Boras clears up comments

Just heard back from agent Scott Boras, who clarified his remarks regarding manager Jim Leyland’s decision to sit Magglio Ordonez for a stretch. The point Boras wanted to make is that his remarks were in response to reporters’ questions about Ordonez’s contract, which of course includes a $15 million club option for next year that automatically vests if Ordonez has 215 more plate appearances this season. His remarks were not, he emphasized, in response to Leyland’s decision.

“Those two writers asked me questions about contracts,” Boras said. “They never asked me questions about playing time.”

More to the point, Boras said he wasn’t trying to tell the Tigers what to do with Ordonez’s situation.

“I was not delivering a message to Jim Leyland,” Boras said. “I would call Jim Leyland if I wanted to talk with him.”

On Sunday, Leyland said he was caught off guard by Boras’ remarks from Friday, and he believed Boras “overreacted” to the Tigers’ decision. Given what we know now, that Leyland is most likely going to put Ordonez back in the starting lineup in the next few days, it appears Leyland’s use of the term “indefinite” to describe how long Ordonez would be out of the lineup might’ve been a little strong, though Leyland said Sunday he didn’t mean it to signify the long term.

Boras did go to some of his statistics to defend Ordonez from citicism, but he said those were in response to questions about Ordonez’s age — he’s 35 — and his production. He’s batting .300 with runners in scoring position, and he’s 8-for-18 with a runner in scoring position and two outs.

“Magglio is not in a particular [overall] slump,” Boras said. “He’s in a power slump.”


With Perry going back for development, I originally saw Ni coming up which overlooked him not being on the 40 player roster. I doubt they are at the stage to burn Nate’s contract and release him and I would not release Rapada at this stage who is out of options to make room for Ni.
Given the player situation, bringing Clay back for one last chance is warranted although we all have doubts that his mid-high 80’s fastball cuts it long term in MLB.
Clays stats have been sound for some time with 2008 having a 4.22ERA from 21.1IP and a .244 avge with 0 HR. His best stat was only allowing 8.3% scored runs from runs inherited (2 from 24) against a team average of 38.2% – Seay 30.8%; Rodney 26.7% and Zoom 63.6% as comparisons.
In AAA this year, Clay has 22.2IP; 0 HR; 1.28 WHIP; 1.99 ERA; .244 Avge (same as 2008 – defense??) and 3 saves. He has a 1.42 ERA vs LH and 2.2 ERA against RH.
Clay had an awful baptism of fire in his short call up having only 2 starts for the Tigers before going back down. JL effectively threw him to the wolves – coming on against NY bases loaded, (after Porcello had already given up 5 runs that innings) giving up a double to Matsui and the Swisher homer the following innings. Then against the Twins replacing Lyon inheriting 2 on, one out facing the top of the order giving up two singles yet striking out Mauer. His resulting 7.71 ERA from 2.1IP IMO doesn’t give him justice.

Scott Boras needs to simply shut up. All of us who follow this team and Mags knew that he was hurting the club and was not swinging the bat all that well. Plus, his play in RF wasn’t anything to write home about. As much as I complain about JL he has the job of managing the team and putting the best players out there. That’s the way it has been since little league. The best play. Period. Mags wasn’t the best at the time. Boras knows that and sticking up for your client in the midst of that is dubious and self-serving at best. I shouldn’t see or hear a single sound byte from an agent during the season. If there’s an issue speak privately with the club and tell the newspapers no comment.

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