames in left at that point may come back to bite us and it nearly did. The thing with Clete is that he usually turns in a good AB, especially in big situations. The other two who always give you a good AB are Polanco and Guillen.
Thames scoring on that single reminded me of last weekend in NY when I wanted him to tag and go on that short fly to Damon. The ball came loose from the catcher, we pushed it and made something happen tonight.
I don’t know what Ozzie was on about, but the air on that side of the field turned absolutely blue. He always manages to put the spotlight on himself. Personally, I think he needs to go sit down somewhere.
Jackson tomorrow, let’s do this thing.

Bonderman coming on in relief in Sept/Oct could be a blessing if he’s strong over 1-2 innings or 35 pitches. Perry was unusually strong in his last relief appearance, more like the Perry from Spring Training. Let’s hope that is a sign of maturity. Zoom should be held down in Toledo until he gets his “head” together along with his control and approach, he’s a head case. Lyon looks better every appearance. From the LHS, Seay should come back to form more often than not and Ni is only good for 2-3 batters or an inning. Rodney is Jekyl or I mean Hyde, depending on the day. Let’s hope the starter’s continue to work into the later innings and produce more quality starts! Go TIGS!


Time for Tigers to pull the trigger…get Duke and Clement from Pirates!!! Striebly, Perry and Thames go the other way. We need a backup catcher(bonus lefty with power) and a starter with some seasoning. Striebly not going to beat out Cabby, full pen and Thames will give them something for now and unclog our OF.

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