Other injury news

Joel Zumaya, according to manager Jim Leyland, “doesn’t feel very good,” not a good sign after he injured his shoulder four days ago. He didn’t want to get into specifics other than the fact that the shoulder is still hurting. MRI results didn’t show anything structurally different with it compared to last time, but this is also a shoulder that hasn’t been completely healthy since last year. When he pitched through it this year, he did it with a stress fracture that doctors compared to what many NFL quarterbacks go through. At some point, Leyland said, they’re going to have to figure out how to get the shoulder right.

Nate Robertson said he made close to 100 throws from 120 feet on flat ground Tuesday, three weeks after he underwent surgery to remove four masses of tissue from his left elbow. He’s on track to start pitching off a mound soon, which would seemingly set him up for a rehab stint in August. The big test Robertson wants to feel is how his arm responds unrestricted once he starts pitching off a mound in side sessions.

“The big thing,” Robertson said, “will be building it back up and seeing how much [surgery] freed it up.”

Jeremy Bonderman, meanwhile, threw a 5-minute side session Tuesday and felt fine.

“I know it feels better,” Bonderman said of his arm. “Velocity, I have no idea, but it feels a lot better, a lot freer. Hopefully the third time’s the charm.”


Since the previous blog entry has been changed entirely since first being posted, my remarks in reply look pretty stupid. Forget the Holliday comment, in fact, disregard everything I said. And, from what JL just said in his postgame, they appear to be hoping they can get Carlos back in there for the Chicago series. If, that is, “a couple days” is more descriptive than “indefinitely” was. 🙂
Granderson hits and the offense ignites, simple as that. He had a nice single off that lefty to start the game, going the other way like that. More please.
That slam was huge, perfect timing. It’s all confidence with Maggs, so let’s hope he can build on that.
I thought Porcello was a little bit off due to the long layoff, and I had fears that Rodney would be very off for the same reason. Instead, Fernando was his usual scary self and got the job done. He’s making me pay for all those times I was calm cool and collected during the Todd Jones appearances. It just seems like luck a lot of the time, but he’s 20 for 20 so…………
I was glad to hear that Guttierez wasn’t seriously injured. He must have forgotten that part of the wall isn’t padded. He’s a good young player and I hope he gets back in the lineup……….on Friday.

In case any Chris Shelton fans (I’m married to one) missed it, he will appear on the pre-game show tomorrow evening. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a start on Thursday afternoon, too.
Jenks BLOWS the save and the Rays do us a solid by upending the Sox at the Cell. I’d like to come out of the other end of the Chicago series this weekend still in first place. This helps.

Well regarding Holliday, I still would’t mind having him?? But as I have said in the past Mr. I is saddled with a lot of bad contracts and I just don’t see him wanting to go out and spend a lot more money. I don’t see anything significant happening.
Thanks Bobby Jenks for that blown save.

This blog is acting different than in the past, I never used to have to sign in, it was always ready for my post when I got to the site. Anyways…

Glad to see the offense, but scary stuff as they nibbled their way back into the game. I missed the first 2 innings, so I missed all the fun stuff of watching us score (those silly kids of mine always want to play outside during the start of my games!). Glad to see Maggs with the big hit – good for him. I hope it sparks something but won’t hold my breath either.

Rodney is as scary as it gets, but he did get himself out of his trouble, something to be said for that. And I was surprised to see we got a game up on the Sox, last I saw they were leading in the 9th – we needed the breathing room and need to win the next few to try to get some distance before the Sox come to Tiger Town.

I had a good laugh at Leyland last night when he implied that it takes a manager to feel that a game has disaster written all over it. Not true. Anybody who watches enough baseball can feel the ebb and flow of a game and our own GK came in during last night’s encounter and annouced we were going to lose, proving it. Baseball people alway seem to think we don’t understand the game when in reality, they just have access to more information than we do. Baseball, like most sports, is entirely predictable. It’s when the unpredictable happens that it becomes fun. “You can predict the outcome unless something unexpected happens.” Did that sound like Yogi Berra?
With Holliday being a free agent at year’s end, I’m not much into going after him. I don’t want a 2-month rental. If it’s a more permanent deal, that’s different. I’m thinking there won’t be blockbuster trades this season, as the emphasis seems to be moving away from individual stars and more towards team building. And the PED issue has unfortunately called everyone’s past performance into question.

Rich, there was no doubt in my mind that they were going to blow that game. (glad I was wrong.) This seems to happen a lot and I dont just think that it is exclusive to the Tigers, look at the Twins the other night. The Twins had a 12-2 lead, and the A’s just fought their way back and won the thing. I think that Rich hit the nail right on the head, Perry was rust, Seay was Rusty, etc. Rodney on the other hand yes he hit the batter, but that single was weird and bad luck, frankly Rodney should of been able to field that but he doesn’t really have himself in position to field anything to that side. But he got himself out of it and that is all that matters. (Thank god Jenks wasn’t able to do the same last night)
And I agree I wouldn’t want a rental I would only want someone like Holliday if he were in it for the long haul. I wouldn’t want to give up anyone significant for a rental.
The weather is expected to be horrible here today, LOTS of rain we will see if they can get this one in tonight.

I said Perry was rust, I meant Porcello?????

I was not too worried last night. Now if it was a road game, that would of ended up being a tough loss.

Looks like Dolsi will go down on Friday when they call up someone to start on Friday. Now the big question is who will go when Carlos is ready? Have they given up on Anderson and would someone pick him off the waiver list? I think you have to keep Thomas and Rayburn as they have been more productive. Waiting to see if DD comes up with a trade.

The only way I rent a player is if you trade a middle of the road prospect and that will no get Matt Holliday as Oakland gave up too much.

You have to look forward when you think about trades and contract to being able to sign JV, Jackson and Grandy as that will look up some big dollars.

Before they decide who should or should not be sent down when talking about who is helpful to this team and granted this is only one aspect, but it happens to be one that is our real downfall right now. I posted this the other day, but here it is again. Our teams batting averages with runners in scoring position. From best to worst this is who is getting it done.
Thomas – .367
Anderson – .333
Ordonez – .311
Inge – .306
Santiago. – 306
Raburn – .281
Cabrera – .272
Kelly – .250
Everett – .237
Laird – .229
Granderson – .217
Thames – .216
Guillen – .188
Sardinah – .167
Larish – .050
To me the real problems here are Mr. Cabrera, Granderson and Thames. These are the guys that you are depending on to get it done and they are not.

***Instead, Fernando was his usual scary self and got the job done. He’s making me pay for all those times I was calm cool and collected during the Todd Jones appearances. ***

Hey Rich – you ARE kidding about Jones, right??? Almost every time he came in the bases were like a “Chinese Fire Drill”. I couldn’t watch him unless I first took a Xanax. 🙂

I’m serious, Lee. I always felt that Todd knew what he was doing out there. He himself would say he pitched to a plan and he even carried 3×5 cards in his pocket! I think he understood that, in a save situation, the pressure is on the hitter, not the pitcher. You never saw him hitting batters, throwing wild pitches, or walking people, all of which both Rodney and Jenks did just last night. He added a pitch in 2005 while with Florida (cutter, I think?) and became very effective after that. Right now, our most effective reliever is Lyon, and he reminds me of Todd in his approach.
GK, I’d be interested also in RBIs per AB with RISP. Obviously, a 3-run homer is better than a 1-run single. And then factor in the game situation, score, inning, etc. Further factor in game importance, division game, coming off a losing streak and such.

The other thing with Todd Jones was that he consistently through first pitch strikes. And I think we have all seen the stat’s that when you get a first pitch strike you tend to do better. That said, the first pitch strike was an 82 mph fastball followed by an 82 mph cutter followed by and 82 mph change. You get the drift. I think that’s where Todd used to get into trouble. Good control but predictable and slow.

Fernando is a heart attack waiting to happen out there and we still haven’t sorted out what Lyon is doing here. I think with him and Joel you really have to decide what you are going to do. 3 guys with closer written all over them. Zoom won’t get there until he matures and develops another pitch. So he’s out. Lyons and Fernando? Keep one and trade one for a corner OF bat.

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