Figaro placed on 15-day DL

Remember when the Tigers sent down Alfredo Figaro last week and replaced him with Luke French? Well, turns out Figaro had a sprained right wrist. So today, the Tigers voided the option of Figaro and placed him on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to June 28. He’ll be eligible to come off the DL in a week.


What a difference 1 pitch makes. GMan looking like he is in trouble and heading for deeper water. Throws a pitch out and they get a free out. After that he is tranformed.
Great inning for him.
Same idea the other day when Morales was struck out by Lyon but got the call from the ump. Next pitch he moves the runner into scoring position and they win the game on a Punto bloop.

JL should bat Granderson 6th or 7th. He needs to do something about this growing problem

Thames keeps knocking them out – 7 homers over the past month. His stats are weird – more hits during day games (.293 Vs .228 night) but all homers have been at night. Hopefully a big game tonight will even it up.

2 DP’s in 2 innings. Uggghhh!!!

DP with the base loaded—-again. How many times this year have we done that?
We lead the league in grounding into double plays.

Two strike outs on wild pitches. Where has that early discipline at the plate that Inge and Thames were showing gone??

Actually we lead the league(s) in DP’s.
That’s a lot of killed ralies.
This game has seen us squander too many opportunities and it has the compounding effect of obviously not getting runs but also to empower Meche and the Royals.
Dangerous to let them off the hook like this. Can’t beat them with 1 run.

Chances are that GMan is going to give up a long ball today. The offense can’t sit back and wait for someone else to do the job. Laird walked but he had 125 feet to bunt down the 3rd base line. Gotta take advantage of what they give you, if they are dense enough to give it.

Lucky KC is proving as inept with 2 runners out on bases.

JL—help these guys out. Steal, Bunt, Hit & Run, Manage.
We let Meche up for air and this is gonna backfire on us–we’ve seen this movie before.

Did you guys catch beck in the press box.. nice job getting some airtime jason.

you called it..
the offense has been bad once again and they are paying for it.. someone said it the other day.. you can’t keep making your pitchers go out there feeling like they have to pitch 9 inning shutouts to win ballgames..

Meche will be even tougher to hit now.

Boy, Raburn has had some timely HRs for the club this year. He knows he is fighting for playing time with Guillen looming in the wings.

Let’s go Gerald. A clutch hit here makes things a whole lot better. Tough break on Thames flyout to right-center. More often than not the outfielder can’t hang on to that ball.

The breaks are just not going our way tonight. Laird smucks the ball and 2 more left on. Everett earlier with bags loaded. DPs hit right back up the middle etc.
GMan will get one more inning unless he gets 3 up 3 down

The 3rd pitch was too predictable

Is Lyon available?

another QS wasted

wtg joel… another blown one for you.

Thanks Zumaya.

This will be the third recent game in which I have posted that it may be time to consider having Zumaya spend some time in the minors.

I don’t get Zumaya–2 curve balls had the guy hypnotized. The walk was the killer though–it always is.
Beyond that i’m just to ********** to comment. Like I said these starters have to feel that if they give up ONE stinkin’ run–they may not win the game.
GMan gave up that 1 run.

great job by raburn but man what an idiot..

And they actually have the audacity to call this a bullpen.

Lovely base running.

What a great bullpen we have.

This team cannot buy, beg, borrow or steal a hit with runner(s) in scoring position. When they do, someone like Raburn pulls another base-running mistake which he seems to do quite often. Now we have 2 blown saves with the first of the year from Rodney. I absolutely hate to be pessimistic but I don’t believe this team will hold onto first place, maybe even losing it against sub-.500 teams before the All-Star break.

I almost posted it but i didn’t.. i was gonna say.. i don’t like bringing rodney in right here..

I have posted it before and will post it again. All of that wasted money on Sheffield could have been spent on a reliever.

Is John Hiller available?

This team cannot buy, beg, borrow, or steal a hit with runners in scoring position. Then Zumaya comes in and blows one of the best games G-man has ever pitched. If it’s true what an earlier poster said about no LHB in the line-up against a RHP, then where they do they go next? If no other game proved what they are lacking, this one surely did. Losing this game certainly foretells an imminent collapse.

rodney didn’t actually blow a save tonight.. so he’ll still get all the praise for being 17 for 17. Even though i know better.

gotta love zumaya’s numbers..
6 Holds – 5 Blown Saves.

Zumaya is the culprit here. Rodney is no better. They both pitch with their arms instead of their heads.
To me, it is especially frustrating to see Zumaya not be the best he cn be. Rodney, will never change and will be stcuk in quicksand the rest of his career. Zumaya at least is young enough and talented enough to be become overpowering. His arrogance and mental mediocrity will conspire to make him a footnote in Tiger history.
Indulging in 20/20 here, why not leave Gman in for the 8th?
His pitch count was Ok and the problem with the “Leyland Formula” of Zumaya setting up the close for Rodney is that you are counting on TWO pitchers to do everything right for TWO innings. How often does that happen, except in JL’s recurring dream?

JL cost us another game. Why in the hell did he pull G-Man after he had struck out two in the 7th and had only thrown 102 pitches? Zumaya can’t get it done 4.25 ERA are you kidding me. Then we get Rodney who gives up the HR, with his 4.29 ERA. I’ll say it again he is no closer. Enough about the above. The hitting is just plain terrible, 7 hits and two of those by Raburn. Santiago for Everett who gets called out on strikes another good JL move. I think we can kiss 1st place good-bye. I’m guessing by the end of the week. DD needs to make some moves and pull the trigger on a trade of some sort to get this team moving.

One thing I do not want to see happen is to see young talent traded for some old player that only has a year or two left in him and has a big contract.

DD did nothing about the situation in the bullpen in the offseason. It’s too late now to get a quality reliever without paying too high a price in a trade. I would rather see DD be patient and try to sign a free agent reliever in the offseason.

Thin edge of the wedge is getting oviously thicker. But not to JL and DD–they are already thick.

Get rid of some young talent. Be wise about which young ‘talent’ (Joyce?) you get rid of and try to win this year. We are precariously on top right now and an “old” vet might push us over the top. Who knows what can happen next year. Has anybody heard of the the Pistons and the Rdd Wings?
Do it now. Detroit is tired of waiting 30 odd years between World Series appearnaces. “Next Year” waiting is for the Cubs.

Zumaya must have a pretty poor record of coming in at the start of an inning.

Jim Leyland tonight: “Our setup man and closer gave up runs, but I have no issue with that.”
Question 1: did it ever occur to JL that Zumaya is not a very good pitcher?
Question 2: why did we sign the free agent Brandon Lyon if we’re not going to use him in the important roles?
So, we let Meche off the hook with more doubleplays. Ordonez is hitting the ball hard and getting nothing to show for it. Raburn is hitting great but is not using good judgment on the bases. Zumaya/Laird’s pitch selection leaves a lot to be desired. Olivo couldn’t hit a curveball if he knew it was coming, but yet we throw him two fastballs so he can fight one off for a single. Anderson makes a steal attempt but Raburn fouls off the pitch. Granderson gets to first but doesn’t steal so Polanco ends the inning with a DP.
It’s no wonder we’re losing ballgames. Sure, there’s no offense but that doesn’t excuse all the mistakes by manager and players alike. Scoring few runs makes it all the more imperative that this team be managed intelligently and played intelligently. We’re getting none of that.
We’re in first place but both Leyland and the players are sucking all the joy right out of it. It’s one thing to lose. It’s quite another to keep blowing it day in and day out. Hey Jim, just because you got an extension doesn’t mean you still can’t be fired when this season ends.

Bravo Rich.
And athe next pretense we are going to be expected to endure is the return of Carlos as a solution (c’mon, like that is gong to happen?) and Magglio starting to pund the ball again.
No way, on both expectations. Are they going to rely on a hobbled Guillen to revie this pathetic offense? Guillen is a .280 hitter at best and with only occasional power. He is not a left fielder, a 3B, a 1B or a ShortStop anymore.
Get real, get serious and change this team or watch it slide into 3rd or 4t place before your next cholesterol profile.

Well just walked in from the ballgame, another disappointment. Armando was absolutely terrific, he was in control all night.
Even before I get into Zumaya, and to a smaller extent Rodney I would like to talk about what I have been harping on for the better part of three weeks. This team cannot hit. They couldn’t hit a beach ball they couldn’t hit anything. They are inept at the plate. And that is from top to bottom. Even Cabrera really hasn’t been on top of his game in several weeks. How many double plays do they hit into – 3 tonight, and we lead baseball in them I believe. They only have 17 hits over the last three games. It is completely frustrating. What I do believe is that this team really misses a healthy Carlos Guillen. But this team also misses a Granderson and a Polanco and a Ordenez that can hit. I am really just baffled at how these career hitters can stray so far away from anything that resemebles career averages. Our pitchers cannot be perfect, and Meche was very hittable tonight and they let him as well as every other hitter they have seen lately off the hook.
Zumaya and to a lesser extent for me Rodney were terrible. I don’t even know what to say about them and frankly what does it matter.
I think that this team is living on borrowed time and if they don’t do something drastic soon they are going to find themselves closer to Cleveland that Minnesota or Chicago.
Completely disappointed in the team as a whole tonight – except for Galarraga. Everyone else gets a thumbs down from me.

I disagree that Guillen won’t help, but I do agree that he is the total answer. They need another bat.

I meant to say that I agree that he isn’t the total answer, but I think if he is healthy he can contribute. He is a smart hitter who has never really been in the habit of killing a rally. And besides a 280 -285 batting average on this team would be great.

Actually, the team is lacking leadership. This is an ongoing problem. NY has Jeter. He leads.
We have veteran talent that is incapable of “leading”. Granderson, while still my favorite Tiger, is awful. He does not improvise, he does not lead, He does not hit. Polanco.
MCab does not lead. He is a guy who can influence only when he is raking the ball, when he struggles like now, he only exacerbates the problems. Ordonez has and will never be a leader. Inge could but he will never be offensivel consistent enough to command the respect it takes. Sheffield was the closest thing we had but his ego always gets in the way. That leaves JL. He relishes the role. He isn’t a very good one, but in the absence of a true leader he manages to keep his contract extended.
As to this year: If we can’t get a power house LHB and a solid closer, then, like the Cub fans, let’s get used to “Wait till next year”.
How obvious can it be and how stupid can you expect your fans to be? This is Detroit, we know baseball–and this ain’t it.

As for trading young talent for an old vet, John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander ring a bell with anyone? One of the five (5) worst trades in the history of major league baseball.

How many millions of dollars were wasted on old Gary Sheffield?

An old Raul Ibanez this year night have been nice.

It’s a rare thing to turn a team completely around with a mid-season trade. It happens, but rarely. This thing really needs to be fixed internally.
However, it is the gorilla in the room. Guillen can help simply by being a switch hitter, but I don’t expect much more from him than we’re getting from Ordonez or Polanco. The reason I think this is for another time and another forum. I’m convinced that Adam Dunn can be had, but you’ll have to pay the price. I think we’re talking a Clete Thomas, a Wilkin Ramirez, or any number of young pitchers, maybe even Zumaya. There needs to be somebody scary in there behind Cabrera, and somebody like Granderson in front of him. But then you need a leadoff hitter, and the thing quickly snowballs into more than you can do at a trade deadline.
A lot of problems can be solved by a few timely hits with men on base, loosen ’em up, because these are definitely hitters who are pressing. Man………..there are three months to go. Something will change, for better or worse.

Raul Ibanez would apparently have cost the Tigers thirty million dollars, but would not have cost them any young talent. Unfortuantely, they can’t go out and sign free agents at this point in the season.

This season started in April. Might have been prudent to be proactive?

How many games have we lost in the first 3 or 4 innings due to “squandering”?

Granted, I am cynical–guilty as charged. But how far can this team go with an impotent ( I didn’t say incompetent!) Curtis Granderon?
Answer—not very.
If you can’t pull the trigger on a fastball down the middle Curtis then at least bunt it.

As to the Brandon Inge All Star Vote effort: Who cares? We have far more important fish to fry. I voted, once, for him. Like Bill Bragg says, One person-One Vote. Alls this licensed multi-voting vote stuffing crap is appalling to me. I don’t vote for the silly All-Star team either. IMO let the ballot box stuffing be relegated to Iran and Florida.
Detroit deserves a better team. They do not deserve to be led on by upper management with and excuse or a hollow promise for next year. These fans are true blue and have been hammered with an oppressive economy in Michigan. Give them something worthwhile to cheer about.

According to an article I read this evening that discussed the Ibanez signing and was written at the time he signed, the Tigers were not one of the teams interested in him.

I wish the Tigers had spent some money on him, rather than Sheffield.

Sheffield was a terrible move for so many reasons.

Helloooo Dave Dombrowski, Are you there? Anybody home? Any Suggestions? Maybe— wait till tomorrow, things will change?
That might work.

I am as frustrated as anyone. But this is so, so much better than losing 100 games every year and being 15 out by now. Talking about Detroit deserving a better product is so strange to me…especially when the Lions are in town.
DD was so dumb because of Sheff, the bullpen, etc. But I think he is the one who signed Everett, traded for Cabrera, traded for Jackson, drafted and signed Porcello, picked up Lyon (who people are now clamoring to have pitch the 8th when he was being run out of town on a rail a month and a half ago as one of DD’s dumb signings) and had 4 legitimate 300 hitters coming into the season who are now all at 260 or below (Granderson, Polanco, Ordonez, Guillen) and a pitcher (Galarraga) who was excellent last year and the first 3 starts this year before falling apart for two months. But you would think our team was the worst in baseball by reading these comments!

In this stretch of time – the last few weeks, I do think that they are one of the worst teams in baseball. As SLOWBYRNE put it, they are impotent. The fact of the matter is they were hitting okay in the first month when the starting pitching was hit and miss, but the pen was really pretty good. The month of May the starting pitching for the most part was pretty darn good (except for Willis and Galarraga) the pen was good enough but not great but the hitting was starting to show it real holes. Now we are in a stretch were the starting pitching is spotty, the pen isn’t good for the most part and the hitting is horrific. Yes they are in first place but in my opinion they are there because of the slow starts of the Twins and the Soxs. Well they are starting to pick it up and the Tigers are coming back to the middle.

Zumaya had a good road trip and looked like the pitcher he was the first nine games he pitched with a 0 ERA. Not only is his pitch selection questionable, the location is often bad. The low fastball gets hit the opposite way. There are few hitters than can catch his high inside fastball. Lyon had been going well and gave up a lead in MN. I thought he should of been in for the 9th. I would not bring Rodney in without the lead unless he had not pitched in several days. His focus seems much better when the save opportunity is there.
It looks like Guillen will be replacing Kelly after the break. It would be great to see him come out strong after the break.
Granderson has struggled for periods of time each of the last three years and then goes on a terror. Still waiting for the terror this year and the struggle seems to be longer. He is the teams sparkplug on offense and if he heats up, others will as well.
You cannot add Dunn to the current Tigers unless you dispose of Thames, Guillen or Maggs. It would be a forth player who is marginal from a defensive standpoint. I was hoping Colorado would of been out of it and Hawpe would of been available.
Vote Inge

Wonder how many runs JV can give up tonight? Can we we win if he throws a shutout?
Slip-Slidin’ away. There will be those fans that continue to be satisfied with us being where we are. If you look beyond where we are today , what do you see? I’ll give you a hint, look at JL’s face in the dugout during recent games, he knows where we will be.

Does anybody else notice how much Rodney SUCKS in non-save situations? He is perfect in save situations (17/17), yet he seems to choke in every situation that JL brings him in as regular relief. I don’t get it, he is our closer so why are we using him in non-save situations?

I wish we had some consistency with this team. You watch some games and you feel really good about where this team is headed (think Brewers and Cubs) and then you watch other games and wonder why they are not in last place. This is so incredibly frustrating!!!

There is one more classic Leyland quote,
“It’s kind of puzzling, really.”
That’s what we need to hear from our skipper.

Also, I really hope Maggs comes around. He has been my Tiger ever since he came to this team and I really feel for him and I would hate to see him go.

Also, I am glad to see Armando is pitching better…too bad we couldn’t get him the win last night!

There’s nothing puzzling about it. The hitters are pressing, just like hitters have done for well over 100 years. Throw in some bad breaks and it gets worse. Bases loaded and Everett rips one foul, then hits a hard grounder into a DP. Laird creams one, right at the 3rdbasman. Ordonez hits one off Meche’s ankle on his follow through, along with a hard liner to right that’s caught. We get one break in a big situation and we probably score runs the rest of this week because they’d relax and quit pressing. Meanwhile, the opposition is hitting bloops off the handle that do damage. Punto on Saturday, Olivo last night. Either these breaks turn around or they don’t. There’s no guarantee of either.
I’ll clarify my thoughts on bullpen use. If JL insists on using the “roles” game, then you want Zumaya as the guy who comes into a situation to get a strikeout. You don’t start him in an inning because the hitters begin to time his fastball, a fastball that goes very fast and very straight. You start the 8th inning with Lyon, a guy who can give up a hit or two but usually get out of it. I was never one of those participating in the “dump Lyon” campaign. Rodney is the closer so you use him as such, just as JL did last night. I don’t buy into the “can’t pitch in a non-save situation” mentality. Rodney is just inconsistent, always has been. He’s pitched worse in some of his saves than he has in non-save spots. The perfect 17 for 17 is just coincidence.
Until a trade is actually made, I’d rather think about how to make the current roster perform better. And while I get frustrated too, this is still a pennant race and I’m going to enjoy it. We got the alternative last year.

And vote for Inge.

I am not ready to think the ship is sinking quite yet. Maybe taking on some water, but not done for. Maggs is hitting better, Raburn is proving to provide some clutch hitting (albeit his baserunning last night was horrible and gave us an out in the inning we didn’t need). Aren’t set up guys and closers on the roster and getting paid for a reason, and that is to do their job? G-Man did terrific yesterday, but not long ago he was struggling, so I am ok with him coming out for the other guys coming in. Zoom had a terrific outing in that extra innings game, and that is his job, to come in and hold a game. He didn’t do his job, Rodney didn’t do his job, and we caught some poor breaks on well hit balls last night.

I’m with Rich – still rather be where we are than where the Indians are – been there, done that.

Jim Price hit the nail on the head last night – you just can’t walk people late in the game, it comes back to bite you, and he said Zumaya just has too good of stuff to be walking people. HE also noted that Polanco will have a great game and seem to be coming back to form, and then hits a cold streak – too many cold streaks for our batters, which I just have to believe will come around.

I just read the All Star selection breakdown. Youkilis was a Madden selection and not a player vote. Morneau was the player vote and does have the best numbers. Cabrera has better numbers than Youkilis and should of been the Manager choice even if he got more fan votes.

Its a popularity contest plain and simple and the most deserving players will never be completely the ones to go. Just like Curtis – as glad as I am for him going, he is in my opinion not deserving this year. Last year yes, 2007 yes, but 2009 no. Cabrera deserves to go, as well as Inge, and the two pitchers who are going. I have voted for Brandon a ton and he deserves it.

JL pre-game intrview with Dickerson. Typical non-chalant, anti-charismatic, obligatory interview.
He sure hs the media trained (intimidated). No hardball questions just segue drivel. Would have liked to have heard him answer the question why did he take GMan out with him pitching so well at that point? Or, does he think Zumaya is not pitching smart? Or is Rodney going to be able to handle the closer role the rest of the way? Or is he concerned that he started a predominantly RHB lineup against Meche? Nobody wants to cross the old troll and they feed him some pretty easy questions.
Same lineup as yesterday.

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