Guillen update (and it's good news)

Good news on Carlos Guillen from head athletic trainer Kevin Rand: Guillen began playing catch Thursday in Miami and is set to begin hitting off a tee Monday.

Guillen, sidelined since early May with inflammation in his right shoulder, is making three sets of 25 throws each at 45 feet. According to Rand, he’s feeling good and throwing without any restrictions.

“We’re in the pain-free stage,” Rand said. “It’s now a question of addressing the [arm] strength.”

Guillen will stay in Miami next week while the Tigers are on the road. Now that he’s doing more baseball activity, however, he’ll likely be back in Detroit when the team returns home a week from Monday.


Not certain what Guillen’s return and another DH competing for AB’s will do for the team chemistry. Gotta find a way to unload some of this dead wood (Maggs, NR, Zoom, Willis) by the trade deadline. There are just a few dollars tied up in three of those contracts that if DD can find a contender in need, well that’s just speculating and hoping isn’t it.

Huskie, I doubt DD can find any team that wants NR or Willis. As for Maglio, I think there might be a little interest in him. However, with his contract such as it is, I doubt there will be a lot of interest in him. With Zoom’s inconsistency, he would not bring a lot. I would probably prefer that the Tigers keep him and see if eventually he can put things together. He is still young and with great potential.

IMO you don’t trade an arm like Zoom’s, but you chew him out when he ramps it up to 104, but constantly off the plate. And you don’t allow him to walk 3 in a row, come on Leyland, you should hook him after one walk, not three sir

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