Final Vote update: Bran-torino maintain narrow lead

UPDATE @ 2pm ET: Inge and Victorino still in front. Balloting continues until 4pm ET at and

Just got the 10am ET update on Final Vote balloting. Brandon Inge still maintains a narrow lead over Ian Kinsler on the American League side, while Shane Victorino — helped by a game-winning single for the Phillies Wednesday night — has moved ahead of Pablo Sandoval on the NL end. So if people are indeed voting the Bran-torino ticket, Victorino’s success should be a good sign for Inge.


Congrats Brandon!! Gran-Torino for the win!

Congratulations to Brandon. He deserved to be on the team although I had reservations over the way this thing was handled. I wonder if this alliance business will be embraced or outlawed next year? But then, when would you ever see Detroit and Philadelphia team up for anything? I’ll go along with Leyland, it seemed to be fun for the fans, so I guess it’s all good.
Twins and Sox both lose, so it’s turned into a pretty good day off, hey?

From a Phillies fan, congratulations Tigers fans! Brandon and Shane are going to St. Louis! First time for both and I know they’ll do a great job for the NL. They have the right stuff and so do their fans. yay Bran-Torino!

I’m glad that Inge will be going and get the recognition. But does the crazy get-out-the vote campaign cheapen the ASG, or is it a good thing if it creates media buzz and gets more fans interested?

I’m very happy that Inge won the final spot on the All-Star Game. He is very deserving of the honor!

I think that voted for him approx. 100 times, or more.

The Final Vote thing doesn’t cheapen it any more than the fans voting in Hamilton, the rosters expanding every few years, or the necessity of having every team represented, resulting in guys like Mark Redman going from Kansas City a few years ago with a 4.5+ ERA.

And Inge didn’t benefit from any advantage that any other player couldn’t have. Evidently Victorino and Inge just copied what some of the other clubs were already doing with the quid pro quo.

I would agree that Inge deserved to be an all star and the starters get in the same way he did. I would expand the rosters so you do not run out of players or have to end a game in a tie. I think the fans, players and manager should each pick one third of the roster. Since the game determines home field for the World Series, that the all the managers in each league should then decide the starters during the weekend before the game. It is not a true All Star game with the fans voting. The fans got it wrong at first base, second base and at least one out field spot. Then Joe Madden got it wrong in selecting Youkalis over MCab.
Go Tigers and sweep the Tribe again.

On Magglio, everyone shut the heck up!

This guy has done well as a Tiger. His wife is apparently very sick, although we don’t know the details. He is trying hard, and not doing too well. The guy should be able to have a bad year without everyone jumping on him.

Let him who has not sinned through the first stone.

Some fans you folks are!

Regarding Inge and the HR derby, I’ll have to disagree with him and Leyland. His biggest hitting drawback over the years has been swinging for the fences too much, and he finally resolved that this season. I have had players who messed up their swing playing too much golf, so it can happen. And what does it say when both Hamilton and Morneau don’t want to do it this year? That said, Brandon is excited about it so go on, boy. You’ll pardon me if I root for you to lose in the first round. Just have fun with it. And protect that knee.

The HR Derby will certainly not be good for Brandon. He has every right to participate and enjoy the charm that it has and the caraderie it offers. But, if he is at all successful in it I also think it will influence him negatively. More from the way it alters his approach at the plate. he already is showing signs of the long sweeping swing and is the leagues worst check-swinger. If he philospopically thinks he is a long ball hitter it will really affect his on base average. He has struck out 12 times in his last 23 AB’s and I think this is a sign he is already got the long ball on his mind too much.
The best thing that could happen for him at the ASG is to come up with nobody on and a man on 2nd, and Maddon needing to tell him to move the runner up.
I think the HRs will come for Inge anyway. He has a lot of power wrapped up in a compact frame. But he is much more valuable to the team when he is hitting .270 and keeping the K’s down to a respectable level. With Inge, Granderson and Thames striking out as often as they do and the rest of the team leading the majors in grounding into DPs, you can see why the offense has struggled.


Our collective comments about Mags don’t reflect badly on us as fans. We all feel for Mags but here’s the bottom line: The Tigers are paying you a salary to do a job. If you cannot do that job for whatever reason then you need to not collect money for that job and you probably need to excuse yourself from the table until you can get your situation right. We all have issues in our lives and Mags is no different. More visible maybe but no different. If the wife is ill then I don’t have any issue with Mags saying that he needs to take 60 days off (without pay) and go tend to the family issue. That happens. Go with my blessings and there will be a job for you when you return. But performing your job miserably such that it hurts the team collective isn’t fair to him, the management, the team or the fans.

Has nothing to do whether we’re good fans or not. I recall having my high school baseball coach ripping on me constantly. And it was a good thing because he knew that I wasn’t playing to my potential. In fact, you knew that if he wasn’t ripping on you then you probably stunk. Same with Mags. We rip because we care. He is much better than this.

Todd, I’ll assume you’re addressing Tigers fans in general, and not the ones who post on this blog in particular. I will agree that there are some folks out there who have been less than kind re Maggs. Some people just get a kick out of making snide little one-line comments and think it’s funny. I don’t think the majority do this, on the contrary, I think the majority are discussing it as a problem that will have to be resolved at some point. There are some who become overly zealous when discussing the vesting part of his contract, but I trust DD to handle that to everyone’s benefit.
There is one line of thought that I don’t understand, and that is the rush to release Ordonez. What’s the rush? We don’t have anyone to replace him at this time, JL was already hitting him 7th and now he’s in a platoon with Thomas. I’m not sure what more you can do. Something will happen in the next few weeks, that’s for sure, but talking it into the ground won’t make it happen any sooner.
And I repeat, I don’t see where any of the regular posters to this blog have been out of line regarding Maggs. In fact, it’s being discussed very little here lately.

Congrats on Brandon taking the final spot. He is very deserving and will hopefully put on a show during the ASG.

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