Robertson has surgery, out at least a month

I’m not on the series in Oakland, but I received word that Nate Robertson had successful surgery to remove four small cysts from his left elbow. Dr. Stephen Lemos, team physician, performed the procedure here in Detroit. It’s a relatively minor surgery, but the hope is that it’s a big help for Robertson. Because the cysts were around his ulnar nerve, he was experiencing numbness in his left hand, as head athletic trainer Kevin Rand explained Sunday.

The timetable calls Robertson to wait 3-4 weeks before he can pick up a ball. From there, it’s a matter of how long his throwing program lasts. The timetable would seemingly suggest an August return at the earliest, or a September return when rosters expand.


Ulnar nerve compression, sure. Don’t know to what degree that effected his pitching, but you can bet it wasn’t helping him. Maybe that’s where the bite in his slider went. September is probably realistic, I’d think, as things stack up so far.

For his sake and ours, I hope it is something that can help him get his edge back – no one likes to see a player struggle. In my mind I thought he had lost his drive, but maybe it was more physical than I thought. Either way – here’s to a speedy and full recovery.

Thanks for the update Jason, even if you aren’t with the team this week.

I’ll be back for the weekend series at Minnesota.

Good man. The rats in the dome will be waitin’ for ya. 🙂

Just something here for y’all to chew on. You may remember Nyjor Morgan when we played Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. He was traded to the Nationals. Here’s a part of Bill Ladson’s story:
WASHINGTON — The Nationals traded reliever Joel Hanrahan and outfielder Lastings Milledge to the Pirates for reliever Sean Burnett and outfielder Nyjer Morgan on Tuesday afternoon.

Morgan is considered the key to the deal for Washington. He was acquired to improve the team’s outfield defense, which ranks among the worst in the National League.

The Nationals have been unhappy with their outfielders for quite some time. They have come to the conclusion that Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham belong in the American League as designated hitters, and Elijah Dukes makes too many fundamental mistakes.
The part about Dunn is interesting. He may be available in exchange for our more athletic outfielders. Dunnie would definitely get this offense going.
And a day after I say I hate rumors, I’m starting this up. Forget you read this. 🙂

Well for Nate’s sake and the teams, I hope that this operation does the trick and he can get back into form.
Regarding that display at the plate last night, completely embarrassing. This offense is horrible. I believe that there are only two regular players batting over 275. As a team they are horrible. They are winning because of pitching and while still good, it has fallen. A few weeks ago they were had the best era in the AL and now they have dipped to 4th. As far as the offense this is how they rank in the league.

20th in hits
29th in doubles
11th in runs
15th in triples
7th in homeruns
11th in RBI’s
21st in walks
19th in strikeouts
16th in average
2nd most GIDP’s
20th in extra base hits
OPS 14th

That is just aweful. And last nights 14 strikeouts hopefully humiliated them. This team really misses the bat of Guillen and there are guys not named Magglio who are not pulling their weight (ie. Granderson and Polanco). Everyone is having fun talking about Magglio, but those two guys are hitting less than Maggs. These are guys who traditionally hit 40 points or more higher than what they are. Yes Curtis is hitting homers, but if he doesn’t hit a homer he does one of two other things, ground out to 2nd or pop out to short or third. It is almost predictable. I don’t know if his swing is different. But I would rather have him hit a few less homeruns and drive the ball a little more and get on base. Polanco’s struggles are mystifying. But a lot of these guys have got to pick it up and do it quickley and consistently.

Thank goodness June is coming to an end. Even with the 7 game winning streak, getting wins have been a grind with a 14-13 record going into tonight.
June’s batting has delivered a .243 average for 10th in the AL with no batter hitting over .290.
Six pitchers – JV 2.96 , Edwin 2.36 , Miner 3.31, Seay 0.0, Lyon 0.56 and Rodneys scrapes over the line, together with a few clutch hits have managed to keep the Minnie wolves at bay for the time being.
The Tigers have been riding their luck for some time and will quickly fall back if the top 5 offense don’t get their act together with the division games in July.
Am I the only fan who never votes Tiger players to the All- Stars? I much rather see them get a rest than have them travel and be half-heartedly involved for an inning or two. Rich, maybe they could expand the home run derby to include your side-show fastest pitch derby??
It is a shame baseball has never been able to establish meaningful competitions outside the season with the All Starts, WBC and the previous Olympic competitions being a long way from being showcases of the game being played at the highest level.

I don’t vote for anybody to the All Star game. I made an exception in my hope that Inge gets selected by Maddon, because I think Brandon would get a real charge out of it. Other than that, the AS game is just another American Idol contest. In fact, anything that the general public votes for is a waste of time. Next thing you know, they’ll have the general public voting for President…………..wait a minute………

Gio Gonzalez. 21 hits and 9 walks in 12 innings. ERA over8.00.
Should these guys be actually hitting the ball toninght?
I saw the following article on the Tiger site:
“• Leyland praises Tigers’ team chemistry ”
Interesting—now we chemistry!!!

How the heck did Raburn get thrown out at 3rd while Marcus ended up there? (I didn’t see the 1st inning). Looks like a bizaare play on Gameday.
C’mon GMan get over this 1qst inning non-confidence nonsense.

This is gonna be one of those games. For Chrissake throw the ball over the plate. Everett makes a blunder and the whole thing looks suspect. Get over it. Play ball anb play it right.

Good heavens, we’re playing some sloppy baseball. What’s going on here? We should have about six runs on the board.

Frustrating 2nd for the Tigs. Granderson can’t get the fly ball-ordonez looks like he has never been a runner on 3rd base before and we end up with squat. Those are important innings when you have 2 struggling pitchers. Theirs you can put on the ropes and ours you can lend some support too because you know he will need it. GMan needs this team to scor 5+

GMan does have some life on his slider. Shabby so far, let’s hope they pick their game up.
Rich–what happened with raburn’s double?

Marcus has his head where the sun don’t shine. We need his power and if he can’t supply that we need him to at least be a ballplayer.

You don’t want me managing this club tonight. I’d yank Thames right out of there. Two mental mistakes in three innings and all he’s doing is DHing.
Dan, not sure about that call. Thames rounds third and gets in a rundown, during which Raburn goes on to third, then Thames joins him there. I thought Thames would be the one called out.

Thanks Rich. Makes more sense now. More sense than watching your popup (from the best seat in the house) instead of running it out.

Sure didn’t like how we looked there in the 4th against this guy. We let him off the hook. Something this club has done too much this year.
Important inning for gMan and he has to stay away from the walks.

True. If you don’t know where the ball went, run! Man, I hate those mental errors. He could have scored on Raburn’s drive to the wall too.
I hope we haven’t blown our opportunity for the night, but it could very easily be the case. Put more pressure on Galarraga than necessary here.

It would be a real trea to just see our hitters start spanking the ball and obviate the base running difficulty.

Uh-Oh. I’m starting to smell something funny.
I sure hope Galarraga can get the leadoff man this inning, cause if he doesn’t I smell something unraveling.

Man, Everett is really fighting the ball this series.. GMan and the Tigers should be out of this–don’t like that rule much (the official scorier not being allowed to anticipate a DP)


Its official: QS . G- Man is back

I caught a whiff of that too, but Mondo is gettin’ ‘er done now. Two more runs would look good about now.
Late night snack, now I just have to stay awake.

Time for a change up

If he’s going Zumaya here, then Lyon in the 8th. Give Joel a hitter at a time for now.

GMan–good game 1 run 2 hits but on my staff you can’t pitch if you walk 6 guys in 6 innings. Playing with fire and today you gat away with it. Indeed better stuff though. Trying to be too fine. I knew he would walk Cust after he threw the 1st ball to make it 1-2.
JL si overmanaging now. Shoulda left Seay in for 1 more IMO.
He wants Zumaya to succeed too much.

Even the Oakland announcers are speed crazy. Now that’s he’s overthrown, he’s not controlling the curve.

Here we go again. Foul balls.

Whew! Now get him out of there. Actually, Zoom had bad luck on a real good curveball to Cabrera. We keep getting that mix-up with Cab and the pitcher. Little bit of in-season drills in order?

When I say that I mean he is trying to force him or will him to succeed.
Zoom got through that inning but impetuous fastball after impetuous fastball was living with danger against Holliday. Holliday had him timed and had seen all he’s got. A curve would have been pretty to watch but Zoom doesn’t have the confidence in it.
Next inning will be a nail-biter.

Why on earth would Jl put Anderson in for Raburn instead of Ordonez? Especially with Raburn hitting the ball as well as he has today and the fact that he was due up before Ordonez? I don’t get that at all.
BTW, tha may be the deepest fly ball Anderson has hit in 3 weeks.

That may have to do with Raburn dropping that easy flyball early in the game. Lucky it was foul.
Zumaya looked like he may have torn a nail or something.

Dusty’s going to need to be able to do something with those curveballs. Like Everett just did.

Okay, divisional status quo maintained. G’night.


Limped through that one. Nice to see Everett get the ball out of his glove cleanly to end things. Rodney, Rodney Rodney. Did you see the confidence ebb out of his face after the Kennedy single? That’s the part that makes me very uncomfortable with him.
There was no way I would have left Rodney in after that single. In my mind it was an opportunity to see what Lyon could do in a real save situation again.
Glad we got a run in the 9th–Rodney didn’t deserve a save with that performance.
Nice victory for the team but they are going to need to find a solution for the lack of power and solid RHB run producers behind MCab.
Thames had a poor game, Ordonez is not mashing. The lineup needs production from those spots.

Rodney for gosh sakes, you’ve been perfect but my god you make it so nerve racking. Galarraga was better, but still walked an aweful lot of people, but was able to make the pitches to get out of it. A better hitting team might of been a different result though.
Just heard that Raburn left the game because his contacts. He had a great night at the plate. Some foolish baserunning mistakes, that cost us probably at least two runs if not more. Yes they had over 10 hits, but really stranded way too many runners. Wouldn’t say this offense is there at all. These last two pitchers were very hittable. Braden tomorrow is better, and unfortunately JV will have to be pretty perfect. Marcus is killing me, kinda wondering if he is still having problems with that oblique (I think that’s what his problem was.)
Anyway a win is a win, and I will take it.

Thank goodness they somehow didn’t lose last night and it is now July. Sure seemed some of guys were pulling in the wrong direction.
Whilst Curtis got a hit of last nights starter, it seems his development against lefties has gone backwards this year. He is on career stats against righties – 38 RBI’s / .28 avge / .36 OBP and for RISP .302 & .446 OBP. Lefties, he is 5 RBI’s / .211 / .301 and for RISP .1 and .208 OBP.
Has been a weird season – definite team chemistry on display (allowing for about six flat performances like last night) yet we have had an ongoing batting funk around Cabs. Polly showed some signs of improvement in June which hopefully he can build on.

Dan, I read that article on Leyland’s comment on chemistry. Wasn’t it last year that he said chemistry didn’t mean anything? I guess only when you have it!

Lucky win last night, so many things that went wrong that we squeaked out of, and I only stayed up to watch through 3 innings! Glad I didn’t see the ninth, don’t think I could have taken the excitement! It is like watching Jones all over again – who I love – but at least Jones never looked rattled.

too bad KC and Cleveland couldn’t step it up last night and give us another game of breathing room – hopefully before we hit the Dome we can get another game of padding between us, that place is tough.

Really glad to see the G-man get a W, but we will never survive central competition with all of these walks, and I;m talking everybody who takes he mound. It’s such a plus for the Twins. Those walks and those stupid errors add to pitch count. I still don’t see that air of confidence in G-man’s eyes. Hopefully he can works on that and the control before his next start. Re Thames: absolutely love the guy, but he’s showing us again why he’s not an every day player. As a matter of fact, this team is pretty amazing, considering the fact that we basically have four every day players: Inge, Cabrera, Granderson, and Polanco. It breaks my heart, but Maggs is not an every day player anymore. Good news on Carlos. If we can get through the Metrodome in some semblance of order, we will be okay. I believe that the second half will not be a swan dive this year. Go Tigers.

Great to see Mondo go 6+ and not give up the long ball. Zooms best work in sometime, hopefully his control is back. I think he would get more movement and better control of the fastball better if he backs off a bit. A straight 102 can still be launched by a number of hitters.
Rayburn did the correct baserunning play making it to 3rd during Thames run down. Since Thames made it back to the base it was his and Rayburn is out, but Thames would of never made it back to the bag if Rayburn was not there. He should of stopped short and been tagged out, since Rayburn is the better runner.
Looks like Ryan was looking curve ball all the way his last time up and still could not hit it. If the team was hitting better, he would still be at Toledo working on his catching skills. He is going to get a steady diet of curve balls now, so hopefully he will be able to hit the curve. There are a lot of great fastball hitters in the minor leagues.
I am glad it is get away day and the game will be played in the afternoon.

Thames had a very poor game. Ordonez didn’t look much better, yet I would run them out there agin today. Thames can catch fire at any time. ordonez simply has to start hitting sometime. You don’t lose that ability so drastically. And while it has been argued that he is hitting more than Granderson and Polanco he does not drive in runs nor score them.
I would also sit Granderson–if that means running Anderson out there so be it. Braden will be tough on him and tough on his psyche on getaway day—give him a blow. Tell Anderson to bunt–that’s pretty mch the only way he’s gonna get on. If he gets up 4 times and makes it once that will be better than watching Grandy flail at Braden all day. Braden is 5-7 but gauging the recent records of guys who have thrown against us that will mean that he will pitch like he is 15-7 against us. And give Inge a blow too.
Anderson CF
Polanco 2B
MCab 1B
Thames DH
Raburn LF
Ordonez RF
Laird C
Santiago 3B
Everett SS

Time to bench Ordoñez. Gidp , at the first pitch

That darn Cust–he seems to hurt us often. Sweeney is pounding everybody lately.
Tigers have tos start hitting these LHP–it’s beyond understanding. Used to be a time not so long ago that LHP had us licking our chops.
Verlander not getting the support he is gonna need.
Not sure why Kelly is playing 3rd. Seems more logical to have Santiago there today. I guess JL is having another “feeling”. Santiago deserves to play.

Hey I know that Maggs is scuffling, but this whole team isn’t hitting. They have wasted double after double today. They can’t hit. Thames is horrible right now, all he wasn’t to do is homer instead of just trying to get the run in. He is aweful right now. Justin would have to be perfect to win this game, as do most of our pitchers. What pressure, this team can’t hit a lick.

Another LHB hits a 2 run bomb—I think that may be all she wrote for today folks.

Agreed sklant. Thames is hurting the cause more than Ordonez is right now.
What I don’t like about their play on this road trip is that they are taking this act into Minnesota next. They will be creamed in Minny if they play like this.

It’s always easy to say when you are losing but this Tiger offense is simply not strong enough to take the division. Minny and Chicago will tear us apart. DD really needs to bolster the heart of the lineup if we are going to recover. If the offense continues to struggle the starters will eventually become demoralized and when that happens, we’re done.

HIT THE FREAKING BALL!!!!! Another pathetic day of plate appearances. This is a horrible team and they are looking foolish against them again. Unfortunately I don’t see them coming out o this anytime soon. They are an infuriating first place team. Probably because we all know that it is a precarious 1st place. And I agree they will get killed in Minnesota and find themselves tied by the end of it.

Fu Te Ni has also been unimpressive so far. Giving up that homer and now a lead of double.


Am I missing something. I thought JV gave up the homer to Giambi. Ni came in in the 7th (At least according to ESPN).

Doesn’t matter though. These guys just are not hitting. At least Mags seems to be pulling the ball but …

Mets might give up Sheffield. Since we’re paying him might as well have him GIDP’s for us.


I mean in his last outing. I realized after I wrote it that it would probably be confusing. Nice double play ball AGAIN.

We know that won’t happen. Rich has talked about Dunn and it makes a whole lot of sense.

They need to do something and do it quickly. They will not continue to win games with this offense. The pitching cannot pitch a shut out every outing. Verlander seems to be regressing a little to me. And this is really out of reach now. Lyon who has been good just gave up and RBI double. TERRIFIC. I can’t look at this pathetic display any longer. Oakland is one of the worst teams in baseball and you couldn’t manage more than 7 runs against them in three days. Yes Braden is a good pitcher, but the other two were not and lefties to boot. We typically hit them well and nothing.

well dropping 5 out of 6 to bottom of their division clubs is very discouraging and a scary contemplation of what will happen in Minnesota.

Excuse me they are the fourth worst team in baseball with 2nd worst offense in baseball. Lloyd had better get this figured out because there is a real problem here, it isn’t just a little slump.

Looks like the only interesting thing to look forward to in the 9th is if it takes more than 3 pitches to K Thames.

I think the troubling thing is that this has happened before this year and then the club showed signs of climbing out of it only to slip back into what is clearly becoming the definition of their “offense”. Granderson will be lucky to hit .250 this year. Polanco will likely hit better but if MCab is able to hit .300 he wil be the only guy on the team to do it.
Maggs is not only not hitting, he not hitting with power and he is striking out at a pace of 1 every 6 ABs compared to 1 out of every 8 ABs in his career. They just can’t afford to keep throwing him out there. He had 3 games against LHP which would have been the catalyst to get him going………if it is ever going to happen.
Granderson is impotent right now and looks just about as lost as Magglio. He is the spark that lights the fire for this team and without him hitting, you know it’s going to be a real grind.
Thames is what we have grown to expect. It will take along bomb to get him interested again and when that happens he could contribute for at least a couple of weeks. But you know there is a frigid streak waiting to happen shortly after that.
We need an everday guy who can complement MCab. Who is showing signs of pressure IMO. Typical of the Tigers they will likely try to pretend that Carlos is that guy.
Carlos is not an answer or even a piece to the puzzle. He has become an injury plagued aging character guy. He is not a middle of the lineup savior.
I hope for a miracle in Minneapolis. Knowing that won’t happen I am hoping we at least win 1 game and don’t come away humiliated.

As of May 1, we were a half game out. As of June 1, we were 3.5 up. As of July 1, we were 4 up. Coming into today, we were 6-4 in our last 10, so was Minnesota. Despite hitting like bums and having our pitching stars Verlander and Porcello hit rough patches over the past few weeks, we are actually on a positive, or at worst, holding position in the standings. With a ton of home games the second half, and considering we are something like 23-11 at home, I’d say we are looking good.

Correction, we and Minnesota are both 6-4 in the last 10 even after today’s game. Chicago is hot over their last 10, but so were we before going to Houston. Baseball is a game of trends and although it feels like the Tigers are tenuously hanging on, the overall trends are that they are simply surviving the part of the season that they need to. Optimism, people!

I was optimistic. I predicted before the season that Magglio would not hit .300; 15 HRs; or 75 RBIs.
I am so optimisitc now that I would gladly take those numbers.
I think Magglio is gonna be riding the pine. Even fiercely loyal JL can’t ignore how porley he has done and the last series against 3 LHP surely will open some eyes.
The Tigers need an impact type pick-me-up. They need to go outside the organization to find it.

I will assert again that Magglio is only 1/13 th of the problem. Look at these Tigers batting averages from the month of June.
Cabrera .289
Granderson .262
Polanco .267
Inge .287
Ordonez .230
Laird .254
Everett .242
Anderson .209
Santiago .256
Raburn .260
Thames .264
Kelly .286
Ryan .167
If anyone thought that Inge would be one of best most counted on hitters through June, then I would say you were a liar. If someone said Inge is going to be batting .276 in June, I would say that our team must be running on all cylinders. I still say that Magglio is only part of the problem there are a lot and I mean a lot of very poor averages on this team. They should be humiliated. This team should be able to hit a lot better than this. To many track records. Way to many.

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