Magglio back in Tigers lineup

Jim Leyland’s gut told him to give Magglio Ordonez a shot against Carlos Zambrano, not that anyone else would have a great chance of hitting him anyway. He’s batting seventh and playing in right field.

“I’m not going to put any added pressure on him,” Leyland said, “just put him down there and see what happens. …

“I will say this: I labored over this [becuase of Zambrano].”

Leyland, having learned his lesson over using the word “indefinite” when he took Ordonez out of the lineup last week, wasn’t going to say anything about how long Ordonez would be in there, other than he wasn’t going to take him out if he had a bad game.

“Magglio’s playing tonight, and I’m going to try to get Magglio going,” Leyland said. “I’ll leave it at that.”


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Thames, DH
  5. Kelly, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Ordonez, RF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Jackson


  1. Alfonso Soriano, LF
  2. Ryan Theriot, SS
  3. Milton Bradley, RF
  4. Derrek Lee, 1B
  5. Micah Hoffpauir, DH
  6. Geovany Soto, C
  7. Kosuke Fukudome, CF
  8. Mike Fontenot, 3B
  9. Andres Blanco, 2B

P: Carlos Zambrano


I like what he’s done with the lineup here. Didn’t break up what was working, just basically swapped Anderson for Ordonez. Good luck to all, Zambrano’s a tough customer.

ugly, ugly at bats by cabrera and marcus.. the 2 guys you’d give the best shot to hit a sac fly..

That was pretty disappointing. Polanco on 3rd with the heart of the lineup coming up and no outs and they don’t score? Interesting to see a sinker ball specialist coax those harmeless popups.

EJ looked good in the second.

Yes he did Nathan. He actually looked good in the 1st at the end there. Low pitch count in 3rd really will help him out.
Hopefully the top of the order can keep up the pressure on Z

1 for 7 risp… not good.

aflac – 11 HR

how is everybody? fathers day etc…? hopefully the bats can stay awake after that Milwaukee series… its not looking like it right now though…

Soto shows the Tigers how it’s done.
EJ is a battler though. He almost got out of that mess. He doesn’t have his command tonight but he is fighting through it.
We need the boys to scratch out a couple here against Z

What a job by Brandon again! Lets keep it goin.. we need some cushion!

Inge has pounded Z all night!
Anderson in—-absolutely.

Great job Zumaya.

All of the money wasted on Sheffield should have been used on a relief pitcher.

should have went with lyon…

once again zumaya blows a led i think thats 5 in a row he’s blown

Zumaya is not even an average relief pitcher at this point.

wow! what a win!

Thank you Ryan.

As for Zumaya, maybe he needs to go back to Triple-A.

great win for tigers,zumaya sure shouldn’t feel good about getting the win,great job raburn

lyon gets the win chip.

zumaya threw a changeup after Hoffhauer was WAY behind the fastball. Inge was impressive. JL really showed his chops. i was so worried that Anderson was going to come up and the game was over… Way to go Tigers and Jimmy!

Cheers! good evening.

Whew! We got lucky in this one. Great at bat by Raburn. Zumaya is just not getting it done. He throws an 85 mph change up to a guy who had struck out twice before and it’s gone. Granderson, Caberra and Thames go 1 for 11 with three strikeouts and we leave runners at third. So again luck was on our side. Great job by EJ again too bad he didn’t get the win, but at least we did.

Well Zumaya doesn’t get the win—Lyon does.
Zumaya is on the cusp of becoming a good pitcher, maybe a great pitcher. he is learning and the lessons have been hard. He makes huge mistakes but there are times he is absolutely overpowering. The fact he tried that changeup is in itself encouraging. Should he have thrown a high hard one? Probably but I’m telling you, as mad as I was he gave up yet another dinger at a critical time, I think he is almost there.
This was an incredibly huge win for the team. JL can take some credit ( and i said as much befor ethe walk off HR) for going to Raburn over Anderson. Anderson is a weak out and has no power. The fact JL recognized this and went against traditional protocol is to his credit.
I was really impressed with EJ. He didn’t have command and struggled but battled every pitch. We are lucky to have him. He is unfortunate in that he has only 6 wins but he is keeping us in every game he pitches.
Good for Raburn. He had such a rough start to his year and has hung in there. He got all of that and that is a long poke out to that part of the park.

Great night for two guys that have taken a lot of heat from the Bloggers. Raburn gets a huge homer and Lyon a four pitch, one out win. Kelly working walks in front of both homers was hugh. It would be nice to see him stick after spending years in the minors.

Well just got back from the park, Edwin was not hit best but still managed to get it done. Was worried in the first few inning when we had those runners on third with 1 out or less and didn’t get the runs in. Oh Boy Joel, that has happened way too much lately.
Ryan and Brandon and Edwin are sure the heros tonight.
Way to go, fun night at the park.

Ryan Raaaabuuurrrnn.
I had one question following tonight’s game and Trevor Thompson, of all people, asked and got the answer. The question was, who called for that changeup that Zumaya threw? Turns out that Laird called for a curve and two differently located fastballs and Zoom shook him off in favor of that change-piece. Listen to your catcher, young man. As it was, Gerald should have probably trotted on out to the mound at that point to discuss it. So it wasn’t Zumaya’s arm that let him down, it was his brains. 🙂 Oh well, all’s well that ends well, but I hope a lesson was learned. Zoom said he was scrapping the changeup, but the lesson should be to throw what a very good catcher calls for. Oh, and it was Zumaya who answered the question, so he was honest there.
On a related note, Lyon can indeed become the 8th inning guy. Both of them are capable of throwing two innings so I wouldn’t be afraid to rotate that setup role some.
Leyland was rightfully unassuming about his decision to PH Raburn. Anderson wasn’t going to do anything so it was really the only move to make. When it works, you sure look smart. But actually, I like what JL has been doing ever since we left Pittsburgh.
Finally, I thought Maggs looked better up there tonight. Anyone else see that?

That must have been fun GK. I got to see the game at a friend’s house in HD on a Chicago station. A treat. And I’ll second that JMP. Raburn and Lyon both were in our dog house early but it’s how you finish. Good to see them both performing well. Kelly’s a good story too. He has been contributing plenty, an excellent call up.
I agree Dan, Zumaya is getting close. He hit the radar gun at 104 and was over 100 a few times. More importantly his curve was working and he was throwing it in the right spots and often. Unfortunately he tries to get too cute and throw pitch number three, the change up, and hangs it over the plate. Don’t know what he was thinking there. That is simply a bad mental mistake. Lesson learned.
Marcus took some bad cuts tonight. Didn’t seem to be concentrating. But he still almost hit one out. Keep giving him the ABs. He’ll get his share of HRs.
EJ……..what can you say? He’s a quiet warrior. We are very blessed to have this young guy on our team.

Just wanted to add, I don’t know what team I was watching in Pittsburgh last weekend. They WERE wearing Tiger uniforms……maybe not on Sunday. Pajamas I think. Anyway, Rich will agree. That team was a sub .500 club going nowhere. I’ll take my chances in the playoffs with the team we saw tonight. And lets tip our caps to JL.
Go Tigers

Careful of that HD, Marty. It’s easy to get hooked on that stuff. Standard def looks like they’re playing in a closet, and you have to go for the hard stuff, the HD, even if Hawk is doing the game.
So hey, if a guy pinch hits the game winner, isn’t it also a walk-on homer?

HD is the only way to go Rich. I don’t know how I ever saw the ball on a regular TV. In truth it makes the biggest difference in a hockey game.
The one other thing that I don’t think that has been mentioned enough in all of this (Last night and Sunday) are Kelly’s at bats before the homers Sundays and last nights, along with Raburns last night. Without those AB’s different ball game. The guy has a good eye. What was interesting at the game last night in Kelly’s last at bat right before Raburns homer, we thought it was just ball four and didn’t realize that he got hit by the ball. But good job by him as well.

What a terrific end to the ball game. I was only able to see the 9th inning – and what a terrific inning. I see Zoom Zoom gave up a big hr on the 8th, but I jumped out of my seat on that walk off by Ryan – terrific job to JL for putting him in, and terrific job to RR for clobbering that pitch. The celebration at the plate is what I love to see – a bunch of grown men jumping around like 10 year old boys – that is what keeps me coming back for more. I loved the replay of Curtis running out of the dugout – you can’t make that stuff up, and awesome that RR got to experience the thrill of being on the receiving end of it.

Sorry Tram to ruin your homecoming by beating your team, but am sure you appreciate it!

I commented after Maggs first at bat than even though he grounded out, he pulled the ball sharply. The appearance of not getting around on the fastball has been my perception. So, it was good sign to see increased bat speed.

I had a bad feeling when Rock Star was shaking off those signs. The WGN guys were incredulous that he’d throw a change after having just thrown a series of bb’s by guys.

Rich: You are correct. The lesson that Zoom has to learn is never ever shake off your catcher. Laird ought to give him a copy of Bull Durham. Zoom’s stuff was very good though. It was, as you note, his head that got him into trouble.

I also had a feeling that Raburn was goong to come through. Great at bat, great win. Great to see the guys celebrate. Another game, that when we look back on this season, may be a seminal moment in the evolution of this team.

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