Inge struggling with left patella tendinitis

Manager Jim Leyland gave third baseman Brandon Inge a night out of the lineup, even though Inge didn’t request it, as a way to give Inge a rest from the patella tendinitis that has been bothering him. But the way it sounds, it’s a problem that could well bother Inge the rest of the year.

Inge said he has been dealing with pain in both of his knees for at the last couple months, starting with soreness early in the season. Recently, he said, the pain has been “excruciating,” and he has felt it in his swing as well as in the field. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Inge has a series of microtears in his left patella tendon, and more minor in the right.

He took a cortisone shot in each leg earlier this summer, but it hasn’t helped substantially. At this point, he said, team doctors are trying to find something that might alleviate the pain with a minimal amount of time missed.

“If they said [you would miss] 15 days and you wouldn’t feel it again and you could come back, I would probably do it,” Inge said.

Anything that requires more time off than that, though, and he’ll probably elect to play through it.

“This year, we’re in the hunt,” Inge said. “We’re playing hard and we feel we have a great chance. How would I come out in a race this close when the fans in Detroit are going through what they’re going through?”

The hope for now, at least on the Tigers’ part, is that having Wednesday allows Inge to feel better playing the day game Thursday, then into Friday’s day-night doubleheader and weekend series against the White Sox.

“In my opinion, I’ll probably be playing with this the rest of the year,” Inge said. “That’s just my gut feeling.”


Sorry to hear but not surprised the way JL rarely gave Binge time off – the season sure wears on 30+ year bodies.
Interesting Thames is moved back for Clete – I would have liked him at two, Polly three and Cabbs four.
Marcus is a career .259 for RISP with .205 for 2008 and .216 for 2009. He is a more reliable hitter this year but simply doesn’t get runners home. Polly on the other hand has been the opposite, leading off/bases empty have been poor – .205 avg yet is hitting .299/.392 for RISP.
Further to GK’s RISP list, Curtis’s overall RISP figures of .217 avg / .356 OBP are split .091/.192 against lefties and .277/.426 against righties. Hitting .185/.27 overall against lefties this season just kills us at the top against southpaws.

One scout pointed out tonight that a lot of opponents have tried to stack their lineup with left-handed hitters against Felix. Lefties have hit him a lot better than righties, but his record and ERA show how little of a difference that seems to make.

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