Magglio sits opener vs. Twins

Considering Kevin Slowey’s pitching splits — a .349 average and .933 OPS allowed to left-handed hitters, compared to .266 and .728 from the right side — Jim Leyland could be expected to try to get in as many left-handed hitters as he could. This time, he did so while sitting Magglio Ordonez, whose struggles against left-handed pitchers during the Oakland didn’t make a matchup against right-handers look promising tonight.

Ordonez was here early in the afternoon for extra hitting work on the field. We’ll see if he returns to the lineup Saturday to face Francisco Liriano, against whom he’s 6-for-17 for his career.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Kelly, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Anderson, RF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Luke French


  1. Denard Span, LF
  2. Brendan Harris, SS
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  6. Joe Crede, 3B
  7. Delmon Young, DH
  8. Carlos Gomez, CF
  9. Nick Punto, 2B

P: Kevin Slowey


Ordonez’s struggles have really hurt Detroit. Not only has he not been producing he has destroyed his trade value. Hopefully he can turn things around.

Well how crappy was that? This guy is not a strikeout type pitcher and he made the tigers look like kittens.
Granderson had a beautiful fastball right down the middle on the 1st pitch. As always, he took it to get immediately behind in the count. Where his confidence level plummets.
I know he needs to hack away at that 1st pitch sometimes.

Have they forgotten where their playing today?? Suddenly the offense is in sync!!

Today was Edwin Jackson spot. He is not there so they are batting like in a practice

Third time thru the lineup will be critical for French.

time for a visit to the mound

Oh my, JL, that is COLD.

To calm him down , not to pull him

The kid sure rode his luck with 10 flyouts and only one groundout. Lucky JL never had to try and make a quid as a motivational speaker.

There are a lot of us, including myself who think Miner should be in the rotation and that he’s not one of JL’s favorites. I don’t think he’s in JL’s doghouse, I just think that in JL’s strategy, a strong long pen guy is more valuable than a 5th starter….
The move to Miner worked but I think he should have given French one more batter. Cold.

leyland blew this game.

If he wasn’t in the doghouse, he’ll be in it now. This game is on the verge of getting away. Awful.

what the **** was leyland waiting for ,miner to give up the lead .

miner is a piece of ****

you don’t leave a guy in there when he gives up 9 bases in recording 2 outs.
I know zach miner may be the best we got for whatever role he is in, but you guys do realize his BAA is higher than nate robertsons right?

I agree Chad. Over managed game.

Egads. Perhaps Leyland is watching another game but this one that I’m watching was pretty clear that Miner had to be taken out after Delmon young’s ripped single in the hole after the bomb by Crede.
Course JL needs to prove he was right in taking out the starter at the most bush league time imaginable.
Be a miracle if the Tigers win this one. They are demoralized and don’t believe they can do much right.

leyland was waiting for the twins to hit for the cycle in the inning but Harris ruined it by getting a triple instead of a double.

JL has two codes for pitching. He is quick in dealing with the kids and procastinates with the regulars. Miner clearly wasn’t on song and was lucky to finish the 4th off. He should never have been pitching after the Punto walk.

The sharks are circling. We need some heroics tonight.

Lyon in the 7th? Back to Zoom for the 8th? Could get ugly.
Not looking good with the bats gone cold after the lefty came on.

Don’t understand bringing Lyon on in the 7th and then burning him for tomorrow keeping him into the 8th. Lyon, Seay and Rodney are the only three I would currently have pitching the 8th and 9th in close games.

Poor French!… Offense gave him 7 runs… what more can you ask for? Certainly , not yank him before he proves he could have gotten out of the inning, with out much damage.
Minnesota read Minor like a book, and chewed him up. Sure didn’t protect the lead tonight.. ugly!!!!
Is there any miracle whip left in the jar for dipping their bats in? That game was as good as in the bag,and a “W” in thier column tonight… only a miracle can save this game for them…
PITIFULL Guys… Tigers are playing like a AA team…

lyon only threw 21 pitches.. he’ll be fine for tomorrow.

More luck than good management with two innings pitched. Need a miracle in the bottom 9th to get another chance.

bring zumaya in to blow another game like he always does

the HP ump is a dick

Two bullets dodged by Seay.
Got to laugh what gets censored and what goes thru to the keeper. Dont apply head??

Where are the bats? Not much hitting going on here in the last few innings.

What the hell was Leland thinking? Is he stuck opn stupid or what? French had it going, so as usual JL took him out and blew the lead. If he (French) had been blowing it JL would have left him in to blow the game. They need to send Leland down and bring up Clete and trade Ordonez!

This is where Zumaya is at his worst. usually starts off an inning with a hit or walk.

Zumaya did his job.

If we score, does anyone think Rodney will go 1,2,3 ?

yeah Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3.. actually he’ll get them 1234

Well Zumaya proved that wrong! He pitched very well and the key was throwing strikes. I assume he is done now.

I think the Twins are just waiting for us to score so they can break our hearts again.

we’ve had a ******** 2 hits in the last 7 innings. Depressing.

lol.. it blanked out w-h-o-p-p-i-n-g

walk em both.

i called it first!

I thought JL would do this s-t-u-?p-i-d

.You want to bet Cuddyer walks


It was still stupid.

ok zumaya proves me wrong this time

But it may have been a real big turning point for Zumaya.

Way to go Joel!!! How about some inspired hitting now.

No matter how this ends, Edwin’s gonna have to pitch a complete game tomorrow to rest the pen.

That will do Zoom’s confidence the world of good. We can’t win without hitting.

I would bring Maggs in 3rd for Anderson against the lefty. A vote of confidence might help him.

That leaves Dolsi left to finish the night.
Hessmann had to pitch the other night. Did a better job than his hitting!!

Dolsi?? I don’t like this much either.

16 pitchers

he will give the homer

The Tigers have been comprehensively outmanaged. The ump having two strike zones sure didn’t help.

Binge was pitcher at college. Its him or Porcello

So Maggs doesnt bunt either

They better score 3 here because Dolsi is bad news. I actually was hoping they would put Rodney out there for 1 more. I know this is beyond his job description but to turn this over to Dolsi in a huge game in the 14th was–like I said before–stupid.

Why cant he just struck out , at least we spare an out

DD, please trade Magglio and get whatever you can for him.

Anderson hits the ball like he is returning a backhand at Wimbeldon. I have no hope for this guy–he is awaste of a roster spot. don’t know how he actually hit a triple in this game.
What a stupid game to lose. I gotta stop saying stupid.

I agree, Dan. This game was here for the taking. Who knows whether you’ll need Rodney tomorrow or Sunday.


Can Freaky Freddie hold these guys off?

Dolsi earned a couple of saves last year. Can you blow and earn a save in the same game?? Probably just gets the win.

Keep the ball low

You feel the fate of the season rests on this game. Momentum either way will be huge.

PHEEEWWWW!!! A win sure helps ease sore shoulders and bodies!!

I apologize to Dolsi
Happy Four of July

It was a Freaky Friday.
Don’t know how they managed to do it because Twinkie history and momentum were definitely not in their corner.
Ordonez contributed and Curtis had the big hit.
Gotta give Laird tons of credit for the game he played and dealing with Dolsi.
Gotta savor this one for a little while only cause they have to back out there today nad play another one

It was a Freaky Friday.
Don’t know how they managed to do it because Twinkie history and momentum were definitely not in their corner.
Ordonez contributed and Curtis had the big hit.
Gotta give Laird tons of credit for the game he played and dealing with Dolsi.
Gotta savor this one for a little while only cause they have to back out there today and play another one

FREDDI DOLSI, way to hang tough in there! Monumental victory. Maybe that’s overstated but what the heck. They threw everything at us and we didn’t break. Huge win!
Just wanted to post as proof I stayed to the end. Here’s to Edwin pitching a complete game shutout tomorrow. I expect we’ll see Magglio, Adam, and maybe Dusty. Inge could use a break. Then again, so could everybody………..Goodnight fellow bloggers…………….


Toooo late in the evening (morning) to go into anything in depth. We did steal the French game, although not quite how I pictured it.
Three quick thoughts:
1. These guys fight hard and that’s their biggest advantage this season. As I keep saying, scrappy.
2. Miner is not a relief pitcher, and I get tired of saying it.
3. Between Jackson starting and Lyon being available, we may have an advantage later this afternoon in the (blacked out for me) Fox game.

The importance of last night’s win can’t be understated. To blow two 6 run leads in a place that hasn’t been very kind to us in the past, and still come out with a W is big. Kudos to Polly, Grandy, Raburn, and French. At this point, Cabrera looks like he’s trying too hard. He needs to relax, but with Maggs not producing, I think he’s trying to take up the slack and his production has dropped. Rich, I too wanted to see Zach get the opportunity to start. But there are no excuses for last nights’ mess. He got the big out in the 5th. It was the next inning he fell apart. Be it starter or reliever, if you can’t protect a 7-2 lead and throw strikes (Punto) you don’t deserve to start. I want to see more of French–would be real nice to have a lefty starter just to mix things up a little. A win today would really be sweet, but I’m guessing Liriano will pitch a gem. Hope I’m wrong. Happy 4th everyone!


Well after a short night of rest – here are my thoughts.
AMEN that would of been horrible if they would of lost that one after being up 7-2. Miner was taken off the hook big time. I never thought that Dolis would make it through those three innings NEVER.
I didn’t read through all of the posts but (and I know Magglio is scuffling) but that ball that he grounded into the double play where Raburn got picked off. Well Magglio hit that very very hard, you could hear it come off of his bat. That was poor baserunning by Raburn. In no way could that be blamed on Magglio as was suggested earlier. He smoked that ball, it was just right at them. Raburn is the one to be mad at there.
What I found interesting is that Leyland only thought that French did okay. I thought that he was doing pretty well, and I thought that he was taken out premature.???
Joel had a really good night as well as Lyon, Fernando. Pen really did a pretty good job. That being said they will be toast today. I would imagine only Seay, and Lyone would be available. Miner maybe.

I watched the entire event. This game is what makes baseball the elite of all sports. No clock! Both teams had the same opportunities to win. The football and basketball fanatics are mounting their great comeback, and then time runs out. Look at the Baltimore comeback the other night. Isn’t baseball wonderful. Re the heroes: Mine is Polly; we’ve all been disappointed in his overall offense, but he is worth his weight in gold. I would resign him just for the leadership and professionalism that he brings to the game. He would be a fabulous mentor for a future 2bman. And he was hosed by the umpire as were several players during the game. Laird was critical in guiding the pitchers through the game. Let’s dream now and go for the sweep.


Hi Everyone,
After a hard day of whiffle ball, I couldn’t stay up 16 innings, but I am ecstatic we pulled this one off. What I’m disappointed by is Leyland’s comments and his obvious dislike of Miner. Miner has been the anchor in our bullpen this year, saving more than one starting pitcher’s backside. He has one lousy game and Leyland calles him out. And he calls him out even after we won. That bums me out.
French did a heck of a job, and I can’t believe JL pulled him at 4 2/3- with the last batter he faced striking out. If the game had gone differently, I would be upset that he didn’t get the deserved W.
I’ve been really critical of Zumaya lately- I’m glad he came through tonight.
Oh- one last thing- had Josh Anderson played that triple properly and caught the ball instead of crashing into the wall- the 5th inning may have turned out much differently. Just a thought.
Happy 4th everyone. Be safe- and wherever your holiday takes you today, I hope the game is on.


Well Tracey, maybe Josh didn’t play that ball very well, but I doubt very much whether Maggs would have caught it either. Zach had already opened the barn door after allowing a homer, single, and then walking Punto on pitches not even close to the strike zone. That had to drive JL crazy. He continually was behind in the count and getting pitches up. I can forgive a HR when the bases are empty, at least he’s throwing strikes. But you can’t walk .200 hitters to set up big innings. His job plain and simple was to get us to the 8th with at least a 4 run lead and he failed miserably. It wasn’t like he inherited a mess, he created one for himself. Does anyone else have this feeling about the Twins that a 5 or 6 run lead seems like a 1 run lead against anyone else? They seem to capitalize on an opponents’ mistakes more than any other team we play.


I’m certainly not letting Zach off the hook- its just Leyland has allowed every other pitcher a bad outing, and some many more than one or two. And JL had the opportunity to take him out sooner than 4 runs and a man on third with one out.
And, let’s not forget the Tigers didn’t score any runs from the 4th until the 14th- which is an entire ballgame.
Anyways-yes, Zach had a bad outing last night. I just don’t like the way there seems to be double standard with JL. That was my main point.


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