Guillen's shoulder checks out fine, headed to Toledo

The Tigers recalled left fielder Carlos Guillen from his Minor League rehab assignment Tuesday, but he isn’t coming back to the Tigers roster. Instead, he’s heading to Triple-A Toledo to pick up his stint Wednesday after having his sore right shoulder examined by doctors Tuesday in Detroit.

The Tigers and Guillen seemed optimistic about his situation, but wanted to be cautious. The recall showed they were concerned enough that the shoulder could shut him down. Instead, since he’ll be back out on rehab Wednesday, the recall move was essentially revoked. He’ll have up to 11 days remaining in his assignment before the Tigers have to decide whether to activate him, though it probably won’t take that long.

Guillen went on the 15-day disabled list in early May with inflammation in his right shoulder, later diagnosed as the result of years of playing shortstop and throwing. After experiencing little to no progress for several weeks, Guillen and team medical staff said they would keep trying to get him back until the All-Star break before approaching the possibility of shoulder surgery.

Guillen’s progress over the last few weeks raised realistic hopes that he might not just get back to playing this season, but could even be back with the Tigers by the end of July. He went 3-for-12 with a double and four walks over five rehab games for Class A Lakeland last week, with almost all of that damage in his final three games after starting out 0-for-6.

Guillen reported soreness in his shoulder, including when he swung from the right side. The Tigers’ original hope was to promote Guillen from Lakeland to Toledo Monday, but his shoulder concerns put that on hold.

Guillen was upbeat about his situation when he arrived in the Tigers clubhouse Tuesday afternoon.

“It feels better. It feels good,” Guillen said of his shoulder. “It just takes time. When you come back, you’re not going to feel the same way every day. I know my body. I feel better.”

How he feels as he progresses in rehab could be big in how the Tigers proceed for the home stretch. For an offense that has struggled to score runs for most of the season, Guillen has the potential to have the effect of a deadline trade acquisition. However, that hinges on a return to the healthy Guillen of old, rather than the injury-hampered Guillen of this season.

“Guillen could be our trade,” manager Jim Leyland said earlier this month. “Guillen, if he comes back, could be the bat we’re looking for. If it’s Carlos Guillen, to me, that’s a nice bat to have.”


If a guy had had surgery and his shoulder got sore, that’s to be expected. If a guy went on the DL for a sore shoulder and it got sore again as soon as he began playing, well, need it be said?
This weekend’s series with Chicago just got that much tougher, not to mention Seattle is no pushover and there is a danger of looking past them. There are some people who are going to have to step up and get their collective heads in the game.
Matt Holliday hit two homers off the Twins last night. I’d say a NL hitter would need time to adjust to AL pitching, which could take the rest of the season. Just sayin’…….

The Tigers need to add a bona fide major league corner OF’er, whether or not they get a healthy and productive Guillen back. After downgrading the offense at 3B, SS, and C, in favor of better defense, the Tigers were counting on solid production from Guillen and Ordonez, not to mention Granderson and his usual 20- 20- 20- 20 levels, and Polanco and his perennial .300 plus average. Magglio’s power is apparently gone forever, and needs to be replaced. A .300 hitter with 20+ HR pop needs to be added.
Dombrowski has failed to add a single impact player at the deadline during his time with the Tigers. It’s time to do your job, Dave. Carlos or not!

I just re-read my post, and it’s possible I wasn’t clear. I’m saying that Holliday is an AL player now, he’s had his adjustment time. I’m saying get Holliday. Give ’em anybody but Verlander, Jackson, and Porcello. This wouldn’t be a temporary fix for this season, he can be added permanently. We need to replace both Guillen and Ordonez. A Neifi Perez won’t do.

I will honestly be surprised if Carlos plays in the bigs again this year. There must be something wrong with his shoulder for them to recall him from his rehab. But then again who knows, maybe its just arthritis. He is getting up there in age, after all.
I’m afraid Tigers’ management has been putting all their eggs in the “Guillen will be back” basket instead of looking for a real answer. Even IF he does come back sometime this season, who honestly thinks he’ll have that much of an impact? And when he can’t (and shouldn’t, IMO) play LF, do we really want to DH him instead of Thames?
I think that unless a corner OF becomes available and doesn’t cost too much in return, the Tigers should continue to get Josh Anderson and Clete Thomas as many AB’s and time in the field as possible. I know that probably isn’t a popular opinion around here, but why not give the young guys an extended shot? So Anderson might be a weak spot at the plate, but when he gets on base he causes a lot of problems for pitchers. Besides, most people thought Inge would be weak at the plate this year (according to tigerdog up above, Inge is an offensive downgrade at 3B even though he leads the team in HR and RBI), so his offensive resurgence leaves a little room for a weaker batter. So far, Anderson hasn’t been much less productive than Magglio, who along with MCab was supposed to lead the offense.

My guess is Chris Lambert gets a start on Friday.

Does anyone else get sick and tired of Rod and Mario gushing over the other team?? While they were in New York I thought I couldn’t stand it for one more second, and I didn’t even watch the game on Saturday.???? So annoying.

I hope Jason your last three entries on Carlos are not symbollic of Tigers season. The next three series are all tough but thankfully most of the guys seem to grow an extra leg at home.
Hard to fathom that you can have such a power outage at the top of the order, have your set up man and closer with L.I.Close Game ERA’s of 15.0 and 8.0 and still be in first place.
Under no circumstances do you trade any of our low cost pitchers – JC, Jackson, Porcello or Perry.
The pitching roster looks the strongest this season, at least one you can have relative confidence in. Hopefully this can rub off on Rodney and the offense can give us some leads to protect. You have to wonder how the Yankee series would of turned out if we didn’t have that awful blown save in the first game.
Just don’t pitch Miner at home where he has a 7.40 ERA, 2.23 WHIP and .337 BAA compared to away figures of 3.03 ERA, 1.28 WHIP and .257 BAA.
It is apparent that DD will now make at least one offensive trade that has to address many issues.
Despite how much I like him as a selfless and great team player, it has to be said that Curtis is hopeless against lefties and his ‘green shoots’ from last year have withered – .185 Avg this year below his career .214 Avg. If he plays everyday for his defense, he definitely shouldn’t be leading off against lefties.
Polly is another great team player and is our defensive backbone. He is a dependable calming influence on the field – always unflappable regardless of the situation. Whislt his .257 Avg is way down, he is on track for 70RBI’s which would be a career high. It has been the low pressure leading off (.131 Avg) and none on situation that have let Polly down this year. I hope he is back next year on a 1+1 year option reduced contract.
Cabbs has been hot or cold all year – great April/May (.4 RISP), awful June/July hitting .111 RISP. For the season, he is .432 RISP at home and .136 away. Truly baffling and ultimately the reason whether we are put in the position of winning games. I think his development at first base has plateaued short of an acceptable standard,particularly the plays that bail out your team mates rather than the individual efforts.
His $20-21m represents our best opportunity to get two players and still reduce our payroll such as a Pierre/Loney trade for $11m.
Thames has and never will be a clean up hitter. He is having a respectable season but will rarely driven in runs – he is 24 from 112 (.214) for RISP. He may represent some value in a trade.

What a difference an umpire can make. Could have been called for a third strike becomes a grad slam the next pitch.

Nice job. Now keep going

Most umps call knee high middle of the plate strikes!!

In gameday , the ball was high. It was no strike

Water, what water? Check that Gatorade for Viagara. LOL.
Their bats are hard tonight.

After watching the Twins give up a 10 run lead last night, you seemingly can never have enough runs.
Just bizarre this feast or famine, largely dependent if we are home. Better start bottling and labeling Detroit water for the away games!!

The bats have rarely gone on with it after early starts. You have the feeling even 8-3 might not be enough.

Ricky will unlikely go past 5 innings today. If Miner starts slowly, JL had better pull early. I would rather him go to Perry for 2 innings.

they will blow this one.

home run derby!

Amazing we get hitting and don’t get any pitching. We get pitching and there isn’t any hitting?????

That’s baseball! Well, for one more day we can breathe a little easier. ChiSox blew a lead in the 9th. maybe Twins can squander another on the road. Tomorrow’s Mariner’s pitcher looks tough. The hitters will have to keep punching and Galarraga will need his best game. Go Tigers!!!

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