Polanco leaves game as precaution

Ramon Santiago pinch-hit in the eighth inning Saturday for Placido Polanco, who left the game as a precaution when his left leg stiffened up. But both Polanco and manager Jim Leyland said after the game that it’s nothing to worry about.

Polanco took a Seth McClung pitch off his left quadriceps in the sixth. He stayed in the game and came around to score on Marcus Thames’ single two batters later, then played two more innings in the field.

The quad didn’t immediately stiffen up, Polanco said, but just got progressively sore.

“It got a little tight — nothing major, nothing bad at all,” Polanco said. “It’s just sore, and I don’t want it to get worse. I just didn’t want to be half-stepping out there.”

Manager Jim Leyland said he was already planning to rest Polanco on Sunday in favor of Santiago, which he has done several times on day games before off-days. Combined with Monday’s off-day, that’ll give Polanco two days off before Tuesday’s series opener against the Cubs.


Nothing quite like baseball – we hadn’t hit for it seemed an eternity and drop JV’s and Edwins games back to back (I think) since the season opening series against Toronto. Then come out almost unable to miss the ball crunching 25 runs.
I have liked JL’s player moves this year with only an early criticism that he benched Josh too much in April when at that stage he was on a streak and then eased Thames back a little too slowly. He has given fringe players time to settle and not feel that their career hangs on how they play that game.
Good to see JL pulling relievers as soon as they start walking at bats. The time has come for Perry to go down to regain his slider – Figaro killed the Brewers today with his breaking ball on 2 strike swings. It looks like the only options for replacements are three lefties – Ni, Rapada or French – I would go with Ni and keep French to continue his development as an opener.
The bullpen collectively is just holding it together which is remarkable carrying the lead weight of Nate with his 7.97 ERAS and 1.76 WHIP. Such a shame he can’t even throw strikes in a 7-2 game, although he was not alone today with Perry and Lyon also guilty.
Will be interesting to see how JL uses Zoom next – today seemed an ideal opportunity to put him under some pressure after Perry had loaded the bases with none out and a 9-2 lead.

I was thinking the same thing, Dave, about Perry. He seems to have lost some of his confidence to throw strikes with any of his pitches. We’ve got time now with 3+ months left in the season. Send him down and see if he can regain the form he had early in the spring.


Hi Everyone,
As promised, I’m reposting as this got lost in the super long Dontrelle post.
A friend at work’s brother has produced a movie about Mark Fidrych that will be playing at the Detroit-Windsor Film Festival next weekend. Thought you might be interested:
My brother has been involved with the creation of a very start-up movie called “Dear Mr. Fidrych” which is about the Detroit Tigers Player Mark Fidrych. The movie was finished a while ago, but did not receive any attention until the recent unexpected death of Mark Fidrych.
Now it has been picked up and will be playing on June 26 at the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival. The hopes is to sell enough tickets that it will be premiered after that at the Traverse City Film Festival.
So this is where you can help! If you are at all interested in this movie (synopsis below), please some tickets (preferably before Wednesday of this week) and come to the premiere! If they are able to sell 100+ then there is a good chance it will make it into the Traverse City film festival…
Tickets can be bought here: http://fydrych.eventbrite.com
Detroit News Announcement here: http://www.detnews.com/article/20090610/ENT02/906100309/Detroit-debut-set-for-Mark–The-Bird–Fidrych-movie
Dear Mr. Fidrych’ is a coming of age story where the protagonist finds himself not once, but twice.
It’s 1976 in Detroit. Twelve-year-old Marty Jones is intellectual and poetic. But, in his final year of youth baseball, he desperately wants to ascend to his local youth league’s ‘majors’ and star as a pitcher. Marty blows tryouts and finds himself mired on a terrible team in the youth league minors.
When Bird-mania hits, Marty is motivated by the overnight success of the Detroit Tigers’ quirky rookie sensation, Mark ‘The Bird’ Fidrych. Marty writes a poem to the Detroit Tigers’ star, and Fidrych unexpectedly writes back, propelling Marty on a winning streak.
Thirty years later, Marty is a Chicago advertising executive muddling through a mid-life slump. His wife is thinking of leaving him; he barely knows his son; his career is faltering; and he can’t find the inspiration to write new poems.
Can a father-son road trip in search of Mark ‘The Bird’ Fidrych help Marty reconnect with his family and his youthful optimism? Who will be the hero of Marty’s own life?
The film features a poignant performance by the late Mark Fidryich, who died in a tragic accident in April 2009, just as the film was nearing completion.


I was just looking at some of the game archive from today. The kid, Figaro, showed a good slider and has big league heat, plus he stayed in the strikezone. Not a bad performance, and definitely deserves another start, which I guess he was going to get anyway. In fact, that was probably the best stuff any of our debut pitchers have shown since Jurrjens in 2007, Porcello notwithstanding.
After the welcome offensive explosion of the past three days, it makes getting Ordonez back in there all the more tricky. It’s entirely possible that you just don’t play him everyday, as has been done with many veterans of advancing years. With or without him, I like the lineup JL is running out there. You’ve got your best pure hitter in the 3 hole and the slugger in the 4 spot, which makes all kinds of sense. It remains to be seen if Kelly can keep this up or if it’s just the usual hot streak before pitchers make the adjustment to him.
In the long run, this was a weekend when we were in danger of dropping out of first with the Twins playing at home, but that’s not going to happen. The boys keep on grinding it out.

Only saw a few innings today, during the Rays/Mets rain delay, but listened the rest of the day to the radio broadcast – which I like far better than the TV guys (sorry Mario and Rod!) – and enjoyed hearing strikeout after strikeout from Figaro, especially after the rockey start. Usually it goes the other way around with young pitchers. If he made the adjustments and got his curveball under control instead of hanging it, we might have someone here who can at least give us a shot every time out. We really don’t need anything spectacular, just an ERA under 5 and some innings. I think Miner, who pitched in relief of Galarraga yesterday, has to replace him in the rotation soon enough.
If we can just play .500 the rest of the season, Minnesota has to play 6 over, and everyone else in the division has to play better than 10 over .500 just to catch us, let alone pass us. So I really think the Twins are the only ones with a shot at us now. The hitting today was terrific. Aggressive at the plate (did we walk at all?) and impressive little things, like Kelly going with the pitch down the right field line, and Anderson bunting for a base hit. Cabrera continues to be excellent at making plays over at first with the glove, and Ryan may have jumpstarted Laird’s bat. Suddenly things aren’t looking so bad! What a change if JV can get us the sweep tomorrow!

OOPS – I meant left field line with Kelly

What a difference a couple of days make, 4 days ago it was looking rather grim and a couple of days of hitting and I think we are all feeling much better.
Regarding Figaro the kid was okay. The were teeing off on him quit a bit those first few innings, and I thought this game had 9-10 written all over it. He settled down and got them to swing at some bad pitches. I don’t think other than a few, but the Brewers team batting average they are a great hitting team, so it will be interesting to see what he can do next weekend he pitches again.
I was talking to some folks from Madison Wisconsin the other night during the rain delay, and it was interesting the comments they made about there team. I told them they would be okay on Saturday because their was a guy from AA pitching and they laughed, “Our guys look foolish when it come to call ups from the Miner Leagues” You know how I feel when it comes to the curse of the AAA call up? I had to laugh. They travel around to a lot of ball parks and in fact they said they had been to all but 6 and thought that this was one of the nicest.
It is nice to see them putting some hits together. I think that moving Miggy down in the lineup and having Marcus right behind him has done a world of good. I am sure Leyland took notice of Pujols in the number three spot while in St. Louis. If its good enough for Pujols then it is good enough for Cabrera.
Anyway here is hoping they keep the offense going and they back JV today. Here is hoping that JV does a little better today.

Figaro performance today certainly justifies the call up and at least for that game prove the minor league staff correct in who was ready. He showed good enough stuff to get by with bad location on some pitches. Nate got a veiw outs today and did not give up a run. Its about one appearance in three that it happens now. He should request a trip to the minors to see if he could get the bite back on his slider. I doubt that he could get a major league contract at this point if he was released. Perry does seem to lack confidence the past few weeks. I love his arm and would like to see him uncork it a bit more like he was doing early.
JL looks like a smart manager now that they have won three in a row.

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