Inge back in lineup

UPDATE: Game is starting at 1:30.

As for the lineup, Brandon Inge is back in, playing third and batting seventh. Dusty Ryan gets his first start since the All-Star break, batting eighth. Given the Tigers’ offensive struggles, one wonders if he might get more occasional starts to put a power bat in the lineup, except that Laird is so valuable for the pitching staff.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Ordonez, RF
  6. Raburn, LF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Ryan, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Luke French


  1. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  2. Russell Branyan, 1B
  3. Jose Lopez, 2B
  4. Mike Sweeney, DH
  5. Wladimir Balentien, LF
  6. Ryan Langerhans, CF
  7. Rob Johnson, C
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  9. Ronny Cedeno, SS

P: Jarrod Washburn


I see Sweeney is back so no Shelton. Maybe they could at least have him PH today?
I don’t think we can get a bat at the deadline and even if we did, I’m not sure how much help that would be. Perhaps someone like Pierre to lead off and move Granderson lower in the order.
What I’d like to see is Leyland managing games with the club he has, not the one he wishes he had. Waiting around for these guys to score in bunches is not going to do. I’m not talking putting runners in motion, I’m talking bunt. We did some creative things earlier this year that worked, then went back to the old tried but not true style of managing. It would seem that our manager is not a good match for the personnel we have. You can’t turn these hitters into Babe Ruth but you can do strategic things to squeeze out some runs here and there. The way we’re pitching, we don’t need many. Four is a good number. When Raburn got on last night, Laird should have bunted him up. That would bring up Santiago and I guarantee you that Razor would hit better in a situation rather than always with no one on base. It’s never too early to get things going.
That brings me to Anderson. He’s become a black hole in the lineup. Now before people start laughing and saying we all wanted Anderson to play everyday early this year, let me say that I thought he’d be bunting a lot and utilizing his speed. He never bunts. Never. Hitting him sixth yesterday was foolish.
JL, Bonds and Sheffield aren’t here. Are you able to change your style?

This has been a strange year. When we getting hitting our pitching in general seems to be spotty. When we get fantastic pitching they can’t hit??? What gives???? This is getting old real fast. Pretty soon these pitchers are going to be burnt out. Even last night the post game Galarraga said something about more hitting??? Not sure he should of said that but the fact remains they are talking about it too.

Also just heard EJ on Rome and he was asked about the paucity of hitting. Kind of laughed and said it was something he was used to (at Tampa and LA) and couldn’t do alot about. Said all the guys were trying. Thought hitting was kind of streaky and that once the guys come around we’ll all be forgetting these days. Said the right things I suppose. But after 80+ games we are what we are … All field, no hit. If JL is expecting different results from this line-up I think he needs to re-read the cliche about the definition of insanity.

Again nobody can get a big hit. Why should we even be shocked any longer. Oh boy he hit him good.

Boy these .200 hitters on this team are lethal??? Why can’t our hitters do that???

This is going to be a very very long game. Appearently this isn’t the Washburn we are used to seeing. Not feeling this one guys, hate to say it but I seeing a lot of impatients in this game.

I guess I am an idiot. Can anyone explain to me why the run last night (Ichiro) was charged to Galarraga last night? Technically that runner was Seays since he pitched to him an allowed him on base???

Mr. French. Welcome to the “pitch a nice game but get no run support” club. I’d like to introduce you to Mssrs. Verlander, Jackson and our newest member Mr. Galarraga.

We tend to meet once a week to rehearse what to say to the media that is politically correct but still acknowledging that a key part of the team is simply not performing.

We’ll show you the secret handshake later.

Me thinks Lucas has given up one run too many today. Cy Washburn.

And we are sunk. CWS just hit a grand slam. Rod said these guys will get some runs on Washburn. I say fat chance.

July 23, 2009 – a day of reckoning. With a Tiger loss and a White Sox win, there will be a tie for first place. And guess who is coming to town? With their past history against the Sox, the Tigers could easily get swept. They have virtually no offense while the Sox offense has come back after an early season slump. The Tigers cannot expect every starting pitcher to throw a shut out. Sorry I am so pessimistic but what have I got to depend on?

Come get him Jim.

Boy this is frustrating. Two freaking hits in this whole game. And how many did they have last night maybe 6 or 7???? This team is horrible and I hope that they pull this out but they should be terribly embarrassed about their play since the all star break.

If they are going to get any runs on Cy Washburn they better burn rubber. They are quickly losing opportunities.

Buerhle has a perfect game going into the seventh. Terrific.

sklant.. technically the runner was still galaragga’s.. seay did not “allow” him on base.. he got an out.. why should the run be charged to seay for getting an out? Under your scenario seay could come in, get the lead runner in a force out, give up a triple and allow an earned run having only given up a triple and nothing else.. that’s just not possible.

It’s a sorry state of affair when you feel you are out of it when you are down by 2 runs. I thought last years offense was bad but this one has them beat. My goodness, show a little life. We’ve seen Oakland come back from 9 or 10 down to the Twins–we look like we just want to go home!


2 pinch hitters, 2 strikeouts looking – that is terrible. Not that it is those guys fault for the team’s poor production, but you can’t get a pinch hit if you don’t swing the bat.

OK – while I was posting, we get a 3 bagger from Grandy – love you Grandy. come on Polly, bring him home and tie up this game.

what are they thinking pulling washburn just 93 pitches in? Their bullpen promptly walks the leadoff guy.. that’s a tigers move!

Wow, 5 out 6 well pitched games from the starters, JV, EJ, GMan & Frenchy (2x) and the win we snag is a slugfest with RP on the hill. Tigers must lead the league for striking out and stranding runners with less than 2 outs? Toledo is dry and the trade market is thin for position players w/out hefty contracts or in their last year. I’d have to say everyone is expendable except Grandy, Inge, Clete and Laird along with JV, EJ and Porcello. This is gonna be a LONG second half of ulcers and draggin on heaters for JL, maybe that’s why DD got him locked in past 2009?


I’d like to know the percent of games won by all MLB teams when allowing exactly 2 runs… It’s gotta be somewhere in the 75 percent range and yet we’ve likely managed to lose 4 in a row.

Well that last pitch to Ramon wasn’t a strike it was a ball?? Ramon may not have gotten on base anway, but the ump blew that strikeout call.

Oh, brother. What are the odds that they would lose another 2-1 game? Is Guillen really coming back for the weekend? That will be a lot of pressure on him to “save” the offense. If he does not come back until next week, is that a fair amount of time to know if he will be able to help?
July 31 is only a week away but it looks more and more like nothing will happen.

Opposition 2 : Tigers 1.
Sounds like the name of the summers most recent top 40 song.
I disagreaa about not getting a bat for this lineup and contend that it is an imperative. This club will not hit the way it is comprised right now and needs an infusion of offense and energy. It may be true that 1 bat won’t do it but it is a start. Without it the team is destined to lose and worse, to demoralize their pitching staff (and fans).

Bottom of 9:
Ground Out

What’as about to happen now is that the thumpers that Mr. I pays big dollars for are going to be coming in and they are going tobe expected to do what Mr. I. is paying them the big dolars to do. No solo homers in 10-2 blow outs or in the 4th inning. Game on the line. Right here. Right now.

One thumper down.

Two thumpers down.

Wouldn’t you know foul homerun by Marcus then a popout. This is why Marcus is and has never been an everyday player. Magglio hit that last ball well, any other year that falls in this year it is caught. I HATE THIS.

Three thumpers down.

Good night now.

Well, needless to say, this feels like rock bottom here. Sweet mother of god. A lineup like this produces 3 hits. What did they have yesterday 3 hits also? 6 hits in approx. 60 at bats. A smooth .100 batting average. Nice.

Not sure JL is supposed to do now. But clearly Mags is not going to earn his dough this season with this sort of thing. If I’m Mr. I. and I can save some dough, I might be inclined to either package him up or give him an outright release. Same with Josh.

Seatle’s bottom five hitters are batting .241 or less. Four of those 5 had hits today. The Tigers as a team had 3 hits. This is the 4th year with JL and every year the team has collapsed in the second half. Sure they got lucky in ’06 with the play-offs but faded away in the WS. I really think this team needs a shake-up. Maybe it won’t produce a champion but at least there might be something to cheer about. The chemistry just isn’t there.

Well I was 1 for 3. Better average than our offense.
Nero is still fiddling in the executive clubhouse while Caesar is crossing the Rubicon in the dugout.
Verlander and Jackson will have to throw shutouts vs the ChiSox but I’m not sure if that will be enough to win.

That’s four 2-1 losses in 6 games. If you take out the 9 run game the other day that’s only 7 runs in 5 games. That’s about as bad as it gets offensively. The fact that our pitching has been so good makes it even more frustrating since we could have swept both of these series.

Is McClendon the problem? Maybe they need a new perspective on things. I hate to blame him since these guys are all pros and should know how to hit but something isn’t right at the moment.

actually it’s 4 in the last 5 games.
I wouldn’t mind seeing lloyd go.. i don’t really see anyone he has helped besides maybe MAYBE inge.. though he’s hitting just .260, that’s not that far above his career average.
the problem is you don’t just find a guy on the street to replace him at this point in the season. but it could have a psychological effect.

Buerhle threw a perfect game!!!??? would have been nice to know while it was in progress.
Good thing we missed him, he might have went 30 up 30 down against our offense!

Tigers team batting statistics – American League (14 teams)
Runs – 11th
Hits – 14th
Doubles – 14th
Triples – 4th
Homeruns – 6th
Total Bases – 11th
RBI’s – 10th
Batting Avg. – 11th
OBP – 10th
SLG – 9th
OPS – 11th
Strikeouts – 11th worst
Walks – 10th
Stolen bases – 14th
Caught Stealing – 7th
SB% – 13th
Sac Hits – 2nd
Sac Flys – 13th
Ground into Double Plays – 1st (meaning the most)
Extra base hits – 13th (and I mean the least)
No wonder why they can’t win Huh?? It is amazing they are in first – well tied for first.

Just to clarify, I didn’t say they shouldn’t make a trade, I said I didn’t think it would happen and if it did, it probably wouldn’t help. Much.
But along those lines, they need to call off Guillen’s rehab and get his butt up here for this weekend. Maybe that won’t help either, but something, anything, needs to change. At least the Sox will have to think about pitching to him. At least make Ozzie pull his old trick of bringing in a lefty everytime Carlos comes up, thus using up a pitcher.
So Buehrle gets the perfecto, the Sox pull into a virtual tie for first, and they’re coming to Comerica where they always do well. Could they possibly have any MORE confidence? Could we have any LESS? We’ll be lucky to get a split.
If this turns into the 4th consecutive year that we fade in the second half, and Leyland comes back again next spring………well………..there are other things I could be doing besides following this continual re-run of the same old soap opera.

I recall that it was last year when the Chisox came to town and Todd Jones gave up a ninth inning homer that was the beginning of the end.

Time for this team to either step up and be contenders or shrink back. If I’m JL I call for a team meeting and I challenge them (or call the Mets VP to come in a fight everyone in the clubhouse) to either step up and be professionals or not. Those that do can stay, those that can’t, please see the GM over in the corner and we’ll get you moved to San Diego or Washington or wherever you’d like to be.

How many 2-1 games are we going to lose before Dombrowski makes a deal for a hitter? The Red Sox acquired 2 left handed power hitters yesterday and gave up hardly anything. I don’t want to hear again that Carlos Guillen is going to be the bat we acquire. How many of our injured Tigers have returned to do well this season? Even if he comes back healthy that’s not enough. People that are blaming Leyland or the hitting coach need to get a clue. This lineup stinks and they keep wasting great pitching efforts. DO SOMETHING DUMBrowski!!! He should have made a deal before this White Sox series. After this weekend, they could be in 3rd place 4 games out.

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I say that it has been an honor to have sailed along in first place with my fellow Bloggers. As of the end of today’s game, I have raised the white flag of surrender. This team will have to be remade entirely for the 2010 season. While I understand that we are still tied for first place, I don’t see our excellent starting staff throwing 40 shutouts.(that would get us to 89 wins)And by the way Rich, I am still so thumpingly positive, that I am about to throw up. Curses to the hated White Sox. Burhle does seem like a pretty nice guy. Drowning in my old English D tears in Vinton, VA.



Well, difficult to throw in the towel at this point given the pitching and defense. But, clearly they have to come up with a batting solution. Like I said before, with this series against the hated CWS we will find out whether we are contenders or pretenders. Simple as that. We’re throwing our best out there and the hitters will have to rise to the occasion. Whatever happens … it’s going to be interesting.


Looking at the positives, our pitching is clearly league leading quality good enough to almost cover having a dinky closer. Thank goodness the lack of hitting we have complained about for the past two months forces DD’s hand before the deadline.
Management will not admit it but Mr Illich is not prepared to throw more money at the team – spending only $4.25m on Lyon as a Closer when the market rate was $9-12m showed the need for thrift even with the team payroll dropping from $137m to $115m. Maggs is clearly being minimised to ensure $30m is saved on his 10 & 11 contract.
We need trades without spending more money which makes Miggs and Curtis our only tradeable commodities.
Curtis is having a Superman/Clark Kent season hitting a respectable .288 AVG /.37 OBP / .277 AVG RISP against righties and only .188 /.276/ .091 RISP against lefties. His development against lefties has clearly gone backwards with his triple today against the righty typical of his season.
I would keep him for his speed, defense and team player qualities that are up there with Inge and Polly. JL has to drop Curtis down the order against lefties and given he is driving in runs against righties, switch him between 5 and 6 depending on the pitcher.
It seems crazy to trade your best hitter to improve the offense but that is what I would do – for this year and the future. We are stuck with DD’s big $$$ dud contracts for 2010 and 11 so using Miggs $20-21m salary is the only way the team can bring at least two players that are needed.
I said a week ago Miggs is having a ‘clutch slump’ that just keeps going now 4 for 37 (.108) RISP for June and July. He is hitting an amazing .472/.537 leading off at home – hardly driving in the runs. For the season RISP, he is .136/.224 away and .421/.5 at home with these occuring in April/May.
Hard to imagine but Miggs will slow even further to snail pace with age and his first base lack of catching/stretching agility further highlighted.
Few teams can afford $20m for one player. A trade with the Dodgers has seemed the perfect fit to me for some time. LA dropped $20m this year even with Manny and have stated they have the ability to increase payroll. They would see Manny/Miggs as the perfect duo gaining protection. Having a latin star on the team would increase crowds even more if the ground can cope.
Left outfielder Pierre is contracted to 2011 with his $10m per season representing an expensive bench warmer given Manny is there till at least 2010.
Lefty first baseman Loney 25 yo, on $465K and becomes a free agent in 2013. Loney is hitting .276 overall (.306 L and .266 R) .346 OBP and .299/.398 for RISP. Pierre is 32 yo and also a lefty. He is hitting .318 overall (.361 L and .303 R) .377 OBP and .349/.423 for RISP.
A potential trade like this is too good to miss with $9m in the bank for a closer.
DD just has to be big enough to go to Mr Illich and say he wants to trade his prize acquisition.

I like the fact that you obviously researched this, Dave, good post. I’ll only slightly disagree when I say that Mr. I’s thinking in December may have changed now with a possible postseason spot only two months away. He may spend a little more. Other than that, it’s a bold proposal laid out with names and numbers. Good stuff. This would be moving the emphasis from superstars to a team approach and I like that.

Using your words Rich, we have become a team of scrappers that gets us to the line more times than not.
Since the All-Star break, we have run into 2 of the 3 form teams with unfortunately the third being the Rangers following Chisox.
Losing close ones to these teams including at NY is not wrist slitting stuff given we rightly could have won at least two on top of the use of Zoom in the badly blown opener.
I still have confidence in them getting us to the playoffs.

I think the management of Maggs also shows money is still the main motive in any trade.
Maggs is actually our best clutch hitter with .307/.346 for RISP. He is still hitting .302/.362 against lefties, consistently all season. It has basically been his lack of hitting against righties, particularly in June/July being 11 for 63 ( .174) that has been his achilles heel.
On top of his limited defense and no pace, Maggs clearly isn’t now worth $18m a season and money still appears to be the driving consideration.

I have only one word to say tonite:

Yes, it was pathetic. It was so pathetic, I actually dozed off around the 3rd or 4th inning. Upon opening my eyes around the sixth inning, I knew nothing was going to happen, shut it off and went outside. It’s depressing.

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