Thursday: Tigers vs. Cubs

Dusty Ryan gets the start with Armando Galarraga on the mound.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Santiago, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Raburn, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Ordonez, RF
  8. Ryan, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Armando Galarraga


  1. Alfonso Soriano, LF
  2. Ryan Theriot, SS
  3. Derrek Lee, 1B
  4. Micah Hoffpauir, RF
  5. Jake Fox, DH
  6. Mike Fontenot, 3B
  7. Kosuke Fukudome, CF
  8. Koyie Hill, C
  9. Andres Blanco, 2B

P: Ted Lilly


why the hell didn’t they complain?!?!?!?!!?
I knew it was gone in live!!!

It was a homer, but every official in the park including the Tigers management missed it. Unbelievable. .
I thought that Galarraga might have gotten out of that first inning. And look here second inning three straight balls.
G-Man has just plain lost it.

Did anyone see the double that Cabrera hit in the first? I am listening to the game, and they said that it looks like it hit the railing and should have been a home run…

yes it was 100% a homerun and not a single tiger said a word about it.

well that stinks. Did the fans react at all like it should have been called a homerun? You think someone would have challenged it?

Dontrelle came in the dugout to tell Leyland it was a homerun (I assume he was in the clubhouse watching) but it was too late.

should be a tie game.. thanks leyland.

Well…. i sure hope the Tigers score more… this game should be 3-3!

Well there is a lot of blame to go around first and foremost the 4 umpires who’s job it is to get the call. And then there are 5 coaches/managers, not to mention the 24 Tigers players that are at the park. A lot of people missed it and shouldn’t have. And why didn’t Cabrera say anything, by his reaction he knew and questioned it???

That’s what i have been waiting for! MAG’s is back!

He is no Samson

Way to go Maggs, that had to feel good for him and I certianly know that I feel good about it. ha ha

At least he didnt walk him

We need antoher lhp in the bullpen

There is no way the Tigers go anywhere with Rodney as closer. He is going to blow one of these games, and it will spiral into a ten game losing streak.

Good to see Mondo battle and get the win. It would be good to see him go one game without giving up a homer. Good thing the offense is back.
Good to see Maggs pull the ball for a homer. Rayburn seems to be finding his stroke.
Rodney saves another one ugly.
I had a Cub fan tell me he was happy with the Tigers that they swept the Brewers and I told him now we going to get three from the Cubs. Thanks Tigers for proving me right.

I had a Cub fan tell me on Sunday at the park that the Cubs are a scary team and that the Brewers got swept because, in his words, “they’re not a true NL team.” While the Cubs battled all 3 games, I’m glad to know that I was right.

Rodney will eventually blow a save, but there is no reason that it would turn into a 10 game losing streak. There isn’t a closer in baseball that will close every game without a single blown save. K-Rod blew 7 last year. Everyone and there brother is waiting for Rodney to blow it. He is going to mess up, but give him a chance 16 straight saves is great and lets hope that he continues this streak. I don’t think everyone should rip on him and say he is a terrible closer when he does. He has helped this club out a lot.

That is where you are wrong. This team has a very fragile psyche, and once he blows one, it will snowball. I would put a pretty hefty wager on if you could get an honest opinion from a majority of guys on the team that they have no confidence in their current closer. Copy this post and be ready to post it before this season is over.

How many times has K-Rod been taken out of a save situation after walking the bases loaded?

We saw Papelbon load the bases in a non-save situation, but did you even for one second think the Tigers were going to win that game? I was sure hoping they would, though!

Rodney is 16 for 16 BUT, he was pulled from a save situation and the save was blown. He has also blown at least 2 games he has entered tied in the 9th or 10th.
The real problem will be when he blows a save during a losing streak… if the tigers lose 3 or 4 in a row and he enters with a lead and blows that.. that could be a problem.
Holy crap, i just got an email saying i won a pair of the twitter tickets to July 21st game!!!

Rodney has walked batters in only 10 of his 32 appearances. He has no blown saves (of course we all know he blew that one that didn’t count against him technically) and he has lost 1 game.
I randomly selected another guy, Heath Bell, San Diego’s closer, having an excellent season. He has walked batters in 10 of 30 appearances, has blown 1 save and lost 1 game. I find that interesting. And I am not in favor of Rodney being our closer if we can help it. At least we didn’t sign Kerry Wood – walked batters in 12 of 29 appearances, blown 4 saves (taking the loss in 2 of them) and losing another game in a non-save situation. He’s given up 5 HRs. And I am certain that most of us would have wanted him ahead of Rodney before the season started.
Lyon’s batting average against is now .202 – lowest of his career. OBP against – .300 – lowest of his career. SLG% against – .395 – second lowest of his career. ERA – 3.89 – tied for second lowest of his career. Wow.

RIP Michael Jackson

I think we need to cut Rodney some slack. He gets the job done. Sure, he makes it interesting, but so do a lot of closers.
And I have to argue with the idea that he blew that save in Chicago. We have no idea what would have happened if JL had left Rodney in to clean up his own mess there. Sure, the bases were loaded with zero outs, but he could have gotten a strikeout and a DP on the next two guys. All we know is that Lyon did not do that, and in fact walked in a run and allowed two runners to score on a double on an 0-2 pitch that was thrown right down the middle. And to be fair to Rodney, he’d pitched four of the previous five days and seemed to be gassed.
Anyway, the Tigers rule. A sweep in Houston is certainly possible — we’ll miss their ace, Oswalt, and we have Verlander and Jackson on the hill in two of the games. When was the last time the Tigers had a 10-game winning streak?

I agree with you goodge. We don’t know what would have happened had Rodney stayed in the game. I pointed out that night that he hadn’t blown the save. I think he does a better than average job, if you compare him to all the other closers in baseball. Is he the best? No. Is he an All-Star? No. Is he a big part of the Tigers’ start? Absolutely!

I agree also, about Rodney, and I’ve been as tough on him over the years as anyone, maybe tougher. He’s been getting it done, someway somehow, and he’s hard to hit. When he keeps the walks to a minimum, he’s good in the role. That night in Chicago, I think JL only went out to get him because he (JL) wanted those games badly. Who’s to say what would have happened if he’d left #56 in there? If it takes a visit from the manager to get him straight, then by all means, Jim, go on out there and talk to him.
There’s an illusion out there with some fans that all the other closers are throwing 1-2-3 innings, and nothing could be further from the truth. As good as Joe Nathan is, he can get himself into some terrible messes and you’d swear he’s just going to have a heart attack right there on the mound, blowing through his lips and looking like he’s hyperventilating. But he gets out of it. The goods ones do.
It is good to have a backup as closer in Lyon. If Fernando lost it, or got injured, I think Brandon could step in there. He’s got the stuff and the experience. But for now, we’ve got a guy who’s saved what, 21 in a row going back to last year?
We get to see ol’ Pudge this weekend.

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