Clete Thomas recalled, Don Kelly designated

As manager Jim Leyland said after Tuesday’s game, they’re kind of trying to catch lightning in a bottle with Thomas, who has heated up with the Hens.

“He’s done pretty well,” Leyland said. “He’s still going to have his moments. He’s a young player, but he’s an aggressive young player.”


Obviously a good move and the right move. Clete has some power and he can provide some spark. He seems better rounded than Kelly, knows the team and has MLB experience and a taste of success while he’s been up.

While I don’t have a real problem with the move – don’t forget that Clete in his last 29 at bats before he was sent down had only 3 hits and to walks. He was not doing well. Don Kelly was similar in ways he started out hot was actually hitting the ball all over the place and also took some critical walks, and has slowed down here as he time at the plate has. So I guess what I am saying is that it doesn’t bother me but I don’t think that Clete is any better.

I hope it works – I have a good feeling about Clete, Kelly just didn’t seem quite ready.

It was good to reward Kelly with a call up with the year he was having at AAA, but he is a career minor leaguer and utility player at best with little power. It was the rignt move to send Thomas down and now the right move to call him up to see what he has learned. Clete has the potential to be a good everyday big league outfielder. A lot of young players are streaky there first few years. It would be great to see him come out of the gate like he did when he was called up the last time.

I am not a Josh Anderson fan by any means, buyt I do believe he should play tonigt in LF with Clete in RF.
Ordonez is not hitting; he is not helping; he does NOT hit Zack Greinke. He has hit .143 off of him with ZERO HRs
We will need to work the base paths to get hard fought runs and a guy who can bunt run and field better than Magllio would be an asset tonight.
I’d go a step further and give Ramon the start at short based on another LHB primarily but also that Everett is not gonna do much against Greinke either. Everett could benefit from the 2 day rest IMO–he is starting to look a trifle shaky out there. Polanco and Inge have had success against Greinke.
Don’t give Laird the day off. He is starting to come around and is bulldog out there anyway. Give him a day off tomorrow!
And yes, I would leave Marcus at DH. He might K 3 times but he also might as easily jack one out.
Greinke is tough all around but he is better at home than away and better vs RHB than LHB. Take as much an adavnatage as you can. Play some sound fundamental baseball today–don’t be afraid to bunt for a hit and to sacrifice. Put some pressure on their defense.

Agreed about Ordonez. He couldn’t hit Greinke back when he was the real Maggs, so it’s pointless to play him tonight. Leave him to PH against a lefty if need be.
A case can also be made for Raburn over Anderson. Ryan is hitting .309 off RHers, Josh .260. Depends on how much of a small game you want to play, which I’m leaning towards. I wouldn’t complain either way, Raburn or Anderson.
Good idea about Santiago, as long as he doesn’t have to leave to attend his wife if she goes into labor “again.” I’m sure a whole bunch of us have played THAT game. 😉
And vote Inge.

As long as we are putting in votes for Inge, please also vote for Sandoval for us displaced Michiganders who also follow the Giants!

Next thing we will see someone giving air travel miles for an Inge vote or votes for sale on the shopping network.
The whole voting thing is an outrageous expression of what MLB has deteriorated into.
I hope Brandon gets in but I don’t want to see a self addressed vote for Inge ballot in my mailbox.

Believe me, Dan, I am making a HUGE exception by voting in this thing. There’s not another player in baseball I’d do this for. My reasons are that Inge has done a lot of good community work, he’s an excellent representative of the Tigers (although Grandy gets the press), he got totally shafted last season but kept his head up and did what was asked of him, AND he did what we on the blog asked of him by working on his hitting in the offseason and having it actually pay off.
This is a one time thing and I’ll never participate in this nonsense again. The All Stars should be chosen by their peers, as they used to be.

Amen Rich. I’ve been waiting for someone to sate the facts. All Star voting should have never been given to the fans. it is a mockery of the game. Peer recognition is the ultimate complement.


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