Five SeaWolves make Eastern League All-Star team

Double-A Erie earned five selections on the Southern Division All-Star team for the Eastern League All-Star Game July 15 in Trenton. Outfielder Deik Scram and pitcher Josh Rainwater were fan balloting selections, while catcher Alex Avila, outfielder Brennan Boesch and first baseman Ryan Strieby were also named to the club. It’s the third All-Star selection in as many years and at as many levels for Strieby, a Midwest League All-Star at Class A West Michigan in 2007 and a Florida State League selection last year at Class A Lakeland.


Rome is burning while Nero is fiddling. Come on DD, we got to do something to jump start this offense. No way we win this thing with Ordonez. Can’t believe they are going to throw this season away hoping he’s going to come around. I’d rather see Clete back up and starting in right than watch this thing continue to spiral downward. And Grandy, what the heck? Try bunting for a hit every once and a while. I’m frustrated, can’t you tell?


These guys are very pull happy lately, and you may have noticed the Oakland pitchers pounding them outside for all three days. If the hitters don’t make an adjustment, they’ll never hit.
Watching Maggs is just kind of sad now. Cutting his hair, going with high socks, etc. I hardly recognized him several times today. He pulled a hard grounder today, the same type of grounder that founds holes all of 2007, the same kind that went through for all those clutch hits in the past. Today, right at the 3rdbaseman, doubleplay. Just makes ya crazy.
Lyon hadn’t pitched in nearly a week. Just as he was on a nice roll, he sits for six days. Not smart.
I don’t want to start a “Dunn is the Answer” campaign but the fact is, acquiring him would solve about a million problems. He could platoon DH with Thames/Ordonez, he draws a ton of walks, and has big time power. And he’s still 29 years old. And a character guy to have. I’d make a run at him right now, don’t wait for the trade deadline. I’m sure we have some youngsters that Washington would want and everybody would win.
Small bright side: Minnesota trails be four in the loss column so they can’t catch us with a sweep this weekend.
Slightly larger bright side: We’ve got a streaky club, one that could easily pull another surprise this weekend.
THE bright side: We’ve played 44 road games and 34 homes games. We’re 23-11 at home. Do the math.

While I like you reasoning better Rich, we are three games up on the Twins so, by my estimation if we lose all three we will be tied correct??? Regardless this team isn’t playing well enough, not even beating the bad teams anymore. Really disappointing after the sweeps over the Brewers and Cubs. And if the soxs win tonight they will also be only three games back after a week ago it was more like 6 or 7 back.

Possibly Sizemore makes the team also if he wasn’t promoted to Toledo. But no Cale Iorg? DD said that he’ll be an All Star sooner than most people think, and he was talking about in the majors! I guess not, DD.
The class of the organization is clearly at the AA level, with a few exceptions.

As for Magglio, they’re going through a process with him that they have to go through. Soon enough, Guillen will be back, and soon enough, DD will bring in another OF’er. Truth is, there isn’t anyone, that’s ANYONE AT ALL in the organization that’s any better right now. The cupboard is bare. We’ve already got a bunch of farm hands in the lineup. Clete was exposed in his last call up and hit barely .100 for June before being sent down. He has some things to work on in his swing.
No excuses for Ordonez, he hit .354 in September with 5 HR and 25 RBI- on a badly declining team at that time, but he did zilch in the WBC, nothing in spring training, and nada since, all season long. Let it not be said that he wasn’t given his chance before being released.
2009: Sheffield + Ordonez + Guillen + Robertson + Willis + Bonderman = $ 71.1 million
2010: Same group minus Sheffield = $ 65.5 million.
without Ordonez (including buyout) = $ 50.5 million
For what production?

Erie could of had three others if not called up, (Brown, Figero and Sizemore). There are some very good prospects at Erie. Wells is strarting to come around after an injury. Iorg has hit better the last few weeks and his bat seems to be coming around. He will make it. He is only a year removed from being out of baseball for two years. He would not be the first big leaguer who struggled hitting his first year in AA ball. I would not be surprised to see at least one of the current pitchers on the opening day roster for the big team next year. DD has done a good job of turning around the minor league system and Chadd has drafted well.

Make that four all-stars, Rainwater just got called up to Toledo tonight.

On Iorg: he’s starting to come out of his season long funk, he’s working couts and not just hacking and wacking at everything, but he still has a long way to go. The glove is legit, as is the arm and speed, but he needs to become more consistent- much more consistent- before he can be taken seriously as a prospect.

Check out his Day/Night splits:

Day: .343/.425/.529, 9 BB, 17 SO, 70 AB
Night: .181/.215/.294, 7 BB, 61 SO, 204 AB

Makes you wonder if he can see the ball at night.

You’ll remember a similar oddity with Brent Clevlen when he was in Erie in 2006. Clevlen stated that he noticed ‘dark spots’ on the field when he was with the SeaWolves.

Iorg hasn’t noticed it and stated that it’s just one of those weird oddities.

Still it makes you wonder.

Figaro went down with an injury.

Don’t mean to spam the board here. It will still be five SeaWolves on the EL roster. Marte, Jensen, Satterwhite, and Simons are next on the list, so one of them will take his place. I’m guessing that it will be Simons, the coaching staff has been saying that he deserves to be there since the rosters came out.

Is everyone excited about the big weekend series, or feeling more like the man walking up the steps to the gallows? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that tonight’s game is the one the Tigers can steal. With the rookie going, they will subconsciously raise their level of intensity and might play an outstanding game. The flip side of that is the same thing would happen in reverse on Saturday. With the first one in the books, they would be relaxed with Jackson going, probably leading to wasting yet another good performance by Edwin. On Sunday, I have bad visions of the Twins pounding Porcello’s sinker into the turf with disastrous results for the Tigers.
Enough amateur sports psychology. This guy tonight isn’t going to walk anybody, so the guys have to be swinging the bats from the get go. Get him in the first inning. Grandy, Polly, Miggy, Marcus, that’s you.
Everywhere I turn, there are stories about when Leyland is going to bench Ordonez. It gets wearisome, in fact. Putting aside all the contract vesting business, I’m not sure you necessarily bench him at all. Granted, Maggs was killing us in the 3 hole, but Jim has been hitting him seventh. The main question is, who replaces him? You want an upgrade and I don’t see one. We can all throw out names but we’re hoping and dreaming on that score. Seems to me the question is more about making a transaction then it is benching #30 just for the sake of benching him. I’m sure I’ll get lots of disagreement here.
Finally, there’s “winning with pitching and defense.” After a 15-13 June with a .249 team BA, I guess we’ve done that. My own definition of WWPAD, however, assumes that your offense is able to cobble together at least four runs on most nights. We have not done that.
To answer my own question from up top there, I’m looking forward to a weekend of very very meaningful ballgames. You don’t always get that.

Wow, I like to stay positive. I think we are going to sweep Minnesota, as long as we walk Mauer everytime🙂
I wonder what the Cleveland fans are saying.
We have 3 months to go. I hope our manager keeps this team together. My line up would be 1-Polly, 2-Grandy, 3-Cabrera, 4-Inge, 5-Thames, 6-Everett, 7-Maggs, 8-Rayburn, 9-Laird.
Yes, we can win the division with Pitching and Defense. I like the idea of adding Dunn. DD, go out and get him!
I think we will start hitting. Hey, was anyone else at the game on last week Wednesday with the fireworks? D-town was packed, and I saw too many Cubs hats. Got back to GR at 2:30 am. Anyway, Go Tigers!

Magg is in the bench. Kelly and Anderson in the corners.
Does any one remember that in a three ways trade Luke Scott was headed to Detroit for Thames?( 2006) DD call off the deal because he wanted the O´s to add a lhp

You got lineups already? Where do I find that?

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