Magglio to platoon with Thomas

Now we know where Clete Thomas’ playing time will come: It’ll be from what Magglio Ordonez had been getting. Magglio isn’t in the lineup today, and manager Jim Leyland said this afternoon that he’s going to platoon Thomas and Ordonez, with Thomas batting against right-handed starters and Ordonez facing lefties.

“I would definitely call it a platoon,” Leyland said. “I would not call it benched.”

Ordonez didn’t really want to call it much, saying it’s out of his control.

“I have to produce first,” he said.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Thomas, RF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Anderson, LF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Luke French


  1. David DeJesus, LF
  2. Willie Bloomquist, SS
  3. Billy Butler, 1B
  4. Jose Guillen, RF
  5. Brayan Pena, DH
  6. Mark Teahen, 3B
  7. Miguel Olivo, C
  8. Alberto Callaspo, 2B
  9. Ryan Freel, CF

P: Zack Greinke


I wouldn’t mind Magglio being benched “indefinitely” again. I think Clete should have the consistent playing time and it’s not a good sign to see Magglio come up to bat and think “first pitch out” or “GIDP” and be right.

Maggs has made 70 starts with 262 AB’s for 2009. Combining with his 2008 figures, the Tigers can play him for 256 AB’s and 53 starts and still be able to take the $3m buyout on the $33m for 20010 & 11. Platooning represents a good each way bet.
I had forgotten the Contract clause that enabled the Tigers to walk away from the 5+2 year contract at any stage that Maggs reinjured his old left knee injury. No wonder he has never thrown himself after balls.
The time has come to move Curtis from leadoff, particularly against lefties where he has been plain ugly hitting .198.
Raburn, apart from some base and field blunders, has quietly turned into one of the few dependable hitters and is up to playing every day hitting .25/.382 OBP against left and .309/.333 against right. He is hitting .296/.457 for RISP and is .36/.407 leading off. I would play Curtis and Ryan every day with Curtis leading off against rights and Ryan against lefties.

I am going to cheer if Josh gets a walk today. 6 BB’s from 148 AB’s with his last walk on 22 May. With only 19 SO’s, he could be a valuable support player if he learned to calm down and show some patience. Like most things, self confidence and belief is at the heart of the problem.

Looks like Toronto released BJ Ryan, a left handed reliever with some bad numbers. DD might want to sign him to get a matching bookend for Zoom.

Sorry. Feeling particularly cynical today.

Eric, I don’t see Josh anything more than a support player – pinch runner and a left at bat. Being out of options had been the only thing that saved him previously and probably his youth won out between him and Kelly.


We’ll see with Josh. But if DD pulls the trigger on a lefthanded bat, Anderson may become the casualty. He does need to bunt more, and learn to be patient at the plate. Tough going with Grienke on the mound.

Thats a new one for the Blog.
I don’t particularly feel that psychic tonight!! Let me guess, Tigers will win!!

Playing the devil’s advaocate, the Royals are hitting french very hard. He is not fooling anyone.
Look out.
Nice having Clet eout there isn’t it?
Magglio doesn’t get to eithr one of those balls.

The Tigers can’t think these 3 runs wil do it. They need to bear down and make Greinke throw more balls than he wants to. I don’t see French going 6 innings. JL mght even pull him after 4 2/3

JL cost his team a run that inning by not sac bunting with Sanitiago. If you want to get a runner in scoring position the percentages of doing that with a bunt are far greater than JL old “strategic” hit and run play. He could have bunted with Granderson too really. Get the runner down and may beat it out. MCab is getting his hits but he is not hitting in the clutch and his RBI production has really tapered off.

Crunch Time.
If French can get through this one I think we have a shot. Greinke has us totally under his control so I’m not expecting we score on him the rest of his night.

Butler sure likes hitting against the Tigers doesn’t he?
I’d like to see them leave French in for 1 more with the bottom part of the lineup coming up. Just have somebody warming up right away.

I hope that run that JL cost us in the 4th doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Thnk goodness the park is big. Maier and Butler could easily have put 4 on the board for KC.

I’d leave Greinke in. The Tigers can’t hit him right now.

Make ’em pay!

JL had better keep Ni into the 8th to see how good he is. With Zoom hopefully confined to the 7th, Lyon and Rodney can’t do the 8th and 9th all the time.

I’d leave Lyon in for the 9th. But that would be coloring outside the lines. Wouldn’t want to do that.

Who’s coming in for the 9th? The Good Rodney or the Bad Rodney?
Boy, Inge didn’t solicit many all-star votes today with his performance at the plate.

The Good One…The Smart One.
Piitched with his head today. Made easier by getting his fastball for strikes.

Good thing I’m not the manager…… least in this case:-) Nice job Fernando. You just wish he could attack like that all the time.

Let’s be fair now. Inge made a sparkling play on that slow roller, and it was the first hitter that inning. With a rookie on the mound, a leadoff single could have changed things immensely. Big play, made by an All-Star.

I don’t know how fair I was but to be precise, I did say ‘performance at the plate”
Brandon has gone on a bit of a tailspin (at the plate).
In his last 6 games he is hitting .130 and has struck out 12 times in 23 ABs
I’ve noticed the long swing is showing its ugly face again.
I hope he can pull out of it as we really need more offense from the middle of the lineup. Thames is a clear and present danger behind MCab but he can be an infrequent one, and this club does need a 2 run HR and a 3 run bomb every now and then to make up for the lack of “manaufacturing”
I would like to see Granderson dropped in the lineup again. In his brief time there he did hit better. The lack of another leadoff hitter is an issue though if they play Anderson he can hit there.
Granderson drives me crazy with his refusal to bunt for a hit, especially off of LHP. I bet he could get on base 20 times a year if he tried this. He is also one of those guys that shouldn’t take 1st pitch fastballs down the heart of the plate. He does and then he jus ensures won’t see that pitch again that AB. And he is one guy who can really damage a belt high fastball.
Oh well, I have to learn to live with his imperfections I guess.
MCab is not coming up with the BIG clutch RBI’s. He looks a little off his game right now. Not intimidating like he can.
Today’s win was a very good one for the Tigs. They beat a guy who usually shuts them down. Which he eventually did, and they got a supreme performance from their bullpen who didn’t allow a base-runner. Lyon did extremely well and Ni continues to puzzle the opposition I like the way he throws strikes.
French was, as Rich stated, very crafty. It looked dicy for a little while but he did work that strike zone over.
Clevleand will be a test to see that the boys don’t take these last 3 games (or the Tribe) lightly before the break.

Speaking of bunts, many players aren’t just an asset to the team, but an investment. It showed up last year when Curtis broke his hand. Even though he returned after a few weeks, he was hurting, and his hand wasn’t properly healed, and I think that was a primary reason, that Leyland didn’t let CG steal more, for fear of any recurring fractures in his hand. He is relied on heavily out in the outfield, as no one on the bench is as good , day to day, to count on in CF!
Even though the catcher, third base, or short stop is considered captains, in many ways, I think Curtis will earn that one day as he matures on the team.
A 90+ fastball moving down the plate isn’t as easy to lay down as it looks, and a player could end up loosing his teeth, or shattered hand, just to please the coaches, who signal, to do what they want.. and we complain, for the millions they make, you’d think they would perform on command! The nerve!
I would love to see Curtis get on base more, I think he will, but most pleasant, could be a 30 -30 year for him.. hr & steals!
Speaking of loving somethings.. I know Mr. Ilitch ate the contract of Sheffield, but boy, somehow, would it be something to see someone like Halliday join our roster.. But realistically, it won’t happen. We all wanted F-Rod, and got LYon! ha!
Brandon, along with others are exhausted from this last road trip. He’s playing sharp, but loosing his eye for the ball at the plate. Congratulations to Inge! He earned it.. many disagree, on paper, there are better AL players with higher stats, but personality, and humanity, has my approval. He has donated time and his onw money, to give back to the community, and the people have rewared him. He has my respect, and has never lost it, by being ill mannered, or disrespectful in the media eye.
Go get em Tigers!!! Lets keep it going!

i think it is time for mags to leave i think the tigwers should trade mags ans polanco and thames and maybe some prospects to the pirates for wilson sanchez duke and a prospect, it will help free up some cap room for the tigers and it will get us great players and get rid of some not so great players

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