Tuesday's lineup: Tigers vs. Royals

If Jim Leyland was going to give Curtis Granderson a game off before the break, this would’ve been it. However, he’s back in the lineup against left-hander Bruce Chen.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Raburn, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Ordonez, RF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. David DeJesus, LF
  2. Willie Bloomquist, SS
  3. Billy Butler, 1B
  4. Mark Teahen, 3B
  5. Jose Guillen, RF
  6. Mike Jacobs, DH
  7. Albert Callaspo, 2B
  8. Miguel Olivo, C
  9. Ryan Freel, CF

P: Bruce Chen


Verlander looks like he is gonna be on today. Just make sure you don’t give up any runs JV.
No pressure or anything like that on ya’!

I’m so pumped about Curtis Granderson getting into the All Star game. I voted every single time I could until my fingers fell off for Granderson. I love him and he is having a great season.

He has to do something or will reach 100 before 4th inn

Impressive K of Olivo—now–don’t let up against the #9 Justin

Talk about the breaks that are going the other way. Interference on a guy who was probably going to be dead meat.
Then along comes DeJesus the Tiger Killer. Why can’t we hit in situations just like that?

I don’t have the game on video. What happened ont he catcher interference?

I love Curtis too Dillon, but I sure don’t think he is having a great season. IMO he doesn’t deserve the nod based on this years performance. Actually, I think he is having a poor season.
Can’t believe the bad luck streak we have going. Dejesus was just about struck out before he ripped that ball the other way.

well this display of offense is just disgusting.. 3 of 6 outs on the first pitch!?!?!?! COME ON!!!

Well it doesn’t hurt when the stupid freaking umpire calls the second ball of the at bat a ball instead of the freaking strike it was. DeJesus should of been out. What the heck. This stupid umpire stinks, what horrible calls he has made so far. Unfortunately this one cost us three runs. How incompetent can you be. And then these idiots after Justin threw 35 pitches that inning make this guy throw what about 8 pitches. Learn to foul off a few if you aren’t going to get any hits anyway.

Way to go Ordonez–swing at the 1st pitch with nobody on and 2 out. That helps your starter out. Raburn is another guy who needs to learn how to “play” better. He is not a thinking man’s ballplayer by any stretch. Really we don’t have too many of those on this team. Carlos is one–but I am not saying he is going to come back and reinvigorate this bunch. Chances are he will struggle mightily and is way out of playing condition.

Granderson is back in the clueless zone again. I feel bad for him but if he is not smart enough to start bunting his way through these down times then he deserves any humiliation he feels. I like Granderson but this is simply bad baseball on his part. We have too many guys that play bad baseball.

It’s time for the bottom of the lineup to give their pitcher a couple of runs.
Verlander could still bomb out here (he’s overtaxed with pitches) but we are seeing why he is such a dominant force. When he learns to keep that pitch count down he will become even tougher to hit.

okay.. i was just doing some research looking to see when the last time we scored a run on something other than a homerun… and of course while i’m doing that we finally do it..
anyways.. before that, the last time was FRIDAY NIGHT!!! we went 31 innings without driving in a run on anything other than a HR

Time to a kangaroo court meeting. A homerun in 0-2

awesome bounce back inning here… wtg

Pitcher change time

Dodged a bullet with Lyon. Playing Russian Roulette though with the JL formula. I expect we see Zoom and Rodney.

Do the right thing now JL—well if you can’t do that then at least put in kelly or Anderson to play RF

Platooning Ordoñez would be a legit way to get rid of him.
Tigers do not need Dunn . They have the 3rd best batter in MLB with Cabrera. They need Granderson and Polanco on base.

here we go ,what’s zumaya going to do today

All I can say about Rodney is that his numbers are good.
That’s as close to giving him a compliment on tonight’s performance as I can get.
They out hit us and they out fielded us but we squeaked out one anyway. Tomorrow will be a tough one for everyone–especially Luke French.

Clete was called up after the game and Kelly sent down, just an fyi for those that don’t read the twitter.

Hopefully Clete will make the impact he had when he was recalled the first time. Launch one off of Grenike, Clete.

How is it that a bat flies out of the hitter’s hands, lands against the dugout roof………and breaks in two? Sawed off with a 96 mph heater I can understand, but just landing on a hard object? What do they make these things out of, ceramic?
We’re playing Earl Weaver baseball; good pitching and 3-run homers. That’s fine when and if it works, but I’d still like to see some more run scoring hits. Regarding Thames, many of us have said for several years that you have to ride out the cold spells to get the homers and JL is doing that by keeping him in there. For the first time, I might add.
Verlander was good for the most part, outstanding at times. He struggles when his big curve isn’t dropping in there and that pitch was off and on tonight. I thought he showed a lot of maturity in this outing. He caught a bad break on that catcher’s interference that cost him 3 runs, and another bad break on Inge’s throwing error (I thought Cabby should have snagged that, it’s his job). Unless Justin evolves beyond it, though, he’s going to be a guy who throws a lot of pitches. If that remains the case, he’ll need to be able to hit 130 per start without tiring, and he’ll need a manager who lets him do it. Hopefully he just becomes more efficient, but those strikeout kings of the past threw a whole lot of pitches per start.
Lyon did his thing by getting out of his own jam. He has that capability.
Any win is a good one, and that will become more true with each passing day as we move deeper into the season. I hope we don’t start tipping ours caps to Greinke before he even throws a pitch tomorrow. We’ve got to be able to beat these guys too.
Good move, Thomas for Kelly. Don did his job as I’d hoped, and now it’s time for Clete to help us for awhile. This is a strategy that can work. Too bad we still don’t have Timo. 🙂

Timo that guy could hit in the clutch. I agree Rich I would rather see a little more of driving runs in with doubles and singles. Homers are great, but there has to be more, can’t sit there and wait for the homer and that seems to be what is happening lately.
Well I won’t see the game tonight have to go to Chicago for work. That may be a good thing – since well it is Grienke. But I agree lets hope they grind out at bats and don’t just give up before they have even started. Grienke has last four games and his last outing gave up quite a few runs. He is beatable.
Regarding Justin last night. Yes he threw too many pitches, but in my opinion 4 out of those 5 runs were well CRAP. Yes Inges error, but that interfernce on Laird. But beyond that DeJesus struck out – the second to last pitch was a strike if I ever saw one and wouldn’t you know the next pitch a double down the line. Boy there was some course language in my house..
Well got to leave for the airport. Heres to a win

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