Attendance note

A little note before taking off for Houston: Thursday’s sellout crowd of 42,332 was the largest crowd of the season besides Opening Day. Yes, the largest non-opener crowd was a weekday afternoon game. Moreover, the total for the three-game series against the Cubs was the largest of any three-game set this year (they can probably thank some Cubs fans for that, admittedly). The Tigers drew at least 38,000 for all six games of the just-finished homestand.

A lot has been made about the drop in attendance at Comerica Park compared to last season, and understandably so given the economy. But last season aside, the Tigers usually don’t regularly draw packed crowds until the summer, when Michigan weather finally warms up and the kids are out of school. So really, comparing early-season crowds this year with the average from every game last season is a little skewed. We’ll get a better idea what’s going on this summer.

For what it’s worth, the Tigers are still somehow fourth among AL teams in attendance, averaging 30,205 per game. The three teams ahead of them are the Yankees, Angels and Red Sox. Obviously, the Tigers are getting a big number of walk-up ticket sales. It’s a factor not lost in the clubhouse.

“The buzz in the ballpark, I think, is so good because of what’s going on,” Leyland said. “It makes you feel good because of obviously what’s happening in the community and everything. It’s a little more stressful right now, not that it wasn’t in 2006, but it’s good to see people coming out. It’s a tough, resilient town, and they’re going to make it. …

“I wish I could give every one of them a ticket, to be honest with you, for one game. But I can’t. But I wish I could, because the support’s unbelievable.”


June has always been a good month for baseball in Detroit, and probably many other cities. I’m sure that Bud Selig attributes it to interleague games, but I’m not so sure about that. My own opinion is that fans will come out when the weather’s nice and when the team is winning, and that’s universal.
There were 42,000+ in attendance last night in Washington DC to see the Red Sox and Nationals. That bump was definitely due to Boston fans traveling well. The announcers mentioned several teams in that category, such as the Yankees, Cubs, and Cardinals. I’m thinking that Tigers fans should be included in that group. We’re everywhere. I took a walk around my neighborhood last week and ran into a Tigers fan.
I doubt it will happen, but I’m hoping the Tigers visit Washington next season so they can see the new ballpark.

Rich I agree about the weather and such. People will come when it gets warm, kids are out of school, and of course your team is playing well. I was talking to someone the other day and I was telling them that the game on Tuesday night was the first game all season that I either didn’t have a rain poncho on and or a winter coat for a game. I had to wait until the end of June for a game with nice weather. Baseball should not be played in 45* weather. I just pray and hope that we don’t play in Minnesota real early next year. Although I have no doubt that it is going to be a beautiful park, they made a huge mistake by not making it a stadium like the Brewers have with the retractable roof. So they can have natural grass but the ability to close the roof on very cold days.
I would think that next year would be the year to play that division. Seems like we were there in 2007 of course it was that horrible football field they were playing in at the time. I think I remember Marcus hitting a homer into the upper deck???

Indeed, next year is on track to pit AL Central against NL East according to the Interleague Play rotation. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Tigers will play at Washington, or that they’ll face the Nationals at all. They didn’t face the Marlins in 2007 as part of that tour of the NL East.

Ya Jason, no guaranteeing that we get Washington or play there. I forgot about our new found rivalry with the Colorado Rockies??? And lets not forget that they seem to want us to play St. Louis every year? HA HA

Well………….that worthless pile of s**t (Zumaya) does it AGAIN!!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GET RID OF HIM???

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