Vote Bran-torino, say Tigers, Phillies

Ok, so a lot of Tigers fans are hitting the online vote over and over for Brandon Inge, but there’s the NL half of the Final Vote ballot that you have to fill out, too. What exactly do you put over there if you’re mainly trying to vote for Inge?

The Tigers and Phillies are asking you to vote for Shane Victorino, as long as you’re at it. And they’re offering up a bunch of Phillies votes for Inge in return.

In a ballot-sharing deal they’re calling Bran-torino, the two clubs announced today that they’re asking their fan bases on both sides to vote an Inge-Victorino ticket. Like Inge, Victorino is locked in a tight race for the NL vote, trying to overtake Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval for the lead.

To further help push the vote, both clubs are encouraging businesses in Michigan and Pennsylvania to allow their workers time to log into and the respective team sites — in this case: and, and vote for Inge and Victorino.

So if you were wondering who to vote for on the NL side, now you have an answer.

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