Inge takes lead in AL Final Vote

Brandon Inge has moved into the lead in the American League All-Star Final Vote. And the Tigers and Phillies have teamed up to help try to ensure he stays there.

With about 24 hours remaining for online balloting at and, Detroit’s standout third baseman has taken a slim advantage of nine percentage points over Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler, who led for the most of the first two days of balloting, and Angels third baseman Chone Figgins.

About 34.3 million total votes have been cast, pacing ahead of last year’s total.


Well that’s good. I had likened this voting to American Idol, which I’ve never watched, but now it’s sounding more like another show I’ve never watched, Survivor or whatever it’s called. This is nuts.
I’ll keep voting for him, though. This once. Then I’m going back to my curmudgeonly old school baseball fan personna.

I read that Inge has a 9% lead, but that doesn’t seem right.. if you figure there are at least 10 millions votes in the AL, that’d be a lead of over 1 million votes which seems insurmountable..
I didn’t know what the phillies had to do with it but i checked out their page and they are saying VOTE BRAN-TORINO lol.. all my votes were going to mark reynolds in the NL but i may have to switch due to this gesture.

i guess if i would have looked at the blog’s second entry i would have known all along..

If you vote for Ian Kinsler, you can win a chance to have dinner with him and his wife, along with Michael Young and his wife. This sounds like something I’d make up, but it’s true. This is officially completely out of hand now.
Anybody just want to pay me cold hard cash for my vote?


I agree this is ridiculous. If I were Inge I’d be embarassed by the whole matter. And if I were Curtis I’d decline the nomination (ala LBJ, if nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve). There’s a matter of professional pride. I can just see the TV announcers, and leading off for the AL is Curtis GRanderson, batting .255. Better to take 4 days off. Regroup and get your head right.

Huge game tonight. The boys simply have to bear down on Grienke and Mr. French needs to just throw strikes. No walks.

Maybe each team is pushing so hard because they actually BELIEVE their player is good enough to be in the All Stars.

Because I know I personally think Brandon Inge DESERVES to be in it, so why not pull out all the stops to insure that he is?

And by the way, Matt Kemp is STATISTICALLY the best choice for the NL. But since Pablo Sandoval is in the lead and Victorino is the better player, might as well vote for Victorino instead of wasting votes on anyone else.

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