Tigers in wait-and-see mode with Zumaya

The Tigers are waiting to see how Joel Zumaya’s injured right shoulder responds in the coming days before deciding whether he can come back in the next couple weeks or undergo season-ending surgery.

Zumaya and team medical officials talked Tuesday with Dr. James Andrews, the noted orthopedic surgeon who has examined Zumaya over the last year or so. Zumaya didn’t travel for an exam, but the Tigers forwarded test results to Dr. Andrews to review.

The condition is the same as last winter, when he was diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his shoulder. The sliver of bone hanging from the fracture aggravated his shoulder when he pitched Friday against the Yankees, though head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said it wasn’t as bad as a year ago.

Zumaya said he took two cortisone injections in his shoulder to reduce the swelling and resulting pain. Once the pain is out, they’ll see how he feels throwing and how well he throws, then make a decision from there.

Even if he’s fine, Zumaya said, he expects to have surgery to fix the fracture. The only question is whether he has to have it now or if it can wait until the offseason. The surgery will keep him out around eight weeks, Zumaya said, so to have it now would likely cost him the season, though he would be back in plenty of time to get ready for Spring Training.

If he doesn’t need the surgery yet, he could conceivably have a minimum stay on the 15-day disabled list, which would put him back in action as soon as August 2.

“If we can get [the pain] down in a reasonable enough time, him being not down from throwing for a long period of time, we’ll have a chance then that he wouldn’t down for any length,” Rand said. “Because he is a bullpen guy.”

Zumaya said he started feeling soreness in his shoulder about four weeks ago, but didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t major, and he was still able to fire fastballs around 100 mph. Not until Friday, he said, did it really flare up.

He’s still sore now, but a good part of that comes from the initial pain of the cortisone shots. Once that wears off, the Tigers can start figuring out just how well and how comfortably he can throw. If he opts against surgery, he can have one more cortisone surgery at some point this season.

Zumaya, for his part, was upbeat Tuesday, which should be a good sign.


Management just isn’t proactive. They failed to see Ordonez’s diminishing value and the same with Zumaya. We wont’ even bring up Robertson and Sheffield.

I relaly hope Ramon shows he can hit. I don’t believe Everett is going to hit much the rest of the year. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up hitting under .230
There is some hope down on the farm as far as shortstops go. Dlugach is having a really nice year down in Toledo and Iorg and Worth have some talent too.

Cedeno is a turning point

This is the kind of game we Tiger fans have learned to be very ambivalent about. Verlander, Jacskon threw great games and and were unrewarded. I sure hope we don’t s repeat.

Sure sick of seeing Anderson swing that bat of his and those weak ground balls, He rally has to go.

G-Man thru 7 has been in almost total control. Nice to see that confidence back.
What do we expect from JL now though?
I’d give him another inning.
The boys need to get him a couple more runs.

That’s it for GMan–he is starting to nibble on the outside part of the plate and that’s the danger zone for him. I would take him out here against Cedeno who saw the ball really well last AB

That’s what we do to our starters. All the time. And after a sparkling play by Santiago!
BTW, where is our power LHB?
The lack of offense is frightening. The lack of doing much about fixing it, is even worse. Not letting Seay off the hok, if he was worried about Ichiro he should have thrown over there, instead I think he let himself get distracted

There’s more than one here of that KNEW this would happen.
I don’t see much to look forward to in the 9th. Anderson can’t hit one out, Inge won’t hit one out and Laird will pop up.

I believe that tecnically the tying run should be charged to Seay not GMan. The force out put Ichiro on 1st and technically that was Seay’s man.

I can’t feel too sorry for GMan. Yes – he pitched a GREAT game but he spoiled it by that freakin lead-off walk. It happens ALL THE TIME – walk the lead-off man & it will wind up hurting you! Without that walk the outcome might have been different. AND AGAIN NO LOUSY OFFENSE!

Ouch, that was a tough one to lose. Let’s be realistic though, folks. That’s the kind of pitching we are going to face if we are so lucky to make the playoffs. And averaging one stinkin’ run or less just isn’t going to get it done. Whether it’s Beckett or Sabathia or whomever, you’ve got to manufacture a run here or there–you don’t get big innings off those guys. I’m pretty much of the belief that if we do get in, we won’t last very long even if we get outstanding pitching from our guys because our offense is offensive!


This was a tough one to swallow for me. It is a game that I didn’t necessarily expect to win but when you get such a performance and then one of your most reliable pen guys blows it well it is tough. And like Rich said when you strand a guy at 3rd with no outs, well that is the (well typical for the Tigers) but really the kiss of death.
This is the 4th game out of the last five games that frankly we probably should of won. Had better pitching, more baserunners and yet they lose because of one mistake and not getting a runner in when you had the chance. Starting to sound like a broken record here. Very disappointing.

Good golly Galarraga, he pitched a fine ballgame. If we get more of that from him, we’ll be in good shape. Too bad Seay threw that one bad slider to Branyan.
Along the lines of that ebb and flow of a game business, I did say after we failed to score in the first that we’d probably just lost that ballgame. I didn’t picture it working out quite the way it did, though.
All in all, can’t complain too much. I didn’t expect Mondo to outpitch Felix, who is one of the best pitchers in baseball. I thought JL removed him at the right time and made the right move bringing in Bobby. I would have bunted Laird with Raburn on first with none out early, but that’s my way of doing it. At least JL had Raburn moving. A lot of managers go for the hit and run over bunting and I don’t necessarily agree with that strategy. A 2nd run there would have been huge. Oh well. Seattle’s bullpen just blew us away, living up to their advanced billing, war helmets and all.
Speaking in general terms, it seems obvious that Anderson will have to go on waivers upon the return of Guillen and/or a trade acquisition. Josh just isn’t helping much, and appears to be in over his head in the AL. This is a tough league, much tougher than the NL. And whether Zumaya is able to come back this season or not, he should be moved in return for some value. Some people like rock stars, but I prefer good pitchers. Sorry, just the way it is.
The race goes on, and nobody in this division has any real advantage over another. I suppose I’ll go torture myself by watching the Sox/Rays game…………….

Another weak offensive showing while our pitching was tremendous, although why you give that guy anything to hit (can’t remember his name, but he has 25 home runs already this year!) is beyond me. I like Seay and I guess that will happen from time to time, but no excuse for our hitting.

I thought for sure they would pinch hit someone for Anderson in the 8th inning, sure he is fast, but isn’t anyone on the bench capable of more at the plate? I was looking for Magglio at that point, I don’t care if he is slumping, he had a big night the night before and expected to see him or someone different, Josh Anderson right now isn’t the answer except as a speedy guy.

We need to win today, not sure if the Sox play today or not, but we just can’t be tied with them before a 4 game series. Warm up those bats fellas.


I think you are correct about Mr. Anderson. He does look like the odd guy out. A really weak at bat in the ninth. Speed can do lots of things and hide lots of poor fundamentals but when it comes to putting the bat on the ball… not so much.

I thought it was pretty telling that JL didn’t pinch hit Mags in the ninth for Anderson. Despite it being a RH on the bump, in prior years you would have brought Mags in and not thought two ways about it. Makes me think that the Tigers interest in Mags is waning.

Well, where does that leave us? Pitching seems to be rounding out but we still can’t get the hitting squared up and everyone seems to be out there looking for a bat these days.

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