Verlander, Jackson won't pitch back to back

Jim Leyland confirmed Sunday morning that he’s going to tweak his rotation order later this week after the Cubs series. Justin Verlander will move up a spot after this start and pitch Friday at Houston instead of Saturday, which is where his turn would’ve otherwise fallen. He switches spots with Alfredo Figaro, who will pitch Saturday ahead of Edwin Jackson in Sunday’s series finale.

The move separates what had arguably been baseball’s best 1-2 combo this year. Verlander and Jackson had pitched back-to-back all year ever since Leyland had them start the first two games of the season, and their success — especially pitching deep into games — has allowed Detroit to keep its bullpen fresh for Rick Porcello’s starts after Jackson. However, the bullpen has been taxed by the back two spots in the rotation, and Leyland now has two rookie starters to watch, though Figaro is older and has pitched more innings than Porcello.


There it is. I was hoping he’d do that, and this was the opportunity. I’m running out of things to complain about. 🙂
Tough pitcher today, this might be quite a duel.

Good to have your “Stoppers” separated. The impact on the bullpen was something that took a while for JL to recognize. But it was a pretty nice situation to have those 2 horses going back-to-back for a manager.

different strike zones for these two pitchers today.

Bottom of 4 now—2nd time round for these guys against this very good pitcher. Let’s hope the guys can take advantage of the break they just got on that hit & run.
Been a real treat to see the offense contributer the last few games. Baseball is a fun game when you’re hitting!

JV–your work is cut out for you today. No room for error (or hit or walk for that matter!), the way this one is going.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that this guy is a real good pitcher and I don’t even mind the strike calls that he is getting, but there is absolutely no doubt that Justin is not getting the benefit of the sames strike calls. It is unbelievable and hence the elevated strike count. Very frustrating game for me to watch right now.

The Brewers got a big break there. Gallardo should have been backing up at 3rd and wasn’t. Usually that means the runner on 3rd is going to score on the overthrow. But not this time.
I have mentioned before that I’d like to see Curtis 1st pitch swinging more. That 1st strike he took on this last AB was sure a nice pitch for him to hit.
Looks like there is a little life in the offense though. Again, JV can’t make a single mistake though.

Impressive. Obviously Inge’s blast but really the approach of the offense in looking like they are confident in their ABs.
Kelly was integral in that sequence.

Justin–you still can’t make a mistake! Leadoff walks are not fun thing.
Hate to say it , but the bullpen needs to get throwing.

Looks like JV will throw the 8th. Hope he avoids any trouble here. The 9th for Rodney looks pretty difficult though if he does.

Well you wouldn’t expect Counsell to turn on one. That was a great job today by Verlander.
The Seay move could backfire but JL is likely doing the absolutel right thing.

I’d like to see seay go out in the 9th to get catalanatto, and if they pinch hit a righty, then go get rodney. If not, let seay get him and bring rodney in to face cameron..

Seay was in total command there. Makes one wonder if he shouldn’t just stay in with a couple of LHB coming up. But you know JL wil go with Rodney, who is if he is on, can handle LHB.
Which Rodney do we get though?

get zumaya warming up during the commercial break.

Here’s an observation about Anderson. He can’t go down and get those low pitches. Stands upright and just can’t either reach them or hit them with any authority when he does. McLendon needs to work on this with him. He could be an offesive force. He actually should be able to provide a little power with his size. At least gap to gap type power.
Roller Coaster Jr on the hill now. Hold on.

Good job Tigers, I didn’t think that this one early on was going to go this way. Way to go guys.

Isn’t the “ON” Rodney fun to watch?
That was a great win for the TEAM, to come back and win one for their ace. To have the relevers both come in and do the same. With the roster changes, the revived offense and the timely winning we are seeing a nice product on the field.

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