Tigers to skip Porcello's spot

With an off-day coming up Thursday and the All-Star break next week, the Tigers are skipping Rick Porcello in the rotation until after the break. It’s a pretty easy way to limit his innings heading into the season’s second half (he’s currently at 87).

“We always said all along we were going to pick our spots to protect him,” manager Jim Leyland said. “It has nothing to do with yesterday’s performance, I can tell you that. … To be honest with you, I’m sure he doesn’t like it, but it’s what we’re going to do to protect him.”

This way, they can protect him quite a bit. There’s an extra off-day for the Tigers out of the break, so they won’t start their second half until next Friday. Add in a scheduled off-day the following Monday, and the Tigers could conceivably rest Porcello until their doubleheader against the White Sox July 24 at Comerica Park.

Thus, rotation for the upcoming series against Cleveland will send Edwin Jackson to the mound Friday, Armando Galarraga Saturday and Justin Verlander Sunday. That should not have an impact on Verlander’s availability for the All-Star Game. Tuesday would fall on the normal day for Verlander to throw a side session between starts anyway, an inning or two of work in a game should replace the session.


Ha, I was just wondering about that and here’s the answer! It’s a good move. I assume Galarraga Saturday and Verlander Sunday? That would preclude Justin from working the AS game but they can use Jackson. Don’t really want two of your starters pitching in St. Louis anyway.
I believe this may be the first time in several years that we’re getting the post-AS game Thursday off. This will help.
I just finished putting in a few dozen more votes for Inge.

Also just put some votes in for Brandon using the Chicago Mayor Daly strategy of voting early and often.

It is an interesting dilemma that we face. We need a good bat but who doesn’t at this point. Not sure how we missed out on the DeRosa sweepstakes other than the idea of not trading within the division.

The lost is to blame to the batters, The Tigers inns at bat lasted a couple of minutes. he was in and out in a blink

Ericdickelman, I had voted once for Brandon yesterday and once today. Guess I need to get in there and do it the Chicago way and vote early and often as you say. My multiple voting might even make Rod Blagojevich proud.

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