Inge: "My number was actually 15"

Inge was the one Home Run Derby contestant who was shut out, but it was hard to tell by the way he reacted afterward. He promised ahead of the time that he would have a blast regardless of how he did, and as reporters gathered around his locker, he didn’t disappoint.

“My [target] number was actually 15, I was thinking,” he said. “And I almost got that.”

“It was fun,” he said. “It’s amazing. If you can just get one where you can figure out the trajectory of the ball, that would be the one. The very last ball, it was foul, but that’s the one where I finally felt it. Good thing it was the stinking 10th out. That’s the hard part is finding the first one, because the whole time is an adjustment.

“I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find the rhythm. I’m one where I need to find that one swing that feels good and then go with it.”

“Some guys I talked to about it said they couldn’t have fun because it was too stressful. I loved it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I really would. I’d ask them to do it again.”

After about the sixth out, Curtis Granderson said, Inge’s young son Tyler turned to him with a look of concern. He said, “Daddy’s not hitting any home runs.”

When someone asked him what he thought of the music playing on the sound system while he was at-bat, Inge laughed.

“To be honest with you,” he said, “I got back to the side and I was listening, and I’m like, ‘They’ve been playing music?’ I didn’t hear any music when I was hitting. Didn’t hear a word. All I heard was, ‘Two outs … three outs … four outs … five outs.”

Asked about the idea that it could affect his swing coming out of the break, Inge said, “How many base hits did I get out there tonight?”

After a while, All-Star teammate Josh Beckett got in on the fun.

“Tell them you don’t know how you didn’t get in the second round with those numbers,” Beckett joked from a few lockers down.

“Hey,” Inge cracked back, “I told them I’m saving them for you.”


Poor Brandon, I am glad he had fun though. I actually didn’t get to see the first round, so I missed out on his performance. I wonder if he is more embarressed than he let on??

You can tell by the dearth of comments here how “into it” we were. Oh well, my random impressions of Da Derby from watching the first hour:
The pitchers weren’t too good, really.
100% of the children were adorable.
Brandon swung at bad pitches. Nervous?
Is is just me, or do all male singers these days sound like Hootie?
Prince still looks like the 12-year old version of Prince.
Chris Berman is the rear end of a horse.
Everyone in attendance seemed to have a really good time.
Amazing how the thing can end so close to the 3-hour time slot (I checked back later).

I watched the whole thing, although on Tivo time – most of it on fast forward, going back to normal speed to see where the home runs were landing.
I agree about the pitching, Rich. It wasn’t just Brandon, a lot of people seemed to be swinging at pitches that weren’t in great spots.
I’m with you 100% on Berman. I don’t see the appeal.
Fielder hit a couple of monster shots, one of them over 500′.
Brandon’s kids (Jason tweeted about this) are particularly adorable. Fox showed a very nice shot of the three of them together.
I hope that Brandon doesn’t feel embarrassed or anything. He’s not the first person to have been shut out and it shouldn’t make any difference to anybody.
I’m hoping that Longoria’s absence will mean that Brandon will get some meaningful playing time during the game. I also hope the score isn’t really close so they won’t be holding a bunch of players in reserve for extra innings.

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