Magglio out of lineup

It isn’t completely related to Friday’s performance, and it isn’t a benching, but Jim Leyland decided to go with Don Kelly over Ordonez for Saturday’s matchup with Astros starter Felipe Paulino.

“This guy’s firm and wild, so I didn’t think it was a good matchup [for Ordonez],” Leyland said.

Leyland emphasized that Ordonez will be back in the lineup Sunday against Russ Ortiz.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, LF
  5. Kelly, RF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Santiago, SS
  9. Figaro, P


  1. Michael Bourn, CF
  2. Jeff Keppinger, 3B
  3. Miguel Tejada, SS
  4. Carlos Lee, LF
  5. Lance Berkman, 1B
  6. Hunter Pence, RF
  7. Kazuo Matsui, 2B
  8. Humberto Quintero, C
  9. Felipe Paulino, P


Good decision.
BTW, some of the guys who seem to be performing down in Toledo are Clete, Sizemore, and French. Actually, Clevelen has been hitting a bit better lately too.
Good to see Sizemore adjust to AAA so quickly. Guys who aren’t doing much down there are Ramirez, Hessman and Rhymes. No pitching standouts except French. Ni, Fien and Rapada seem to be doing OK.
I hear Guillen is making progress. No comment.

Geez, Curtis is back to his cold streak phase. Streaky guy. Takes way too many 1st pitch fastbal gifts right down the middle. As soon as he is behind in the count he becomes a .200 hitter.

Figaro will be in tough tonight. Real tough. Paolino looks like he could pitch shutdown type baseball and Figaro has to deal with a very potent middle of the lineup.
Tejada is a key. Keep him subdued and you make your life a lot easier.

Holy crap. Do these Houston guys know there is a game being played? Some of these old timers are so darn full of themselves.
I didn’t even realize Houston scored.

Thought for sure that guy would make us look bad in the rundown—and he did.
Quite a ballplayer–sure has been hitting us.

Man-what is up with Curtis? He is missing those fastballs right down the middle. He looked like he was going to go on a tear there a week or so ago and then absolutely nothing. It is like turning on and off the hot and cold faucet.
Hate to see my favorite Tiger play like this.

Now you know why Pineapple was playing

Need to look elsewhere JL. This guy is not gonna help this club. Lucas French next?
For this game I expect we will be treated to Nate Robertson.

pitiful play so far by the Tigers. They look stupid at the plate. Another high ERA guy that make the Tigers hitters look like little leaguers out there. And Figaro is also looking like he wont be out there very long. It is going to be a long night. This has a high scoring affair written all over it.

Kid pitching his 2nd big league start, plus young catcher just inserted into game, equals a tough combination to work and a bad outing.

I think I hear Don Meredith singing to Howard Cosell.

Figaro is disappointing tonight, but I don’t think that it has helped that Laird is out of there.
But what frustrates me is the hitting tonight. And it isn’t that I expect them to win every game (even though it would be nice) they are having poor at bats, and it is typical that when there is a high ERA guy or a AAA call up, the Tigers hitter make them look like the second coming of Cy Young. It is laughable and predictable. They look foolish and stupid. And no one can tell me that all of these high ERA guys come out against the Tigers and all of a sudden pitch these career games.
I hope they feel as pathetic as they look. And again it isn’t the loss it is the lack of effort and impatient at bats. I knew coming into this game that they wanted to limit this guy get there were only a couple of at bats that the pitcher threw more than 6 pitches. This team doesn’t foul off pitches and run up pitch counts EVERl.

At least Dusty Ryan is interesting. He also can actually hit a ball over the fence occasionally and is very likely to hit his weight (not half, like Sardinha).

He might be able to hit, but I am not convinced of his game calling ability. This game right now is exactly why last nights game was a terrible waste, by the pen and the hitters not getting any tack on runs.

WOW the Tigers are really grinding out at bats. Got to be proud of these efforts. NOT!!!!!!!

I’m glad i haven’t watched a single pitch of this game.

111 pitches for 3 hits and no walks. Shame on Ramon for showing what he could have done the night before when JL pulled him for Raburn in the 9th.
Sorry for the sarcasm/cynicism but todays effort was plain awful.

The Tigers mailed this one in. JL leaves Figaro in to get pounded. If you wanted a pitcher to get laced Robertson should have gone in, then you could justify getting rid of him. It looked like the team did not play to win. Nine strikeoutsa in the first 5 innings against a 1-4 pitcher with a 5.5 ERA. The whole game just plain STUNK.

That was a tough one to take. These are two tough loses to take. They played poorly for two nights after wowing us for 7 games. And no I never like losing, but it is really the lack of effort in these games. And nobody can convince me that there was effort at the plate or this guy was that unhittable. He has proven that he is. EVERYONE HAS HIT HIM EVERYONE.

Ryan needs more seasoning. Bad defensive, bad hitter
Double switch is the way things are done in Nl to avoid having the pitcher batting too soon

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