Magglio gets a haircut

Magglio Ordonez is back in the Tigers lineup for a second straight night. His long locks of hair, on the other hand, are somewhere on the floor, or wherever his barber left them.

With everything that has been going on this year, Ordonez was ready for a change. So he got his hair cut — short. He said it was his first haircut in five years, though you might remember he had short hair during his first season as a Tiger in 2005. The new Magglio look is a lot like that, only maybe with a little more hair on top.

“Change,” Ordonez said. “Overhauling. Maybe I hit like old Magglio.”

The first 90-degree day of the summer in Detroit might’ve also had an impact.

“Hot,” he said. “Too heavy.”

The long hair had become so much of Magglio’s image that it was a scene in the clubhouse when he walked in with the shorter look. You could hear the hollering all the way from the manager’s office down the hall.

“He looks younger now,” said closer Fernando Rodney, who had big hair himself until Freddy Dolsi gave him a buzz cut last summer.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Kelly, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Ordonez, RF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Porcello


After this cubs series, we play 15 straight games against teams .500 or worse.. Royals, Indians, As, Astros, and Twins.. We really need to roll through that stretch. 9-6 minimum. If we can do that, it will set us up nice for the second half….
Good for magglio. Any change is good for him at this point.

Change is good. One thing I’m glad to see not changed is this lineup. This order makes more sense than most that we’ve tried this season, and is perfect at this point in time.
Since it’s so out of character for me to agree with JL all the time, I did come up with one from last night. While I usually like putting runners in motion, I don’t like doing it when your big bopper is up there. The runner can be a distraction, and I’d rather have M-Cab zeroed in on the pitch. That’s all, just one of my little things. Jim is doing a good job.

I will look forward to seeing the new hairdo. It is hard to remember him with out the long locks.
I like the lineup too.

With a second look at the numbers, I don’t like the lineup. Yes I realize that some of those guys need to be in there but Rich Harden ERA against lefties is 8.10 – against righties 2.87??? Seems to me it might of been a good idea to get a few more lefties in there, ie Dusty Ryan and and Santiago. I don’t propose taking out any of the other righties but seems to me we are making it a little too easy on him with only 2 lefties.

Ryan is actually a righty I think, at least his bio says so. But you do have a point. Lefties do hit him pretty good, over .310 vs .195 for righties.

One thing to keep in mind on having Laird in there instead of Ryan is the pitcher he’s catching. Porcello throws a lot of sinkers and mixes in some breaking balls, and one of Ryan’s bugaboos last year was blocking pitches in the dirt. Reports said he has gotten better at that this year, but how much?

I’m not lying – i actually thought let’s see a triple play on a sharp grounder to inge here.

I could see Santiago but they don’t like to give Everett 2 days off so they would had to have given Polanco the day off–and he is just starting to come around offensively.
Anderson is not gonna get many starts unless they are emergency starts.
And Dusty is a RHB

how many times is rod gonna marvel over how heavy soriano’s bat is?… we’re gonna be in cleveland in august and rod will still be talking about it! SHUT UP already.. we know it’s heavy.

Zach Miner , one batter too late. Dump Robertson

bags loaded and Miner in now. Nate has very little business being on this team’s roster. If he come in and bombs then you have to blame DD.
We need a big break here.

Was getting ready to comment on a bases loaded walk but a nice strikeout by zach.. who is actually in 3 batters too late.. they should have went right to him to start the inning with porcello being so eratic tonight.

An intentional walk in disguise for Binge to face Ordoñez. Live to see

Phew! we almost blew that one! THANK YOU for the freebie!

uh.. zumaya needs to chill a little bit..
it’s not like he struck out pujols in the 8th inning of a world series game..

Anderson’s value on this club is his speed. He has no value if he keeps negating his speed and killing rallies.
That was an horrendous choice to make with the top of the lineup due up and being given a gift 1st and 2nd with nobody down.
Couple that with being picked off badly the other day ( I think for the 2nd time this year), and they have to wonder if they are wasting a roster spot. He has to do his job and not get carried away with his own speed.

couldn’t have said it better myself.
nice insurance run! How bout 4 more?

Here we go again. Damnit! Get someone warmed up.

Dolsi ought to be ready by the time this save is blown.. great!

woo fukudome has a beef.. that looked like a bad pitch that was called a strike.. i’ll take it. RODNEY INFURIATES ME. How can you have some of the stuff he has and be so hot and cold with it.

I agree Chad. Borderline strike at best. A gift. Not as sweet winning on a gift call but we’ll take it. Anyone see where it crossed the plate on Gameday? It looked a couple of inches high anyway.

Rodney looks like a windmill out there. Arms, legs, head, all flying in different directions. It appears he’s not even looking at his target when he releases the ball. How he got that last called strike is beyond me given his lack of control tonite. Can’t argue with 15 for 15 but he certainly has put the excitement back into the save situation!


I don’t know why I had it in my head that Dusty was a lefty, but I would of bet on it. (I guess that is why I don’t bet that often).
Actually our internet and cable went out for the last two innings. Just came back on a few minutes ago. Boy that was a stressful, we had to listen to it on the radio. My feelings for this game, was a big fat gulp. They dodged a bunch of bullets. Would of really liked to seen that triple play, it was close.
Porcello was okay, not great, but was able to get himself out of some jams.
I liked Leylands comments at the end of the game, about Magglio’s haircut. He said it all with a straight face, that was hilarious. If you all didn’t hear it he talked about how he would of liked to have been there to pick it up and make a wig out of it. All with a straight face, hilarious.

One more thing Anderson did wrong, Dan, was running into the first out of the inning at thirdbase. Baseball 101. I think this kid is trying too hard, although I had commented earlier this year, wondering how he got through the Atlanta minor league system with such brutal fundamentals.
I can see why Jim wasn’t overly thrilled with the win. If your team is doing some things wrong, you can’t just blow it off because we won anyway. GK, the toupee talk was priceless. And red hair to boot. Just because he likes red hair, what a hoot. When you add in Porcello relating what JL told him during his mound visit, it was quite an entertaining postgame show.
I missed the near triple play, as I was struggling with my own TV service. I finally watched on the computer. Never let DirecTV talk you into any kind of service change an hour before a ballgame is due to start. That’s the lesson I learned, and Gerald Laird should have trotted out to tell me that.
Love the fireworks in centerfield. We visited Detroit for the fireworks and 1968 Night last summer and it’s hard to believe a year has gone by. Best fireworks show I’ve seen, just barely edging out the show in DC.
Galarraga tomorrow, so the bullpen isn’t done yet.

Was just looking at Lilly’s stats, I don’t have a great recollection of him, but I think that he is was of those touchy feely sort of pitchers that could give our hitters a tough time.
Could be a long afternoon with Galarraga out there. And I agree the pen is not done. Galarraga has got to try to push through and get at least 6 innings (7 would be great(,
Today the weather is not expected to be good there could be losts of storms in the area and could be another long day of rain delays. They are also supposed to finish painting my house today, (I don’t expect that to happen either)
Regarding Josh – it is a shame he started out the season on fire and has really struggled lately to do much correctly. Someone said it earlier that they think that he is just trying too hard. I think that it probably true. He isn’t getting much of a chance to play in recent weeks and is making mistakes in attempts to be a hero and get back out onto the field. But let us not forget that he did a lot in in that first month to win the Tigers several games.

Porcello has amazing composure for a 20 year old with little professional experience.
Rodney has always be erratic, but he has gotten the job done in save situations this year. Given his past, I do keep waiting on him to blow a save.
Early on people were wondering why Anderson was out of options and the Braves would trade him. Inconsistancy is the difference between a lot of fringe players and regulars. I think Anderson came up in the Houston system and was aquired by Atlanta. The fundamentals cannot be blamed on their system.

I believe you are correct, Mark, so that may explain it. I’d forgotten that.

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